Geshlider Aiming for Paul VP Nod

The bombastic Libertarian/Constitution Party activist Chuck Geshlider - many Libertarians and Constitutionalists know him well - views himself as a front-runner for the Ron Paul vice presidential nod—he said so repeatedly during a campaign “gig” in the Dallas area recently.

Perhaps Geshlider and Daniel Imperato should get together.

30 Responses to “Geshlider Aiming for Paul VP Nod”

  1. Gene Berkman Says:

    I have met Chuck Geshlider, and hope to never repeat the experience. He came to Riverside and involved himself in the local Libertarian group, and was very disruptive. Never Again!

  2. Mike Gillis Says:

    If you want to be someone’s running mate, talk to them privately, don’t go around campaigning for it.

  3. Joe Says:


    I think Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would be a good fit, but Walter Williams would be a lot of fun.

  4. Trent Hill Says:

    Walter Williams, Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford, Jeff Flake, Walter Jones, John Duncan, and John Stossel.

    All phenomenally better choices.

  5. Anthony Distler Says:

    Ron Paul by himself, I’m not that inclined to support. But Paul/Palin, looks a little more appealing…literally.

  6. Otto Kerner Says:

    If RP is nominated by the Republican Party, his running mate might have to be some fairly conventional GOP figure, in order to bring some semblance of harmony to the party. If he ends up running as an independent or a libertarian, then someone like Walter Williams would make an excellent VP candidate.

  7. disinter Says:

    Walter Williams

  8. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    How about Floyd Flake instead?

  9. Trent Hill Says:


    If the VP is a lockstep republican. Ron Paul will go the way of JFK.

  10. Carl Says:

    Thomas Sowell might be a better choice. Walter Williams enjoys offending the politically correct—a good quality in a radio talk show host, a bad quality in a candidate.

  11. Tyler Rogers Says:

    We should start a draft Imperato/Paul Movement

  12. Trent Hill Says:

    .....Tyler. Please leave.

  13. Otto Kerner Says:

    Trent Hill:

    Could be. I don’t know if Paul agrees with you; if he does, I guess he could insist on another radical as his running mate.

    Can you imagine the scene at the convention if (Barry Goldwater)^3 wins the presidential nomination, and then insists on a VP candidate that nobody has ever heard of? The short-term result would presumably be that the party leadership would actively work against him, probably supporting an independent candidate. It might have long-term benefits, though.

  14. Eric Dondero Says:

    What’s all this sudden support for Sarah Palin amongst you hardcore Libertarians?

    Back in October and November of last year I was screaming from the rooftops of downtown Anchorage that a genuine libertarian Republican was about to be elected Governor of Alaska. On the local Libertarians listened. (Jason Dowell, LPA Chairman ended up campaigning for her, and Billy Toien, ALP Gubernatorial candidate endorsed her).

    Nobody was listening back then. You all pooh poohed me, and said, “Ole Eric is engaging in hyperbole.”

    Now you all are saying she’s a “libertarian.”

    What gives???

  15. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    Trent is a right-winger like you, Dondy. Distler is a leftie. Neither are “hardcore” libertarians, dipshit.

    Otto: It’s been a while since math class, but I don’t recall how cubing effectively reverses positions on gay rights, abortion, and militarism. Barry Goldwater? Um, no.

  16. disinter Says:

    Personally, I think Colin Powell would be the best choice.

  17. Anthony Distler Says:

    Don’t tell me you weren’t literally screaming from the rooftops of Anchorage, Eric. If you were, I’d be suprised that you’d be allowed back in the state of Alaska.

  18. Joey Dauben Says:

    Sarah Palin is the most attractive libertarian Republican I’ve seen. Michelle Shingal is the most attractive Libertarian I’ve seen.

    Has anyone noticed the attractiveness factor the Ron Paul campaign is getting lately? Or the libertarian following on Free Talk Live?


    The movement is getting hotter every day.

  19. disinter Says:

    Michelle for VP!

  20. Trent Hill Says:


    “Trent is a right-winger like you, Dondy. ”

    You can say Trent is a right-winger. But dont put me in the same category with Dondero.

  21. Gene Berkman Says:

    Thomas Sowell supports the Iraq War, the Patriot Act and the whole Bush War on Terror. Clearly incompatible with Ron Paul’s views.

    If Paul runs as an Independent or a Libertarian, a libertarian-oriented millionaire who can spend his or her own money would be a good running mate. Ron Unz of California is backing Ron Paul, and there are other possibilities.

  22. Trent Hill Says:

    Ron Paul IS a millionaire, if you didnt know.

  23. Otto Kerner Says:

    G.E. Smith, I thought Barry Goldwater’s positions on abortion and gay rights were nuanced, and I don’t really know much about them. Anyway, I was referring to exclusively to the party leadership’s view of him as an outsider.

  24. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    Otto—Okay, in that regard you’re 100% correct. Although I think Paul is even more of an outsider than Goldwater was.

    To be clear, Goldwater had the RIGHT positions on gay rights (he called himself an “honorary gay”) and abortion; whereas Paul is in the wrong. But on militarism, Paul is 100% right and Golwater was 10,000% wrong.

  25. Mike Smith Says:

    3 more names to add to the VP list: Bob Barr….Judge Andrew Napolitano….Gary Johnson

  26. Jackcjackson Says:

    When you are constantly touting people like Giuliani as “libertarians” perhaps people endup ignoring you when you have something legit to offer. Like a “Boy Who Cried Wolf” type thing. When you have a reputation for saying things that make no sense to any rational person…

  27. Gene Trosper Says:

    Chuck Geshlider is, excuse the phrase, BATSHIT CRAZY.

    I had the unfortunate opportunity to not only meet the man, but have to deal with him for a few months. He is (as Gene Berkman says) disruptive and even went so far as to physically threaten a female (our then county registrar of voters) in the parking lot of a restaurant after an LP meeting. I do not like the man and sincerely hope I never have to see or speak to him ever again.

  28. disinter Says:

    Dondipshit made it on a NYT Ron Paul article:

    Anyone who is elected to Congress three times as a nonincumbent, as Paul has been, is a politician of prodigious gifts. Especially since Paul has real vulnerabilities in his district. For Eric Dondero, who plans to challenge him in the Republican Congressional primary next fall, foreign policy is Paul’s central failing. Dondero, who is 44, was Paul’s aide and sometime spokesman for more than a decade. According to Dondero, “When 9/11 happened, he just completely changed. One of the first things he said was not how awful the tragedy was . . . it was, ‘Now we’re gonna get big government.’ ”

    Dondero claims that Paul’s vote to authorize force in Afghanistan was made only after warnings from a longtime staffer that voting otherwise would cost him Victoria, a pivotal city in his district. (“Completely false,” Paul says.) One day just after the Iraq invasion, when Dondero was driving Paul around the district, the two had words. “He said he did not want to have someone on staff who did not support him 100 percent on foreign policy,” Dondero recalls. Paul says Dondero’s outspoken enthusiasm for the military’s “shock and awe” strategy made him an awkward spokesman for an antiwar congressman. The two parted on bad terms.

  29. disinter Says:

    Ok, why the hell does this blog always bold the first paragraph of a quote?

    And it looks like Austin forgot to pay his bill for LibertyLoop… I get:

    “This Account Has Been Suspended”

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