WAR the Front-Runner in LP Race?

Wayne Allyn Root has been tagged with the label of “front-runner” on you-know-who’s blog.

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  1. Anthony Distler Says:

    Wayne Allen Root named himself the front-runner?

    So does Tom Tancredo.

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    No. Eric Dondero did.

    Who cares.

  3. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Supposedly it was “Ladbrokes of U.K. (the world’s largest legal bookmaker)” - which I guess seems reasonable.

    He’s probably the frontrunner in my mind as well, although I think Phillies and Kubby could VERY easily eclipse him, because the people who vote on this are the diehard diehards.

  4. timothy west Says:

    the front runner in the LP race is Ron Paul.

  5. Sean Scallon Says:

    Next week Eric will declare down is up and up is down on his blog.

  6. matt Says:

    Good call, Tim.

  7. Carl Says:

    Principle of Revealed Preference indicates Tim is right. The Libertarian money is going to Ron Paul right now.

    Even Tom Knapp has admitted such.

    Ironically, Ron Paul sounds less Republican than Root. And a large fraction of Paul’s support is coming from the Left.

  8. G.E. Smith Says:

    Well Mr. Dondero has conviced me that the Republican Party is the only party that takes a stand for Swingers’ Rights. They are also very pro-gambling, as evidenced by the way those evil Democrats pushed through the online gambling ban.

  9. Eric Dondero Says:

    Read the blog post. I did not call Wayne Root the frontrunner. Ladbrokes did. Root is quoting Ladbrokes, not me.


  10. matt Says:

    What, one gambling house scratching another’s back?


  11. G.E. Smith Says:

    I think it is time to reiterate that Wayne Root’s supposed “business” has a market value of $1.4 million. It has negative equity—how much, I don’t know, because Yahoo! took the financials down. Root himself owns about $150,000 worth of the stock (as of the latest available Yahoo! information—again, this was taken down as the stock continues to fail to make listing requirements).

    Bloomberg—himself—is worth $5.8 billion. That’s 4,142 times the market value of Root’s entire company, and around 40,000 times the value of Root’s holdings in it.

    Bloomberg to Root = Root to someone with $3.75. So if you have $375 in your bank account, you are 100 times closer to Root’s wealth than Root is to Bloomberg’s.

    Please never again compare the two.

  12. [email protected] Says:


    You write:

    “Even Tom Knapp has admitted such.”

    ... as if I hadn’t predicted it as soon as Paul announced and said it frequently ever since.

    Ron Paul is the frontrunner with LP members for as long as he’s in the GOP race, whether I like it or not (and I don’t). Once he’s out of the GOP race, he’ll be the frontrunner for the LP nomination until and unless he comes right out and says “look, I’m not going to accept it. Shoo … go away.”

    Root, on the other hand, isn’t the front-runner anywhere. Last time I noticed, Ladbrokes had him at even odds for the LP nomination … and their handicappers must be smoking crack by the bagful to be rating him even that highly. If I knew how to get through the friggin’ Internet roadblocks that I assume are there (at least they are for the Internet casino I used to occasionally patronize), I’d bet every spare dime I had against Root winning the LP nomination, because that’s damn near a sure un-thing.

    Of the currently declared candidates for the LP’s presidential nomination, Kubby’s the only one I’d give even or better odds to—call it 7-5 in his favor. Root, 25-1 against. Phillies, 50-1 against. Smith, 100-1 against. All others … well, let’s just say that if you were willing to plunk down a thousand bucks, it would take Mike Bloomberg to cover your bet.

    If an opponent who a) has or can raise reasonably large amounts of money and b) is credible enters the LP nomination race, Kubby could be in trouble. His current opponents, however, are probably SOL unless they can talk the delegates into accepting complimentary lobotomies, or prevail upon the chair to disqualify all nomination ballots on which the letter “K” appears.

  13. Carl Says:

    I’d say Kubby 1-1, Root 2-1 against, Phillies 2-1 against, NOTA 8-1 against, and that’s probably being over generous to Kubby. Were I going to Denver I’d vote for either Root or NOTA depending on subsequent events. But don’t worry, I’m not planning on going.

  14. Kris Overstreet Says:

    I won’t make precise odds. At present- and I’m still really hoping for someone else to get into the race- my first choice is Phillies, second choice Kubby, and then NOTA down the line.

    And I’ll be holding my nose supporting Kubby, much as I did with Badnarik in 2004.

  15. G.E Smith the Capitalist Dove (check out my new blog) Says:

    I would also like to point out that, at my prompting, Wayne Allyn Root pledged ZERO of his own money for the presidential race. Steve Kubby pledged $200,000. There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE whatsoever that Root has $200,000 to his name. His company is worth $1.4 million, and he owns just $150,000 of stock in it. If he tried to unload it, he might get $120,000 or so—is that likely? Maybe he has money elsewhere—I’m not saying he doesn’t—but he acts as if his business is his primary source of income and store of wealth.

  16. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove (check out my new blog) Says:

    Whoops. GEORGE PHILLIES pledged $200,000. Steve Kubby pledged to go to prison and blame Ron Paul. My bad.

  17. Andy Says:

    If Root is really the front runner we are in trouble!

  18. Eric Dondero Says:

    You must be insane to think that Phillies could bring the LP millions of votes. He’d score worse than Badnarik if that’s humanly possible.

    The man has zero credibility and even less celebrity.

    I don’t like Kubby at all. Mostly because he can only campaign legally in 12 states without going to jail for violation for parole. But even I would admit he has a tiny bit of celebrity in some California/West Coast Marijuana circles.

    If Root doesn’t get the nomination, at least Kubby could pull half a million votes for the LP and it wouldn’t be a complete embarrassment.

    Though, the LP would be forever pegged as the Pot Party. There’s a side of me that says that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

  19. G.E. Smith the Capitalist Dove (check out my new blog) Says:

    E.D.—Your boy Root said he would not commit any of his own money to the campaign. He’s worth about $150k from the best I could tell. Or does he have significant assets outside of Winning Edge? Why haven’t you ever answered questions about WNED?

  20. [email protected] Says:

    Quoth Eric Dondero:

    “I don’t like Kubby at all. Mostly because he can only campaign legally in 12 states without going to jail for violation for parole.”

    Very true, except for the fact that Kubby can campaign legally in 50 states without going to jail for violation for (sic) parole.

    1) Kubby is not and has never been on parole.

    2) Kubby is not barred from visiting or traveling through any of the United States.

    3) Kubby has a prescription—100% legal and valid in every state—for Marinol, and has found it acceptable as a temporary substitute when he can’t get real marijuana. He couldn’t replace marijuana with Marinol over the long term, but it keeps his blood pressure to a tolerable level in the short term (up to a few days).

    Of course, you already knew all of these things. You just persist in believing that you can get away with lying even though you should know better by now.

  21. Bill Wood Says:

    I’m not sure if the Libertarian Party can survive another election cycle with the Candidate receiving less than 400,000 votes. Some of the LP members in my area dropped off the face of the earth after the 2nd Harry Brown campaign. Some returned after two years. The Badnarik vote totals really put a damper on the moral. We need to see vote totals going up instead of down. I think we need to see at least 1 million votes, but this might be very difficult. It’ll be interesting to see if the LP can get the Candidate on 40 State ballots, I’m having my doubts. We need a Candidate to stepup and energize the base and bring in a large group of activist.

    We also lost half of the members of one group because of the LP immigration stand, but thats another subject.

  22. Carl Says:

    Just did a few minutes of research on Root. My odds for Root are now considerably lower. Make that a 12-1 against. The Publisher’s Weekly review of his book on amazon.com was quite something. Then, there is the fact that his company has losses as large as the stock price, which is slightly more than a penny.

    Celebrity, sane message and slickness are still selling points, but Republican history, differences with LP Platform, unwillingness to visit conventions, and the “all hat and no cattle” factor are big negatives.

    Obviously, I should have done this research before guestimating odds earlier, but:
    A. I am not betting money
    B. I don’t care, particularly. (Ron Paul is the real libertarian candidate in this race.)

    At least, I am not betting money on the LP presidential race. I am putting money on my favorite Republican long-shot.

  23. George Phillies Says:


    In the end, the question you raise is up to the Libertarian body politic and then up to the American people. If the Libertarian body politic turns out in a timely way to support its candidates, then they may do well. If they do not, then our candidates will do much less well.

    On a positive note, the National office has done something substantially positive for the state parties, namely rounding up a list of press contacts by reporter name and reporter specialty for press outlets in each state. The Massachusetts list has thousands and thousands of names.

    I think there are several critical issues to having a successful Presidential campaign:

    1) Get off the ground early, including an early volunteer effort and an early fundraising effort, not to mention an early electronic effort. I declared in 2006. I’m up to 60 volunteers, which is at least a step in the right direction.

    2) Fiscal legitimacy. Legitimacy has several parts, including (i) People can see that the money is being spent honestly and legitimately, (ii) The candidate is obviously sending money to the campaign, not vice versa, (iii) When money is raised for a purpose, it actually gets spent more or less on that purpose, at least most of the time.

    3) Libertarians reach out to the right and the left. We stand for reducing Federal spending, paying off the Federal debt, and reducing taxes. We stand for civil liberties. We stand for social liberties. Government has no role in the abortion issue. Official homophobia—dont ask dont tell—is not OK with real libertarians. Religious persecution—churches should not be allowed to marry gays—is not okay with real libertarians.


  24. Bill Wood Says:

    Thanks George. I was just having a bad day.

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