Ten Candidates Speak to Green Meeting

This is a pretty good article on the recent Green national meeting. It includes quick mentions of 10 candidates who claim to be seeking the GP’s Presidential nomination. The group includes several cross-party candidates like Imperato and Jingozian.

From the Reading Eagle...

Candidates seeking the 2008 Green Party nomination for president were introduced Friday night during the party’s national convention in The Abraham Lincoln hotel.

About 125 people attended.

Election law requirements for third-party candidates vary from state to state.

In some states candidates registered as independents or other parties can be nominated by a different third party, such as the Green.

In Pennsylvania, third-party candidates for national office must obtain 26,000 valid signatures in order to be listed on the ballot, versus the 2,000 required for a Democrat or Republican.

The top three issues on the Green Party national agenda are opposition to the war in Iraq, global warming and a national health-care plan.


Candidate: Jared Ball, 35, Washington, D.C.

Party: Green.

Quote: “We need energy directed toward the most disaffected in our society, the black, the Latino and the poor populations. We need to bring the non-voting population into our party.”

Candidate: Sheila Bilyeu, 63, Alexandria, Va.

Party: Independent.

Quote: “I’m very passionate about wanting justice. I’ve filed 16 lawsuits that were dismissed by corrupt judges. I’m passionate about running this country the way it’s supposed to be.”

Candidate: Daniel J. Imperato, 49, West Palm Beach, Fla.

Party: Independent.

Quote: “I’m on a mission to be a servant for the people. I’ve been watching our country deteriorate and our reputation go down around the world. I can’t take it any more.”

Candidate: Michael P. Jingozian, 46, Portland, Ore.

Party: Green and Libertarian.

Quote: “The political system is about fundraising and running for re-election. Nothing is happening in Washington. Things are getting worse. We have got to elect people who are not for sale.”

Candidate: Jesse Johnson, 48, Charleston, W.Va.

Party: Mountain Party of West Virginia.

Quote: “I come from a long line of police officers. I look for evidence before I make decisions. I think that’s something we could use in the White House.”

Candidate: Jerry Kann, 46, New York City.

Party: Green.

Quote: “We’ve got to abandon the cynicism. If we stand up to the super rich and the big corporations we will attract a lot more than 5 percent of the vote.”

Candidate: Kent Mesplay, 44, San Diego.

Party: Green.

Quote: I’ve been with the Green Party since 1995. I’m the only candidate with native American ancestry. I’m a strong renewable energy advocate. I’m a peace advocate.”

Candidate: Gail Parker, 60, Alexandria, Va.

Party: Green.

Quote: “We see building a nationwide rail system as a positive focus that allows us to get out of Iraq and cuts our dependency on foreign oil products.”

Candidate: Joe Schriner, 52, Cleveland.

Party: Independent.

Quote: “In eight years we’ve traveled 80,000 miles campaigning. We’re planting seeds for environmental change, peace and economic justice. Our family lives green.”

Candidate: Kat Swift, 34, San Antonio.

Party: Green.

Quote: “I’m not your stereotypical suit. You give them something different, and you’re going to reach people who are not normally going to vote. You tap into that pool and get a small percentage, you’ve won an election.”

Other candidates: Seeking the nomination but not attending the forum are Alan Augustson, Chicago; Elaine Brown, Atlanta; and Paul Kangas, San Francisco. All are Green Party members.

More candidates are expected to join the field before the Green Party chooses its final nominee next summer at a time and location to be announced.

15 Responses to “Ten Candidates Speak to Green Meeting”

  1. matt Says:

    Alan Augustson has dropped out. See GE’s blog for details.

    I think Gail Parker stands head and shoulders over the rest of this crowd. I’d consider voting for her in a congressional race, and that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever said about a Green.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Yep, Augustson is running for Congress now I think.

    Parker might actually be a good candidate. If not for President, then for VP. But I’m not sure what the situation is since I think she’s with the Virginia Indy Greens.

  3. Jonathan Cymberknopf Says:

    wow, how slanted has this web sitre become just like the mainstream ones. Ralph Nader was the main speaker and not a mention on him as a candidate.
    Go to:

  4. Green in Brooklyn Says:

    So quick with the recriminations, but the article starts with:
    “quick mentions of 10 candidates who claim to be seeking the GP’s Presidential nomination.”

    so cut him some slack: Nader is not an announced candidate - as soon as he decides to run or not, then it’ll be news. Until then, it’s rumor and inuendo.

  5. matt Says:

    Draft Nader!

    Because it’s worked so well in the past


  6. GreenCutip Says:

    Actually Gail Parker is the least likely one to garner the nomination considering she wants to see Bloomberg run as a Green or Independent. She’s also part of a group trying to draft him to run. All of this according to to this blog—-> http://www.brainshrub.com/comment/reply/737#comment_form

    Which I might add is doing a pretty good job of live blogging some of the convention stuff.

  7. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    “I’m the only candidate with native American ancestry.”

    If that isn’t a qualification for the nation’s highest office, I don’t know what is!

  8. Babblemur Says:

    What I thought was really fascinating from a third party perspective is the fact that the West Virginia Third Party “The Mountain Party” has decided to affiliate with the Green Party (US). And one of those candidates at that forum was Jesse Johnson (WV) who ran for US Senate in WV last year.

    The Mountain Party is an intriguing state level third party, and their merger with the Greens should help both parties. The Mountain party’s website is here: http://www.mtparty.org/ and the newsletter link at the top has some great articles about the green merger, whether to go to a primary versus convention style system of candidate selection, etc.

  9. Mark Johnston Says:

    It is obvious that Imperato is getting the support of both the Libertarians and the Green Parties. He is winning support around the country and is the only serious contender that has put in his time and resources to really run for president.

  10. Austin Cassidy Says:


  11. matt Says:

    “I’m the only candidate with native American ancestry.”

    If that isn’t a qualification for the nation’s highest office, I don’t know what is!

    Yes sir. Today is the day we stop electing the descendents of immigrants to government offices!

  12. Mike Gillis Says:

    Imperato is a sad opportunist and as a member of the Green National Committee who attended this underwhelming forum, I can tell you that the Greens in attendance were not at all impressed with him.

    When he described himself as a pro-lifer, he pretty much made it as likely that he’d win our nomination as the head of NARAL would have winning the Constitution Party’s nod.

    Other than that, he was hopelessly vague about where he stood on anything, and came across like a sleazy used car salesman trying to look more successful than he actually was. He talked about winning 40 million votes and his connections to all sorts of people that he’d probably met once at a party. Talk about a LaRouchian detachment from reality.

    If my party and the Libertarians are smart, we’ll kick the man to the curb. The only further reference that I ever heard about the man from a Green during the rest of the convention was one describing him as a “vulture sniffing at our ballot lines”.

  13. Mike Gillis Says:

    Oh, by the way, thank you Jonathan for linking to my Draft Nader site!

  14. hobo Says:

    Libertarians have been equally underwhelmed by Imperato’s shtick.

  15. GreenGenes Says:

    And there Cynthia McKinney who may run as a Green

    and here she’s speaking at the Green Party National Meeting about American Blackout and stolen elections.


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