Ron Paul Fundraising Numbers…

There are all sorts of reports bouncing around about Ron Paul’s fundraising numbers for the second quarter. Some as high as $5 million, others saying $1.5 million or even less.

Free Market News has the following. It’s difficult to tell if they mean $5 million since the start of the campaign or just in this quarter alone.

Either way, Paul is definitely raising a whole lot of money by Libertarian standards…

With financial reporting deadlines looming on July 15 for the political quarter, donations continue on a healthy trend, say sources close to the campaign of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Tex). FMNN had previously reported that “donations have moved up - not by hundreds of thousands - but by millions as a result of his debate performances and groundswell of support on the Internet and in New Hampshire.”

Campaign observers had estimated that, at the low end, donations were “definitely” in the area of $3 million - and could run as high as $5 million - while cautioning, however, “that such amounts are somewhat speculative.” Recent information from campaign observers indicate that campaign donation receivables could total up to $3 million or more as soon as next quarter, given pledges, current donation trends and the continuing enthusiasm for Ron Paul’s free-market message.

These sources believe that current fund-raising totals at least $1.5 million - riding a groundswell of support generated by his small government, anti-foreign-war message. Cash-on-hand could reach $750,000 or more.

“Donations are well ahead of anything the campaign expected,” one campaign observer said. “The grass roots enthusiasm for the Ron Paul campaign is reflected not only the in the amount raised, but in the number of donations and how many are donating several times, even serially.”

The move is especially impressive since as of March 31, 2007, Ron Paul had perhaps $500,000 on hand. FMNN had previously reported - after the GOP presidential debate in South Carolina - that candidate Ron Paul’s donations, large and small, had nearly doubled.

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  1. SovereignMN Says:

    I think FMN is back pedaling big time. They’ve been hinting at $3-5M figures for awhile and are now saying “Well what we really meant is it will be $3MM in the 3rd quarter”. That’s not saying much.

    I expect the 1st quarter totals to be around the $1.5M mark which is disappointing, but still not completely awful. I still say that Paul has one of the best grassroots followings. What other candidate could have gotten 1000 people to June rally in Iowa?

    A 2nd qtr report of $3-5M could have vaulted Paul into the 2nd tier and signaled that he’ll be around (and heard) for awhile. A $1.5M report keeps him in the 3rd tier and ignored by the media.

  2. Doug Says:

    Ron Paul is already in the second tier. He raised more than Huckabee, T. Thompson, Gilmore, and Hunter in the first quarter, putting him in 6th place of 10 candidates, just behind Tancredo and Brownback. Only the mainstream media tried to make him out to be a fringe candidate. His second quarter numbers could put him ahead of Brownback, but still well behind the first-tier candidates.

    It’s too bad that FMN floated the $5M number earlier, which might make people disappointed with what would have otherwise been considered a good showing. Ron Paul’s volunteer base is definitely first-tier, though, and enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers are worth a lot more than paid staff and TV ads people tune out.

    People here criticized Badnarik and Hacker for raising $400K and not getting as much out of it as they might have, but consider John McCain’s campaign—he has raised $26M, and has burned through $24M of it already, with no ads purchased at all, and is laying off staff.

  3. SovereignMN Says:

    $1.5 will not be enough to pass Brownback. That would mean Brownback will have raised less than 300k this quarter.

    I agree with you about McCain. He’s going to be done before it really begins like Phil Gramm in 96.

  4. Jay Matthews Says:

    For what it’s worth this story posted at references rumors his campaign received $4 million in the second quarter.

  5. Jay Matthews Says:

    Also, RP will be a guest on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” this Sunday.

  6. NH Says:

    First I don’t understand why this site even is concerned with Dr. Paul since he’s NOT A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE.

    Secondly, I can tell you he has outraised McCain and Giuliani in NH alone, long ago.

    No one here has ever seen Brownback.

  7. tsoldrin Says:

    I don’t care what Paul’s numbers end up being… there’s some other factors to look at here… McCain may be in debt and I think everyone can agree that the wheels have come off his campaign. Some folks are speculating that he’d be lucky to keep his senate seat (Okay maybe it’s just me speculating that). Romney has got such a spend/recieve ratio that he’s kicking in himself to make up the difference… he can keep doing that forever, but it’s not going to change the obvious downward trend, his bid is also essentially done. That really leaves only three front runners… Giuliani, Thompson and Paul. Giuliani and Thompson are fighting for the same voters, so this could get interesting. Yes, there are still second tierers that are making a name, Huckabee and Tancredo and maybe Hunter, but unless they make a big spash and soon, they will be left in the dust by the top three.

  8. Me Says:

    When FMNN states “sources close to the campaign,” they mean “we pulled these numbers out of our ass.”

    Ron Paul may have raised $500,000 in Q2 or he may have raised $5 million. The only people who know right now are people IN the campaign.

  9. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    “First I dont understand why this site even is concerned with Dr. Paul since hes NOT A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE.”—He’s a former third-party presidential candidate. If Michael Badnarik were in the running for the GOP nod for Austin dogcatcher, I’m sure this blog would cover it. Then again, I don’t make the editorial decisions and neither do you. Start your own blog. I did.

  10. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove Says:

    Austin as in Austin, TX; not as in Austin Cassidy.

  11. SovereignMN Says:

    “First I don’t understand why this site even is concerned with Dr. Paul since he’s NOT A THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE.”

    A great deal of those interested in the third party movement are interested in Ron Paul. Look at the responses to articles about him.

    “Secondly, I can tell you he has outraised McCain and Giuliani in NH alone, long ago.”

    It’s great that Paul is 2nd in New Hampshire donations among Republicans but let’s not get too excited. It’s a distant second and he’s virtually tied with everyone else.
    Romney: 124,550
    Paul: 16,950
    McCain: 15,232
    Giuliani: 13,330
    Hunter: 12,900

    Also, 90% of his New Hampshire donations came from 6 households. And some of those households also gave the maximum amount to Hunter and Tancredo. Just keep it all in perspective.

  12. SovereignMN Says:

    tsoldrin….You are dismissing Romney too early and giving Paul way too much credit in assuming it’s a 3 man race between Giuliani, Thompson and Paul. I’ll grant you that it appears that Thompson is going to overtake Romney as the main challenger to Giuliani but that’s because he’s an unknown and the poll respondents are always excited about the possibility of a new candidate when the existing options are underwhelming. Once Fred declares and faces the scrutiny of the media I have a feeling he’ll come back down a bit.

    I see Rudy as the front runner with Romney, F. Thompson and McCain all competing to be his main challenger. (McCain is about to fall off the face of the earth) I also wouldn’t be surprised to see Huckabee benefit from McCain’s misfortunes and join this group.

  13. Jay Matthews Says:

    SovereignMN, where did you read that point about the 90%?

  14. SovereignMN Says:

    “SovereignMN, where did you read that point about the 90%?”

    I did the math on the FEC website.

    Paul got 16,950 of which:
    $2300 came from man in Grafton
    $4200 came from husband & wife in Epsom
    $4600 came from husband & wife in Lyme (same couple also gave $4600 to Hunter & Tancredo)
    $2100 came from man in Concord
    $1000 came from woman in Bedford
    $1000 came from man in Keene.

    That’s 15,200 of his 16,950 from 6 houses…89.68%

  15. Michael Says:

    1) As I understand it you need to collect $2 million total in matching contributions to qualify for Secret Service protection. (Even if you don’t accept the Federal matching funds.) Paul gets to the $2M level then you will start having him noticed by more voters as a “serious” candidate because he’s surrounded by the Secret Service. 2) Brownback has been spending most of his time, up to this point, in Iowa. 3) Two losses, not placing at least second, by McCain in an active primary or caucus will mean he can kiss his chances good-bye.

  16. Ron Paul Fundraising Numbers « 2008 U.S. Election Poll Says:

    [...] Source: Third Party Watch [...]

  17. Timothy West Says:

    McCain is a disaster for anything liberty related and I hope he bombs and goes working for some corrupt defense contractor. At least there he cant pass any more law.

  18. Austin Cassidy Says:

    In terms of strategy, I think McCain spent the last 6-8 months trying to run a campaign like a frontrunner without serious competition. But that’s not the reality, and he’s now realized that and started running a campaign that more closely resembles his 2000 effort. I would bet he finishes 4th in Iowa and then bounces back to 2nd in New Hampshire… some people will call it a comeback… and then states like Florida and South Carolina will decide his fate.

    Just a random prediction of how I see this playing out.

  19. SovereignMN Says:

    Austin…McCain may not have the resources to mount a serious challenge in those early states. He’s down to under $2M in cash and his immigration debacle isn’t going to get him any big time donors lining up to him soon.

  20. matt Says:

    McCain is pretty high-strung anyway. Add in the pressure of financial problems in the campaign and we may end up referring to “Dean Screams” as “McCain Rampages” before it’s all said and done. This man will not, cannot, be president. If he drops out and chills out, he could be VP.

  21. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Well, he’s raised $25+ million. So he can probably continue to raise enough to run a stripped down “McCain-style” campaign. He doesn’t need money for name ID like a lot of these other guys do.

  22. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    As far as Ron Paul’s fundraising, I am taking the “lets wait for the official numbers on 7/15” approach. I have seen the wild speculation, as well as some new smears from Capitol Hill Blue. Sounds like both sides are throwing allegations around, so I just figure on waiting, and not getting my hopes up.

  23. matt Says:

    My expectations for this quarter are in the $1-2 million range. That isn’t bad, though, considering how grassroots and decentralised the campaign is.

    Here’s a thought. Would it behoove the top 3 or 4 to fund Ron Paul’s rivals amongst the other 7 just to keep the field wide open? Several of them can afford it, to say the least.

  24. Derrick Says:

    I’m excited about Ron Paul’s candidacy because it’s the first time I’ve seen a libertarian candidate even make a blip in the mainstream media. Ditto for the general libertarian-leaning movement of netizens. Prior to this, we libertarians didn’t even register an impact on the mainstream political debate. Now, we have a good idea how big our movement is relative to others, and we know that some of those in the general public really like our message when they hear it for the first time. I think it’s exciting.

  25. Fred C. Says:

    If the numbers are below $3million, there’s going to be a lot of confused RP supporters that believed the $5million figure was official. I hope FMN learns to exercise better judgment in the future.

  26. Kyle B Says:

    Here is a link to a story about a straw poll conducted in Cobb County, GA. Ron Paul had a very strong showing

  27. Sean Scallon Says:

    No one really knows what Paul has raised because he has a small national HQ and they’ve got to count all the small contributions and file the FEC reports. Its time consuming. Before RP’s camapaign I had never heard of FMNN so its hard to say what their credibility is like or who they know in the campaign to making such assumptions. Who knows? RP may very well announce on ABC’s This Week his second quarter numbers. Let’s just wait and see.

    In reagrds to that Cobb County, Ga. Straw Poll, second without any kind of organizational effort or media attention is pretty dran good. The same happened in Utah and hopefully RP can make a good showing at a straw poll in New Hampshire this weekend.

  28. Me Says:

    $2.4 million in Q2.

    Front page at

  29. SovereignMN Says:

    That’s 2.4M in cash on hand. Very good news! The article says he’s 3rd in cash among Republicans (behind Guiliani & Romney…ahead of McCain) but I wonder if Brownback will pass him when his numbers are announced. Now if we can just get the poll numbers to start ticking upwards.

  30. Me Says:

    Brownback raised only $1.5 million in Q2.

  31. Sean Scallon Says:

    $2.9 million raised, $2.4 cash on hand, only $500,000 spent in the second quarter with much of the spending coming from his supporters. I’d say that makes him a serious candidate, wouldn’t you Eric?

  32. Jay Matthews Says:

    While I think all the candidates should receive equal speaking time during the debates that is clearly not happening. Let’s hope this news makes RP’s speaking time closer to Rudy McRomney’s.

  33. Kris Overstreet Says:

    I predict sub-$1million fundraising in Q2 for Paul, revealing claims of sudden surges in fundraising as bogus.

    ... but then, since they’ve already thrown out $5 million as a number estimate, anything less than that will reveal that anyway.

  34. Trent Hill Says:

    They’ve released 2.4 as the number.

  35. Kris Overstreet Says:

    So they have- just this morning found that news.

    I’m still intensely dubious, but we’ll see.

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