Steve Gordon Leaving LP HQ

Just received this email from Stephen Gordon earlier today. This might be old news, but honestly it’s the very first I’ve heard of it.

Dear Friend,

As many of you are aware, I’ve resigned my position as Political Director of the Libertarian Party in DC. After my departure tomorrow night, the appropriate person to address most national LP concerns will be Shane Cory, who can be contacted at xxxxxxx.

As for me, I’ve got several exciting new projects in the works, the first of which kicks off in early July. I’ll be able to discuss these in greater detail once I’m no longer officially “on the clock” at Libertarian Party headquarters. In the mean time, you may wish to update your address book with my current contact information.

(contact info removed)

I’ll continue to keep fighting the good fight and am looking forward to the next time I communicate with each of you.


Stephen P. Gordon

34 Responses to “Steve Gordon Leaving LP HQ”

  1. matt Says:

    One interview said he might do some libertarian campaign consulting after he leaves. Hopefully he picks a good campaign and helps them win a congressional race.

  2. Devious David Says:

    That didn’t last long. I wonder what happened.

  3. timothy west Says:

    don’t know. I quit the LP because I did not like the direction it was going, which was backwards. At the same time, I was always treated very well by Redpath, Shane and HQ an the LNC. The conclusion in the end that I made, which was spending the next 2 years of my life fighting over the LP would be 2 really big wasted years when you’ve only got x number of them left. The LP just isnt going to be a national factor on politics, because that’s not what the rank and file want to do.

    The word “libertarian” simply isnt worth the time and effort involved. it’s a negative. One can just as surely argue policy positions based on liberty from almost any “party label”. Ignore the party label and vote for the freedom guy. If there isnt one, dont vote for any of them. Ron Paul has shown how to do it. He’s gotten more exposure using the RP as a platform than the entire LP has in 35 years.

    here’s a very revealing email from an LP candidate in VA who is going to run as a IND instead of a LP. I am leaving my full response in .

    When described as libertarian, the most common responses were
    uncertainty, unease, and uncooperativeness. Certainly this has everything to
    do with the lack of knowledge about the party rather than it’s positions.

    (no, it’s the positions)

    The description of independent however, clearly resonated with many people
    and was a deciding factor in their willingness to sign the petition.

    No, the overwhelming perception of the public towards anarcho - libertarianism is just what you describe. The more people find out about it, the more likely they are to reject it. That’s because it’s a set of fringe positions virtually no one outside he LP agrees with.

    You did the right thing going as a Ind. You went from a sub 1% voting bloc to a possible 36~41% voting bloc just by doing that. The public does not give a rats ass about libertarian principles - and the more they know about them, the worse the LP candidate does. I ran for many of the same reasons in 2000 you list, so I have been there and done that.

    The only things voters care about is if they think you will:

    a: solve their problems (whatever they think county government is responsible for “fixing”)
    b: share their “values” whatever they may be. ( “family”, “Christian”, etc)

    Voters do not make logical or rational decisions about who they vote for. They vote because of fear or because the other side has more money and can get their message to more people. This fact is something libertarians never seem to understand.

    Also, you are not selling the libertarian party or it’s principles - you are selling YOURSELF. There is a huge difference. Don’t make yourself the platform.

    The top issue in Loudoun is surely growth and land/road usage issues. Forget the LP for a minute - how are YOU going to solve A and B as listed above, and can they be passed with allies from other parties or Inds. you will have to make if elected?

    if you can’t come up with serious proposals to deal with these issues, then DONT RUN. Your’ not running for the right reasons.

    Tim West

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Tim, you sure you don’t wanna be a contributor? :)

  5. timothy west Says:

    maybe I should. My left hand is still crappy, but I can type now, just with a lot of typos that have to be gone over.

    I am still worried that my writings serve not much purpose anymore other than giving me something to do, now that I have quit the LP. I’m not sure i could be a good reporter, which is what the site needs.

  6. wes benedict Says:

    Timothy West says:

    The only things voters care about is if they think you will:

    a: solve their problems (whatever they think county government is responsible for “fixing”)

    That’s more Timothy West ignorance. In November 2006, control of two county governments adjacent to Travis County (which mostly overlaps Austin, Texas, my home town) flipped from Republican to Democratic control.

    Informed politicos here know the reason for the flip had to do with an overall swing by voters from voting Republican to Democratic up and down the ticket in 2006. Most voters don’t know the first damn thing about the county officials they vote for. Some vote for the person when it comes to governor or president, but for the rest of the candidates on the ticket, for the most part, voters vote based on party affiliation.

    I’d personally enjoy seeing Timothy West become a Third Party Watch blogger. I think his posts would be far more interesting than 2 cent libertarian Joey Dauben’s posts.

    On the other hand, I’m not one to complain without being willing to take things into my own hands.

    How about an American Idol-style Third Party blog-off* between me and Timothy West: Timothy West, a failed candidate, self-disgraced whiner and failed Libertarian Party activist and depressed quitter from a state with a failed Libertarian Party with a thousand excuses for his personal failures, versus me, a Libertarian Party National Committee member, state party Executive Director, and County Chair associated with record-breaking results.

    We blog. You decide.

    Disclaimer: *Blog-off is not a term I’ve seen before and may have connotations I’m not aware of. Blog contest is what I meant.

  7. George Whitfield Says:

    Well, I am disappointed to see Steve leaving the LP position so soon after taking it. I hope that he is moving to a new position that will be more effective for him and for libertarian principles. I think Wes Benedict would be a great blogger representing the LP on Third Party Watch. He is positive about the LP and that makes for more interesting reading. We really don’t need a blog about why third parties should disappear. I am sorry that Timothy left the LP and hope that he will join again in the future. Although I am supporting Ron Paul for President now I am maintaining my LP support. We must have a libertarian option available in the future because in most elections there will not a libertarian Republican or Democrat in the running.

  8. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove (check out my new blog) Says:

    Maybe Meg finally brought him down RE: his connection with HoT.

  9. Eric Sundwall Says:

    You never see TW talk about the inherent electoral factors.

    Single plurality districts have maintained a ‘two party’ diametric since the inception of the Republic.

    Nope. It’s always ‘gold bugs’ and ‘anarchists’.

    Go Wes.

  10. Bill Wood Says:

    Points of interest about the above post my friend Tim has, hmm posted. The Candidate sent out a post about running 8 days before the filing deadline, so that somewhat limited the amount of help that could be mustered for petitioning. The area supermarkets that have allowed us to petition before requires notice months in advance. This pretty much leaves door to door canvassing. The candidate deceided to run as an Independent for the reason Tim posted above. I can’t think of anyone who really likes collecting signatures and alot of people just don’t want to be bother by petitioners. So I would think everyone running who must collect signatures run into all kinds of problems. I know in the same area the above candidate collected signatures my campaign volunteers and I gathered 25 sigs per person per hour. We had to gather over 1000. Another Candidate for House of Delegates gathered his 150 sigs in 8 hours. Dr. Donald Tabor in theTidewater area started very, very late gathering sigs for State Senate he made it, Arin Sime collected enought to make it on the ballot for State Senate he did start at the first of the year. We also have two people running for Henrico Co. Va. Board of Supervisors they were able to collect the needed amount of signatures. None of the above and the other Candidates in the past have mentioned that they had problems gathering the needed amount of signatures because they were running as Libertarians. Oh, I did have two libertarians refuse to sign my petition one had a Vote Libertarian sign on his car. LOL.

    The Independent Green Party Candidate gathered over 20,000 signatures.

  11. Ralph Says:

    Gordon, West, Starr, Redpath, Sullentrupp, and their LPC/RLC significant others presided over the worst extremist infiltration and political decline of the LP in recent years. According to the national office reports amd staff members:

    *Concerns of harrassment, questionable financial moves and abuse of staff is rampant

    *Millions of life member funds dedicated to buy a new building have vanished or cannot be accounted for

    *Some 85% or 85000 quai-active members have left…so many HQ simply detached the member complao int link for days at a time

    *The new platform is being used by the GOP to attack LP’s in public office by claiming we don’t stand for Lib positions

    *”At least” 35 state LP’s are not functional

    *Nearly 2/3rds (400) of our Libs in office have resigned or dropped out…the national site as stopped montoring them so it is not obvious to members

    *”Big Tent” Candidates supported at the LP website advocate increasing government, ‘religious goernment,’ national health care, you name it…as one leaked apparent LNC memo says the new line is support ‘anything but Libertarianism’ creating growing press ridicule and undertainty

    *LRCnicks like Gordon and West continue to be founts of extremist disinformation, for example, the term Libertarian is more positive than ever while many pf their ‘new ideas’ were adequately handled by LP manuals, strategic plans, and LNC guidance memos taken down or unpublished at their ridiculous website

    *There are compaints that during the moe key archives and sensitive historical documents dissappeared…this along with the disappearance of State LP archives across the US

    *Many LP e-groups have gone down or become centers for the non- LP LP propaganda, and there are complaitns of web attacks against dissenters and more

    *Finally, foreign Libertarians have been stabbed in the back by LNC staff and the platform ceasing to co-ordinate with them, in one case, Costa Rica, facilitating a takeover

    One question: What is West’s relation to the infiltration of the Canada LP and internal dirty tricks by the Canadian Government?

    But hey, some people may think they’re crooks and should be sued, but I wish these guys the very best. They aren’t the real authors of our woes. They’re the remaindermen at worst. For example, where’s David Nolan? Why did he support the by-laws problems that created these messes in the fiorst place, such as allowing removal of the pledge and backpedalling on the Dallas Accord. He’s basically stabbing the leaders who tried to stop what’s going on in the back. If he won’t fight for his party, who will?

  12. Sean Haugh Says:

    Haha I always knew Tim West was a flithy Canadian spy.

    I’ll miss working with Steve. He leaves the office on excellent terms with everybody and I’m sure his next venture will be something y’all will be writing about (and in a good way ;) .

  13. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Ralph wrote: “The new platform is being used by the GOP to attack LP’s in public office by claiming we don’t stand for Lib positions”

    Really? Can you share a couple examples of this, becuase that sounds pretty fantastical to me.

  14. Bill Wood Says:

    drop the mushrooms and slowly back away.

  15. Tom Bryant Says:

    85,000 quasi-active LPers? The highest number of $25+ donors ever was about 30,000. If Ralph can’t even get this easily accessible figure right, makes me wonder about the rest of his statements that are not as easily verifiable.

    The LP has winning issues, it just doesn’t have winning candidates. When an LPer has similiar funding as GOP/Dems, they do very well. In Michigan, we’ve experienced electoral success on the city level where we could compete financially. While the races were non-partisan, our opponents sent out fliers attacking our candidates for being Libertarians.

    The problem is that our candidates/party in general do not raise money very well. You can whine about the platform, bylaws, statement of principles all you like, but you’ll never get elected to Congress on a budget of $2,000. Even Badnarik’s budget of $400,000 would not be enough for a Congression victory assuming he had a campaign manager that spent the money wisely.

    The LP has too many people that think arguing on the internet and at conventions about internal policies is going to make a difference. Until we get in touch with the realities of the political world, the LP will never be successful.

  16. Bill Wood Says:

    Right on Tom!

  17. matt Says:

    I disagree with you much of the time, but you care about liberty and are a great writer, so you’d be awesome as a contributer here. Get the spellcheck plugin for your firefox broswer and your initial concern will be met. Best wishes in any case.

  18. Carl Says:

    Ralph: the continuous stream of insults by the purists are working. Many reformers (myself included) have walked out concluding that the LP is a dysfunctional organization, incapable of rehab. At the same time some purists have walked out because of the partial progress towards becoming a real political party made in Portland.

    The LP needs to either:

    A. Go back to in-your-face anarchism and be a successful protest organization.

    B. Master pre-natal political theory and realize that many people do in fact care about issues, realize that a successful political cannot be an exclusive club with severely restrictive oath. Complete the reforms.

    C. Disband. Cease being a drain on scarce libertarian resources.

  19. Tom Bryant Says:

    Carl, as typical of most of the LP Bickering Society, forgets option D: elect someone to office.

    It’s not that hard. It’s a simple, albeit time consuming, process that can be repeated as many times as you’d like.

  20. Sean Haugh Says:

    Let’s see Carl, you got just what you wanted with the platform and then you still took your ball and went home like a whiny little kid. You’re just as crazy, and just as lacking in credibility, as Ralph. It’s a wonder anybody listens to you anymore.

  21. RalphsDaddy Says:

    I’ll wager that Ralph is MG (Michael Gilson-de Lemos). Any takers?

  22. timothy west Says:

    I dunno. Sounds kinda like him.


    since I’m no longer a libertarian, (as in registered or party member) whats the point?
    I’m only still here because , as in the beginning, I find the LP a fascinating paradox.

  23. timothy west Says:


    I dont think anyone really got what they wanted with the platform. I do think that most delegates decided it was time for a housecleaning and that the platform had grown to be a mess after having plank after plank tacked onto it over the years.

  24. Ken H Says:

    I have been a supporter of the Libertarian Party in the past and just recently rejoined. After the Republican Party rejects Ron Paul and nominates another liberal presidential candidate I want to have someone to vote for in 2008.

  25. Carl Says:

    Sean. Chris Farris was correct. Nuf said.

  26. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Tim, just drop me an email if you’re interested.

  27. timothy west Says:


  28. Don Wills Says:

    I occasionally stop by here to see what’s up with the LP and it’s merry
    band of pranksters. From the comments in this thread, it appears
    that nothing’s changed. Disinformation and insults masquerading
    as discussion.

    Wes - I don’t know you and I’m glad I don’t. Your post berating Tim
    was mean and destructive.

    Ralph - your bullet points try to prove that there is some insidious
    hidden cabal that is out to destroy the LP. Not so. It is destroying
    itself from within.

    And to all who think the word libertarian has a net positive connotation
    in the minds of the American electorate - you need to stop taking
    those hallucinogenic drugs and return to reality.

  29. timothy west Says:

    Haha I always knew Tim West was a filthy Canadian spy.

    I am not filthy. I take at least one shower a day, AND I use soap.

  30. wes benedict Says:

    Don Wills,

    You are correct. I was pretty mean to Timothy West here. Probably went over the top.

    Timothy West had some good things to say about Ron Paul. I appreciate and support Ron Paul myself:

    People like Sean Haugh are now asking me to resign from the LNC due to my support for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary even though I certainly expect to support whomever the Libertarian Party nomination for president ends up being.

    I’ve read on this blog that Timothy West and Carl Milsted are both supporters of Ron Paul.

    Timothy and Carl, perhaps we should get together and develop a strategy for reforming the Libertarian Party.

    Can’t we all get along?

  31. wes benedict Says:

    Just to clarify, I won’t be voting in the Republican Primary. But I hope Ron Paul wins the Republican primary and perhaps my contribution will make a small difference.

  32. George Phillies Says:

    Mr. Benedict puts his finger on a very serious problem the Libertarian Presidential campaigns (one campaign, after Memorial day 2008) face, namely that there is some possibility that the campaigns will have as one of their opponents a person who is actively supported with their checkbooks by members of the Libertarian National Committee. Because the R Party has its convention late, we will not know that until after Labor Day.

    To the best of my recollection, there are no LNC members donating to any of our Presidential campaigns. At least some are supporting the campaigns of other parties. Tom Knapp may be able to chime in on the Kubby campaign.

    Under these circumstances, it is impossible to have coordination between the Presidential campaign and the National party. Now, some classes of coordination are not possible anyhow, if you want the national committee to be making uncoordinated campaign expenses. However, there are things that under other circumstances have been coordinated, for example relating to donor and contact lists, but I expect most candidates are unwilling to put out donor lists where they may wend their way to a Republican candidate. There is a serious problem when part of your own party’s governing board is known to be disloyal to the party they propose to govern.

    Of course, after Memorial Day we will have a new LNC, so perhaps the matter will have been fixed.

  33. Robert Milnes Says:

    George, agreed.

  34. Robert Milnes Says:

    Carl, shame on you.

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