Local political parties cater to surfers, poor people and even some new Whigs

Nationalism and the spirit of independence also provide a recurring theme. Along with the American Poor People Party, there’s America First Party of Florida, the American Party of Florida, and the American Reform Party of Florida. The Veterans Party of America, Union of North America Party and Sovereign American Party all appear as minor parties in Okaloosa County. . . In Okaloosa County, there’s a Libertarian Party of Florida, boasting 284 members, and a Libertarian Party, which claims five. . .

David Crowell, chairman of the Constitution Party of Florida, said his group, established in 1992, has grown to be the third largest in the United States.

There are 18 members in Okaloosa County.

“Our focus is to return the federal government to its constitutional limitations,” Crowell said. “And our judicial system federally to its biblical foundations.”

The Constitution Party, originally known as the U.S. Taxpayers Party, has hung around longer than a lot of its fellow minor parties, Crowell said.

“There are a few parties that surface and drift off, that don’t have a whole lot of staying power,” he said.

He said through the years the Constitution Party has aligned itself with some of the other minor parties, mostly at the state level, with similar views. Mostly, he said, “we haven’t chosen to go that route.”

“We’re pretty committed to our goal, our platform,” he said.

[Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections Pat] Hollarn is fascinated and pleased with the plethora of political parties in Florida.

“Aren’t they wonderful?” she asked. “They are terrific.”

“I think the proliferation of minor parties is an outward statement of the dissatisfaction and disillusionment people have with the major parties . . . “

You can read the entire article in the Northwest Florida Daily News.

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