The Ron Paul Folks Are Well Organized

Over the weekend I attended a town hall meeting in Jacksonville featuring Rudy Giuliani. A recap of the event is posted on the other blog I write for, Jax Daily. It includes some photos and info on what was discussed at the forum.

Afterward, Ron Paul supporters wearing t-shirts greeted everyone leaving the building with business cards and chanted “abolish the IRS.” They had also placed flyers on every single car in the parking lot with more info on Paul’s campaign.

Then… once I’d written my piece for Jax Daily, I got about ten emails from people thanking me for mentioning Ron Paul. They all came in rather quickly, so it was obviously an organized effort to encourage more coverage by thanking every single media source that gives Paul even a brief mention.

Anyway, I was quite impressed by how organized they were. I’m not sure they convinced many people to vote for Paul over Giuliani… but they are definitely working hard to advance their man.

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  1. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    Sounds like a cult! Next thing you know they’ll be shaving their heads and wearing orange togas, selling flowers at the airport—but they’ll only accept Liberty Dollars for payment!

  2. Alexia Says:

    Oh rats. I’ve been writing and thinking the old style jounalists when they mentioned Ron Paul, without realizing there are organized efforts doing the same.

    OH well - I shant stop.

  3. Danny Says:

    When people believe in something, they work for it. Welcome to the Paul Campaign- People who actually like their candidate.

  4. George Whitfield Says:

    Ron Paul has a growing number of passionate supporters who believe in his message of peace, prosperity and freedom based on the US Constitution. The value of these volunteer efforts is huge enabling him to spend less than the early front runners who must pay for everything. Check out the number of Ron Paul Meetup Groups 458 groups with 19,953 members! See this video of what just one Ron Paul Meetup Group did in Memphis: Ron Paul Revolution , Memphis Style or Run Paul, run and win.

  5. Tex MacRae Says:

    Actually, we’re not all that organized. There’s just a lot of us. And we care very deeply.

  6. jorge Says:

    I went to a RP meetup in Miami for the first time and it was pretty damn cool.
    We got an airplane banner for the 4th.
    Some of us went to a Marlin’s game. (that’s on youtube =)
    Not all of us a organized but we are damn passionated.

    I’ll be going up Jax next month and will hopefully go to a meetup up there.

    the rEVOLvolution will be YouTubed.
    Ron Paul 2008!

  7. Buckwheat Says:

    Jorge, that plane banner you guys got down there was AWESOME.

  8. Jay Says:

    Thanks for mentioning Ron Paul….. again! :-)

    Seriously, I have to agree with the poster above- no one has organized me to do anything. I type, click, and call only because I care. I love my country, and I want to support the best candidate tunning for office.

  9. Trent Hill Says:

    Austin, in my experience it isnt an organized effort—as far as I can see. Generally I thank any member of the media (no matter how small) for giving Paul fair coverage.

  10. Nigel Watt Says:

    We’re self-organized, which is a huge difference from other campaigners, who are campaign-organized.

  11. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Yeesh…. well, in case anyone misunderstood, I meant “organized” in a good way. It’s good to be organized, that’s the only way to even have a chance of winning an election.

    As far as I can tell, the reason I got all those emails at once was apparently due to a posting on the Ron Paul Forums:

  12. Dave Says:

    There’s a bit of confusion of terms. Organization of events vs communication of events.

    The Ron Paul Machine is based on communication. We communicate constantly via the ultimate communications network…the internet. We share ideas, videos of our ideas in action, articles such as the one in this blog, planks of the RP platform, news of the campaign reagrding RP issues and other candidate’s, etc.

    Communication inspires growth and action. It results in an extremely informed and LARGE volunteer network. The passion is already there.

    Thanks for the article. I was already aware of the event through a heads up from one of the RP supporters who was there, but it’s great to see the event covered so well in an article.

  13. James Says:

    Third Party,

    Thanks for the interesting post. It might make sense to check out whats going on with Ron Paul. Theres been a LOT of interest in the perspective and philosophy he offers. Its got a widespread basis of support beyond just libertarians and republicans.



  14. Republican Joe Says:

    The fact that you are debating the meaning of the term “organization” is amazing.

    This is what is wrong with libertarians.

  15. Redbeard Says:

    There are some organizing efforts, but I’d guess less than half of Ron Paul’s supporters participate in them.

    For instance, I do a google blog search for “Ron Paul” every other day to see what’s new in the campaign and what people are saying. That’s how I found this posting. No one told me to come here - I took the initiative to make my own search and chose to post here out of the dozens of blog postings I found in my latest search. It seems many others do the same thing.

  16. Richard Winger Says:

    I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saturday evening, July 7, out to dinner with some friends in an area near the Arkansas River where many people entertain themselves on nice evenings. There were several young people handing out Ron Paul literature. There were no other signs of political activity.

  17. Joe Welnack Says:

    Ron Paul represents a conservative view point that is lost on most so-called “conservatives”. “Corporate Conservatism” (fascism) is a sick perversion of conservative doctrine. Talk radio, the major media; both print and broadcast will marginalize Dr. Paul, they will follow orders.

    This once obscure Congressman from Texas is raising money VERY cheaply; strictly on the net with no boiler room operation, or large staff.

    I predict that this honest man will be denied victory even if he has the votes. Dr. Paul would be a disaster to the neocons, fascists and the military industrial complex.

    Unfortunately, the so-called “conservatives” will find a clone of George Bush.

  18. Robert Milnes Says:

    Danny, what you said-means what? You think people who volunteer for/support other candidates do not actually like their candidate? Nigel, I might have known you’d be involved in this fools’ errand. Again, as has been stated elsewhere by many & more articulate than me. RP will not get the gop nod. Libertarian support for RP supports the gop-the party of the MT warheads. All this hoopla for RP is diverting attention from the real libertarian candidates.

  19. Jay Matthews Says:

    Well put Joe. The last 6.5 years are obvious proof neo-conservativism is not conservative.

    It’s comical that McCain, someone who is supposed to be fiscally conservative, has left himself with $2 million this early. Even more comical is one of the headlines on his campaign sight:

    “McCain on Wasteful Spending”

    The truth is stranger than fiction.

  20. Greg Says:

    I don’t think we’re very organized - but there’s a whole lot more of us out here then the media would like to admit. Out of the people I know - Over 30 have come onto the RP campaign with me - and all have agreed to change to R if registered differently to help his chances…

    We have a voice - and we will be heard.

  21. Robert Milnes Says:

    Greg, yes, we hear you. You have the right to act foolishly & against your best interests.

  22. Bill Says:

    Ron Paul is more than just a conservative seeking office, he is a leader teaching us a nearly forgotten way of life-the ideas of liberty and responsibility, of truth and humility. His thoughts resonate with millions of Americans who yearn for the solid, honest, small-government, pro-peace party that the Republicans can become once again.

  23. Jackcjackson Says:

    After making such a big deal about not being invited to that little Iowa debate, I wonder the reasons why Ron Paul is choosing to turn down invitations from the NAACP and Urban League?

    Especially considering that Tom Tancredo was the only Republican to show at the NAACP..BTW, I am no fan of Tancredo, but I respect him for going there. I guess some candidates are only interested in talking in front of “white Christians.” Tancredo might not like Mexicans, but at least he’s not afraid to talk to black people.

    I understand NAACP and the like have a reputation as “leftist-collectivists.” However I would think the one candidate who is supposed to stand for CIVIL LIBERTIES would want to speak to civil rights organizations.

    Was there some other strategy involved- maybe they were afraid someone would bring up the “racist newsletters” and it would only hurt?

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