Two Libertarians elected to state party posts

HARRISBURG - Two Clarion County men have been elected to the leadership of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party at its state convention in Harrisburg last month.

Mik Robertson of Licking Township was elected state chair, and Berlie Etzel of Ashland Township was elected Western Vice-Chair.

Both are elected municipal officials; Robertson is a Licking Township supervisor and Etzel is Ashland Township Constable.

“With our new board in place, we are looking forward to the continued growth of the Libertarian Party in Pennsylvania ,” Robertson said in a statement. “We will renew our efforts to restore individual liberty and limited, efficient government in our commonwealth.”

Other party officers include Eastern Vice-chair David Jahn of Glenolden, Treasurer Tim Crowley and Secretary Dan Sullivan of Allegheny County .

There are several Libertarian candidates for elected office across Pennsylvania , including Robertson, who is running for Clarion County Commissioner, and Etzel, a candidate for Clarion County Register and Recorder. Mary Lea Lucas is running for Strattanville Borough Council.

Randall J. Forester is running for Armstrong County Commissioner and Vance Mays is seeking a seat as Venango County Commissioner.

Elsewhere in the state, Libertarians are running for Philadelphia City Council and Montgomery County Sheriff among other municipal and county offices.

Robertson works as a geologist for an environmental consulting firm and lives with wife Maggie and daughter Claire outside Callensburg, where they raise certified, naturally-grown produce.

Along with his post as township supervisor, Robertson is also vice-chairman of the Clarion county Sewage Association and serves on the executive board and resolutions committee of the Clarion County Association of Township Officials.

Etzel is a retired math and science teacher, a U.S. Navy veteran, and has served as state chairman of the Libertarian Party of Delaware. He has been a party member for 30 years and has been active in politics for 45 years.

He has served as an Ashland Township Auditor and lives there with his wife Rochelle; they have three children and six grandchildren.

Etzel received the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania award this year for “his dedication and enduring commitment to liberty.”

The Libertarian Party claims to be the largest of the “third parties” in Pennsylvania and nationally, and is one of the three largest minority parties in the state and country along with the Green Party and the Constitution Party.

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  1. Anthony Distler Says:

    Largest third party in Pennsylvania doesn’t mean much. Pennsylvania is one of the worst states in regards to ballot access for third parties.

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