Legal Tangle: Two Federal Courts Disagree on Who Is Reform Party National Treasurer

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As earlier noted, a federal court jury in Tallahassee, Florida, ruled on June 25 that the O’Hara/Martin faction of the national Reform Party is the true Reform Party. The O’Hara/Martin faction’s National Treasurer was Lee Dilworth in the recent past, and is now Barbara Del Washer.

But in the lawsuit Federal Election Commission v Reform Party, which determined that the Reform Party owes the FEC $333,000, the Reform Party’s national treasurer was assumed to be Beverly Kennedy. When Barbara Del Washer had tried to intervene in that lawsuit, on the grounds that she, not Beverly Kennedy, is Treasurer, the court had denied her intervention. UPDATE: Rodney Martin, recognized by the Tallahassee court as the Reform Party national chair, e-mails me that the FEC only let Beverly Kennedy intervene as an individual, not in her capacity as national chair. He also says that the FEC has recognized Barbara Del Washer as Treasurer. However, he does not deny that she was not permitted to intevene in the FEC lawsuit.

FURTHER UPDATE: The reason Barbara Del Washer wasn’t permitted to intervene in the lawsuit FEC v Reform Party was merely that she tried to intervene too late; the court did not actually try to resolve who the Reform Party Treasurer was. Ballot Access News regrets that this original post was somewhat misleading.

7 Responses to “Legal Tangle: Two Federal Courts Disagree on Who Is Reform Party National Treasurer”

  1. Fred C. Says:

    So are these folks fighting for the right to owe the government six figures, or could they get a new trial since the legitimate leadership wasn’t represented in the suit?

  2. Atlee Yarrow Says:

    A similar thing has just happened in the Socialist Party of Florida where the appointed SPF State Secretary with the blessings of the national office revoked the state’s charter of the SPF and appoint the Secretary as “Organizer” then held an impromptu election in front of the Tampa National Committee meeting on June 9, 2007. After the new SPF State Executive Committee was elected they voted without formal charges or having him in person to toss the elected Officer from the SPF and banned him from the Party.

    These are common struggles, within every Party just before election time so each little faction can get their person into the campaign or office either internal or public.

  3. Anthony Distler Says:

    Problem is thar there is no “election time” for the Reform Party. Right now we’re just a bunch of random, floating people with no home.

    We’re Independents with “Reform” on our voters card.

  4. Don Garner Says:

    Fred C is correct. The legitimate Officers did not authorize the FEC case. Those who did were found by a Federal Jury to have never been Officers of the Party. Those people, I have heard via the internet are being sued themselves as are their attorneys for malpractice.

    I hope the people who were subjected to the phoney peoples nonsense really socks it to them. I followed this matter online and they caused a lot of harm, especially those guys Foster and Kennedy.

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