Nader to Speak on Ballot Access at National Green Party Meeting

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The Green Party is holding a national conference in Reading, Pensylvania, on July 14. Ralph Nader will be one of the speakers. He reportedly will talk about the decision of the Pennsylvania State Courts to require candidates in 2004 and 2006 to pay between $80,000 and $90,000 in costs for having tried to get on the ballot and being challenged and then removed. The 2004 candidate who was victimized was Nader himself; the 2006 candidate was Carl Romanelli, Green Party nominee for U.S. Senator. Romanelli’s appeal on the matter of costs is now pending in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

2 Responses to “Nader to Speak on Ballot Access at National Green Party Meeting”

  1. Joey Dauben Says:

    Maybe the Nader camp can change the venue to the “sovereign” court:

    Has anyone else read in on that? Hah. It’s based in Pennsylvania.

  2. Mike Indiana Says:

    While many believe Nader’s greatest political legacy is by default electing G.W. years down the road history could remember him differently. Nader has used his considerable clout to fight and bring attention to many of the Ballot Access battles others could not afford to fight. It is good to see him still bringing attension to ballot issues, and the GP. too often it seems 3rd party presidential candidates stop working to support the parties that nominated them. While even nader is guilty of this (‘04 ran against GP, what’s he done for RP since ‘04) he brings much needed visability and $$$ to the GP and there national meeting.

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