Ex-LP Director Seehausen Iowa for Paul Coordinator

Libertarian Politics Live! - aka Eric Dondero’s show that I’m currently helping co-host - had former Ron Paul staffer Jason Stoddard on, and the news from the show was interesting: Joe Seehausen, former Libertarian Party national director (correct me if I’m wrong, folks), has been hired as one of two full-time Ron Paul for President Iowa coordinators; Seehausen is from Iowa, and Politics1.com reports that the Paul camp has been looking for two staff positions to fill.

In other related news, 36-42% of the mixed bag of Iowa Republican precinct chairmen, alternates and delegates that were called about Paul’s campaign now say they support the Paul candidacy; that was in stark contrast to the 6% of those same delegates who said they supported Paul. In other words, a call goes out to these chairmen and delegates, and 6% said they knew who Ron Paul was; most had no clue what Paul stood for, or who he was; but after the phone calls, (educational phone calls, I’m sure), 36-42% said they not only knew Paul, but that they supported his campaign.

Libertarians have also, according to big-time libertarian Republican Michael Franks (of Michael Franks Printing fame, the same company that got the contract for all of the Bush/Cheney 2004 signs and stickers), ordered 100 4×8 yard signs for the New Hampshire campaign, as well as the Iowa campaign efforts. Franks said that the Ron Paul campaign - with help from Constitution Party and Libertarian Party members - is the only presidential campaign rolling out 4×8s—just imagine those suckers in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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  1. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Well… 100 of those big signs might make a real showing in a state like New Hampshire, I think more would be needed for Iowa. Still impressive that the Paul folks are tapping into these third party resources to elevate the campaign’s visibility. It feels like Paul might have a chance of slipping from the third tier of candidates into the second tier if things keep going this way.

  2. matt Says:

    I’d say that right now he’s a 2nd tier candidate that gets mid 3rd tier publicity. He gets articles and interviews, but most of them are of the most perfunctory “get-to-know-you” type, while the major candidates are brought in for more in-depth looks.

    2nd tier publicity will get him 1st tier numbers, and then the nomination.

    Or not, it’s always hard to tell, and dirty tricks always play an unforseen role. Some people in the libertarian community have helped to make the smearer’s job easier, but that’s to be expected, I suppose.

    Also, I sure wish Ron Paul supporters wouldn’t burn so many bridges by sending along pissed-off emails and phone messages. Hopefully, they’ll calm down when the numbers get hot.

  3. Trent Hill Says:


    I kind of agree.
    Paul is a 2nd teir candidate right now.
    1st tier is F. Thompson, Guliani, Romney, and McCain (slipping to 2nd).
    2nd tier is Mike Huckabee (climbing towards 1st), Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Tommy Thompson (polling 3%? HOW THE HELL?), and Sam Brownback.
    3rd teir is everyone else. Tancredo, Hunter, Cox, Hugh Cort.

  4. G.E. Smith aka globalist_elitist Says:

    Ron Paul cannot get the nomination. Michael Bloomberg could die and leave him all his money and he still couldn’t get the nomination. Even if he wins every primary, he’s not going to even be close to getting the nomination. Why won’t you people recognize this blatant fact?

  5. Kylan Hurt Says:

    You kidding me GE Smith? If Ron Paul got the nomination then he’d take the biggest issue, Iraq, and take the moral high ground on it away from the Democrats (some actually VOTED for the war, Ron Paul did not).
    Plus he’d destroy any other candidate in a 1-on-1 debate.

  6. matt Says:

    Ron Paul will have a VERY hard time getting the nomination. That isn’t disuputed. A lot of things look impossible until they have been done. This will hopefully be remembered as one of those things.

  7. G.E. Smith aka globalist_elitist Says:

    “You kidding me GE Smith? If Ron Paul got the nomination then he’d take the biggest issue, Iraq, and take the moral high ground on it away from the Democrats (some actually VOTED for the war, Ron Paul did not).
    Plus he’d destroy any other candidate in a 1-on-1 debate.”

    What the hell does this have to do with my post?

    He CANNOT get the nomination.

    Do you think he can win every primary by a 50%+ margin?


  8. Anthony Distler Says:

    Yeah, Ron Paul is dead in the water when it comes to winning the Republican nomination. There isn’t enough Libetarian base for the Republican Party for Ron Paul. The Evangicals still control the party, and let me tell you, they are NOT fans of Paul’s.

  9. Sean Scallon Says:

    Using non-major party resources will help the Paul campaign make such parties relevent within our two party system. For example, the RP meetup group I’m with in Minnesota is made up of some libertarian activists and some LP officials in the state. We used the party’s office in St. Paul for the sight of the meeting. I’m glad these activists are doing this on their own initative and if Paul proves successful, more will come out of the woodwork.

  10. Carl Says:

    Paul does not need 50% margins to win. This is a multi-way contest. Don’t many states have winner-take-all?

    Evangelicals will not support Giuliani.

    It’s a long shot, but still a couple orders more probable than any LP candidate has had—with the possible exception of Ed Clark.

    Sent $80 in yesterday. Going to deploy some bumper stickers soon.

  11. SovereignMN Says:

    “The Evangicals still control the party, and let me tell you, they are NOT fans of Paul’s.”

    This evangelical supports Paul.

    Carl, the reason why GE says Paul has no chance at the nomination is that up to 40% of the delegates at the national convention are “Super Delegates” (i.e. not elected in primaries/caucuses). These are people in the Republican establishment across all 50 states and very few will want a boat rocker like Ron Paul to be the nominee.

  12. Andy Says:

    For those of you who think that Ron Paul is too “conservative”, here is somebody who thinks that he’s too “liberal”.

    John Hawkins, Columnist for TownHall.com, wrote the following on June 15 (emphasis added):

    Even though he’s not one of the top tier contenders, I thought it might be worthwhile to go ahead and write a short, but sweet primer that will explain why so many Republicans have a big problem with Ron Paul. Enjoy!

    #1) Ron Paul is a libertarian, not a conservative: I have nothing against libertarians. To the contrary, I like them and welcome them into the Republican Party. But, conservatives have even less interest in seeing a libertarian as the GOP’s standard bearer than seeing a moderate as our party’s nominee. In Paul’s case, his voting record shows that he is the least conservative member of Congress running for President on the GOP side . So, although he is a small government guy, he very poorly represents conservative opinion on a wide variety of other important issues.

  13. Andy Says:

    For those of you who think that Ron Paul can’t appeal to people on the left.

    Another Democrat for Ron Paul
    Posted by Lew Rockwell at 11:02 AM
    Write Dave Seving: “I echo the comments made by others that Ron Paul can be very appealing to Democrats. I have not voted for a Republican since Reagan in 1980 but I would vote for Congressman Paul if he was nominated despite some disagreement on other issues. The decline of this country under neoconservative rule is sickening. I never thought when I was a young man (I’m now age 53) that we could sink to the depths of, (1) misrepresenting a criminal act by some loonies for a worldwide ‘war on terror’ and using it as an excuse to rob us of our freedoms, (2) launching unwarranted wars of aggression abroad as some clumsy way of getting even with the criminal act, (3) adopting a Patriot Act and initiating illegal surveillance to spy on all of us, and (4) inflating the currency and adding to our deficit problem to a horrendous degree in support of the other three items, not to mention out of control pork.

    “Yes, Ron Paul in my opinion represents our only hope to prevent the dominance of the Red State Fascism you have alluded to so often. Ron Paul’s election - or even nomination - would deal a death blow to the real perpetrators of our countries debacle: the neoconservatives and their wannabees.”

  14. Andy Says:

    Here’s another example of a person from the left turning into a Ron Paul supporter.

    Ron Paul Attracts Democrats
    Posted by Lew Rockwell at 10:25 PM
    Writes Michael Sinclair: “Though a life-long Democrat and liberal, the more I listen and read about Ron Paul’s positions, the more I am moved to think he may be the only intelligent and sane candidate on the trail. Of course, the way the conservatives are treating him you might think he had some communicable disease.

    “His statements on foreign policy, the Federal Reserve, and immigration all resonate with me and one wonders how many other old-time Democrats would be willing to admit that the heresy of government programs and foreign adventures need to be reined in and preferably stopped. I will have to change my registration to vote Republican in Kentucky’s primary. Mind you, I think the party office holders and chattering classes will try to stop him in anyway possible.

    “In any event, I am going to read everything on Dr. Paul’s reading list and watch any interviews that the media mob will give him.”

  15. G.E. Smith Says:

    I’m not aware of any states that have winner-take-all primaries (maybe there are), but even if he wins 50% of the outstanding delegates, he still has to contend with the super delegates.

    I think people are entertaining the fantasy that Ron Paul can win a nationwide popular vote in the Republican primary. THAT would be a real possibility. But that’s not how the Republican Party determines its nominee. He has no chance of getting 50% of the delegates, and even if by some literal miracle he did, the other 49% of the party would revolt, possibly in violence. THEY HATE Ron Paul more than they hate Hillary Clinton.

  16. matt Says:

    I’m rather hoping for an ugly floor fight at the GOP convention. Can you imagine how good that would be for alternative parties?

  17. Carl Says:

    G_E: I stand corrected on winner-take-all primaries. I misread a sentence in the latest memo from the Leadership Institute. It referred to the decline of winner-take-all primaries.

  18. Scott P Says:

    Actually, I think a Republican’s ONLY chance at winning in the general election would be exactly the scenario you describe: a bloody and hard-fought battle at the GOP Convention. Unless that happens and it gets press, NOBODY from the GOP can win in the general. If that DOES happen, regardless of who actually gets the nomination, when it becomes clear that the delegates gave the nomination to the 2nd place vote-getter, that would propel Ron Paul (or anyone else) into a strong independent candidacy, and take easily half of the GOP base with him. So, regardless of what the Super-Delegates decide, winning the popular vote for the Republican nomination is the key.

  19. SovereignMN Says:

    “when it becomes clear that the delegates gave the nomination to the 2nd place vote-getter, that would propel Ron Paul (or anyone else) into a strong independent candidacy, and take easily half of the GOP base with him. ”

    By that time there would be no time left to get on the ballot in any state.

  20. Sean Scallon Says:

    The Republicans do not have “super delegates” of party officials. The states themselves pick how their delegates are chosen and yes many do have winner take all methods or winning such delegates. Others by different means. But really it doesn’t matter. In a modern primary election, once a candidate starts winning several states in a row, its all over.

  21. G.E. Smith Says:

    So super delegates are only for Dems?

  22. Gene Berkman Says:

    It is not likely that Ron Paul will win the Republican nomination, and most of the people active in supporing him know this. But globalist_elitist, what have you ever done for freedom except gripe about Ron Paul?

  23. G.E. Smith Says:

    I’ve pursued my own rational self interests in a non-violent manner. Altruism is for Communists. What’s your point? And besides, I’m not discrediting Ron Paul’s candidacy to state the obvious that he can’t win based on internal party politics. A major party cannot have a candidate for president that virtually 100% of its leaders depise worse than their partisan enemies.

  24. G.E. Smith Says:

    I’ve pursued my own rational self interests in a non-violent manner. Altruism is for Communists. What’s your point? And besides, I’m not discrediting Ron Paul’s candidacy to state the obvious that he can’t win based on internal party politics. A major party cannot have a candidate for president that virtually 100% of its leaders despise worse than their partisan enemies.

    Also, as for “what I’ve done,” I’ve given hundreds of dollars to Libertarian candidates, and I sponsor this very site in order to support its existence as a third-party (largely pro-liberty) gathering place where individuals can share their views. But I don’t do this out of altruism or out of a desire to answer your interrogations, but out of the psychic satisfaction it gives me, which is the only reason for any individualist to take any action. So fuck off.

  25. Trent Hill Says:


    I dont doubt your support for Liberty or the cause of Freedom.

    As for Super Delegates, its not like they are lock-step Republicans either. Alot of non-popular vote delegates have already confirmed they will vote for Paul. (I know North Carolina LP did a good job in making sure this happened)

  26. George Whitfield Says:

    In my contacts with family and friends, in my hosting of a Ron Paul Meetup Group and a LP Meetup Group, in my converstations with total strangers who see my Ron Paul President lapel button and bumper stickers and comment to me; I have noticed that Congressman Paul is rallying alot of people from different groups together in his campaign: libertarian Republicans, Libertarian Party folks, Constitution Party folks, independents, Democrats, and many people who had given up on politics or never been interested before. There is an astounding groundswell of support for him because his message resonates with so many Americans at this critical time in US history. God bless him and help us to succeed.

  27. Edward Keithly Says:

    First, many of the states that hold a GOP primary are in fact winner-take-all states. Second, there were a total of 159 unpledged delegates out of a total of 2066 delegates to the 2004 GOP convention… a far cry from “nearly 40%” unpledged. Third, even the GOP would not be able to withstand the blistering criticism the would recieve if they ignored the will of their own voters at the convention… if RP won all the primaries, he would indeed be the GOP nominee.

    Fourth, and most important, make sure you and everyone you successfully sell RP to are registered in the GOP 90 days before your state’s primary or caucus. You can do this by carying around registration forms for the appropriate counties.

    Thank you for your support of Liberty, and for your support of Ron Paul. And always remember, taking back your country should be fun.

  28. Fascist Nation Says:

    Ron Paul went from 3rd Tier to then unoccupied 2nd Tier when Rudy and he actually had a brief debate during the (2nd) “debate.” The cameras focus on Paul now. The money came pouring in. My senator, John McCain, currently shares the 2nd Tier (and will probably soon withdraw).

    Can Paul win the nomination? Maybe. 3 months ago I would have said no. Now, it is possible.

    Just not probable.

    He faces three credible candidates, and six less credible. Rudy, Mitt and McCain. Rudy and Mitt are pulling about 1 in 3 Republicans. But their support is not strong. Rudy has that Eastern establishment vote. Mitt looks good. The more either is forced to state his positions the less support they get. Worse, serious criminal charges are now being levied on several campaign staffers each, which raises concerns over the candidate’s ability to pick staff, and the quality of their friends. McCain is crashing and burning.

    So in rides Fred Thompson [now apparently moving his notice of entering the race up a week] to save the day. Republicans are excited, enthusiastic, they don’t know why but they love this guy cuz Rudy, Mitt and McCain aren’t floating their boat anymore.

    And as Fred is forced to open his mouth the discomfort will set in again. The more Fred will remind them of Rudy, Mitt and McCain. Call it the Bob Dole effect.

    So the three will pick away at each other’s vote totals in the first state primaries and caucuses. The winner will have substantially less than 50% of the vote. The five 3rd tier candidates will pick off some more, though some will undoubtedly withdraw before that and endorse a front runner hoping to be rewarded with a VP slot, or cabinet appointment, or just a goodoldboy envelope for delivering supporter’s money and votes to one of the big boys.

    So where does that leave Ron Paul? He must start polling better than 1-3% in the MSM polls. There are a number of reasons why his percentages are clearly lower than popular support among voters eligible and most likely to voe in a Republican primary, but not so big a discrepancy that Paul will wind up with the most votes.

    Sadly, voters don’t much care who they vote for, or even who rules them, so long as they have either an R or D after their name. They generally don’t even bother to investigate the candidates positions until 48 hours BEFORE the election. They don’t watch “debates.” But like any other trained ape, they show up, dutifully pull the lever often for the candidate with a better sounding name, and get their “I voted” tag slapped on their shirt.

    So who will show up? Will enough people change their voter registration in time to qualify for the Republican primary, show up and vote for Ron Paul, and persuade others to do the same? Not likely, unless there is a sea change in attitude. One must believe the current political situation is a grave threat to them, that Ron Paul can make a beneficial difference in the forthcoming crisis and that their vote actually gets counted and Ron Paul actually has a chance of pulling it off. Not likely.

    But Ron Paul is doing all the right things. He has staked out his positions unambiguously, and they are different in many ways from his opponents (war and interventionism, spending, taxes, liberty), and similar in others (immigration, abortion). He has a 19 year voting record to back that up, unlike any of his opponents who readily, and with practiced self assuredness talk from both sides of their mouths. He has an incredible grassroots guerrilla campaign occurring (one that is starting to rival Perot’s—though he lacks Perot’s money).

    He handles attacks well, having been challenged before, has good political instincts and comes across as sincere. Heck, he even has a real job (obstetrician). He avoided their carrots (wouldn’t you be happier in another party?), he laughs off their charges (his sister is on the staff - heavens!; he flew first class—OMG!) now we will see how he deals with the threats that will come. [Hint: GOP, you tried to bump him off on three occasions, including supporting his democratic opponent and failed…lottsaluck.]

    And the case can be made that only he can co-opt the Democrat opponent on their strongest positions whomever she may be…but that is another discussion.

    Vegas has upgraded his chances from 1:200 - 250 to 1:7 - 15. Who am I to disagree with where people are placing their money? And that is a remarkable climb with so much and so little time before Jan. 2008 when it all starts to be quite real.

  29. Doug Says:

    Ron Paul’s chances are a lot better than they appear. The polls of likely Republican voters are missing the many Libertarians (like me) and independents (like my wife) who have recently re-registered as Republicans expressly for the purpose of voting for Ron Paul in the primaries.

    Plus, primary turnout is notoriously low. If Rudy McRomneyson’s unenthusiastic supporters turn out at the usual 20% rate, and Ron Paul’s rabid fan base turns out at an 80% rate, Ron Paul’s primary vote percentage would be four times higher than predicted from the poll standings. In an 11 or 12-way race, 25% will be enough to win, meaning Ron Paul has a real chance, even if he is polling only 6 or 7 percent by December.

    Of course, some of the third-tier candidates will drop out by then. Who will be the first to go?

    Jim Gilmore—no money, no grassroots support, no traction

    Duncan Hunter—no money, no poll numbers, no chance

    Sam Brownback—he’s already slipping behind Ron Paul in the polls

    John McCain—the money will dry up now that he has no chance to win. Those who donate to front-runners expect something in return.

    Tommy Thompson—once everyone figures out that the guy they thought they were voting for in the polls is Fred Thompson, he’s through

    Mike Huckabee—he’s slightly ahead of Ron Paul in the polls, but is losing the money race, and his record of raising taxes in Arkansas means he has no upside

    Who does that leave?

    Tom Tancredo—anti-illegal immigration stand will keep him in the race, good for 5% in the primaries

    Rudy Giuliani—big business voters who don’t care about conservative issues will give him around 20% of the vote.

    Mitt Romney—Early primary wins will boost him to the 20% range.

    Fred Thompson—Conservatives who think another CFR candidate will be okay as long as he’s not named Bush will give Thompson 25% of the vote.

    Ron Paul—Growing Republican opposition to the war, traditional small-government, pro-constitution, pro-life, pro-second Amendment voters and those worried about the North American Union will combine to give Ron Paul 30% of the vote, and the nomination.

  30. Carl Says:

    Just got rid of my last officer position in the LP so I can work for Ron Paul without generating the ire of the legalists in the LP.

    What’s needed soon? More written literature! Want Ron Paul to show up in the mainstream polls? Get literature to those who don’t spend their time on the Internet. Primary participation and Internet browsing are inversely correlated. Older people vote more and browse less.

    Alas, the Paul campaign has ONE pdf on the site as an issue flier and one tri-fold PDF. Ron Paul has written countless editorials. Some of these should be campaign white papers.

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