A Spectacular Show in Texas!

This was a email from CP Field Director Gary Odom…

Hats off to Chairman Bryan Malatesta’s Constitution Party of Texas organization for the absolutely outstanding job it did in putting on the 2007 Texas Constitution Party Conference at the Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park Convention Center this past Saturday, June 9! The conference was a resounding success!

Obviously a great deal of thought, planning and effort went into the preparation of this Conference. There was large and enthusiastic audience in attendance; a good number of vendors with interesting patriotic products to offer; and a full day of truly inspirational speakers, each and everyone of whom contributed greatly to the overall success of the event. The event was recorded as a three part set which is available from the Constitution Party of Texas. For further information please contact Bryan Malatesta here.

Best of all was the energy level evidenced by those in attendance and the overwhelming commitment displayed to go forward with the momentum established at the conference and to continue to build and organize the Constitution Party of Texas, to expand it’s outreach and to put it on the ballot in 2008! To that extent a promising new program of growth and development for the Constitution Party of Texas known as the “Texas Tea Party” has been established and will soon swing into action. For more information on this and to perhaps determine its potential for application in your state please contact its founder, Steve King here.

The following are just a few of the many conference highlights:

Constitution Party veteran Daniel New (father of Michael New) gave a great talk about how a few people can make a big difference;

Well known columnist, Devvy Kidd, provided an outstanding overview of many of the crucial issues facing our Republic and urged those in attendance to support the Constitution Party;

Dr. Jerome Corsi gave a barn burner of a speech endorsing the Constitution Party as the only political alternative for average Americans who want to restore constitutional government, protect American industry and jobs and preserve the United States of America as a sovereign nation. His speech was repeatedly interrupted by applause throughout and he was given a long standing ovation at the conclusion of this remarks. His speech was recorded and should be available on the internet very soon.

Thanks go out to all who were involved in this great event. Special thanks go out to Mr. and Mrs. Clell Drumheller of Harris County, Texas who played host to Dr. Corsi and me during our stay, making sure we found our way around and leading us to some of the best eateries in the area!

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  1. matt Says:

    Malatesta will perform various feats of strength for the benefit of passersby.

    We don’t need weak men!

  2. Joey Dauben Says:

    I’ll second that.

    Bryan is a good friend of mine, and his recent newsletter has given me the ammunition I needed to “shove” back to the people who keep shoving others around…good to see the convention went well. I sure as heck wanted to be there…

  3. Larry Breazeale,Msgt.(ret.)USAFR Says:

    To All,
    I wish I could of been there! I hear there are plans to have the 2008 Presidential Nominating Convention of the Constitution Party in Arizona.
    THAT would be VERY smart! Wherever they plan to have it…I will be there as a ‘delegate’. I will join ranks with the NVC (National Veterans Coalition)
    of the C.P., and we hope to place Dr. Jerome Corsi’s name in nomination.
    “WE” vets in the NVC, believe Dr. Corsi is the RIGHT MAN for the RIGHT TIME, for our republic and our beloved party of ‘principle’..Constitution party. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION and our unsecure BORDERS are the #1 issue
    with the American voters RIGHT NOW! When the dust settles and the two
    corrupt , CFR controlled political parties have chosen their CFR stooges…
    for president….”we” in the CP with Corsi will be America’s last hope!
    LEAD, FOLLOW or GET OUT OF THE WAY. Defensor Fortis!

    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt. (ret.) USAFR,
    Vice Chairman, National Veterans Coalition,
    Constitution party,(Calif. branch-AIP)
    P.O.Box 18491,
    Anaheim Hills, California, 92817

  4. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:


    Bree Walker: Texas Ranger
    Del Mar [California] resident steps up to save
    Sheehan’s land from pro-war conservatives

    by Pat Sherman [www.sdcitybeat.com]

    Right-wing war apologists salivating over Cindy Sheehan’s 5-acre protest site in Crawford, Texas, had their hopes dashed last weekend when Del Mar resident Bree Walker handed the fatigued anti-war activist $87,000 for the land.

    Since Sheehan announced she was stepping down as the face of the anti-war movement and would likely post the property on eBay, members of the conservative group Move America Forward had been eyeing Camp Casey, named for Sheehan’s son, Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, killed in Baghdad in 2004.

    Though Sheehan’s sister, Dede Miller, said it would be a “cold day in hell” before the land was sold to the conservative group, they might have easily obtained it through the online auction or a middleman.

    The politically progressive Walker, a former TV news anchor who hosts a Saturday talk show on Los Angeles’ Air America affiliate KTLK-AM 1150, heard about the group’s plans and contacted Sheehan, an occasional guest on her show.

    “I cashed out my corporate stocks and jumped into the peace movement,” Walker told CityBeat this week. “I thought about what [Camp Casey] was likely to become—a forgotten piece of a legacy—so, my politics being what they are, there was my call to arms, whether I wanted it or not.”

    Walker is currently searching for an assistant to help her field phone calls and e-mail while she ponders her next move.

    “It is overwhelming,” Walker said. “I don’t have an assistant, and I didn’t hire a public-relations firm. This is as grassroots as it gets. I’ve got a cell phone and a computer, and I’m just reaching out. I trust the karma gods will protect me and that I’ll earn my stripes as a resister and an activist as I go along.”

    One of the final straws that led to Sheehan’s departure from the movement was the Democrats’ vote to continue funding the war, Walker said. “She was pretty discouraged by that.”

    Sheehan purchased the property for $52,000 in 2004 with insurance money she received after her son was killed. The additional $25,000 Walker paid Sheehan covered improvements such as gravel roads, fences, generators, gardens and Internet connections. Walker estimates she’ll spend an additional $1,500 a month to keep Camp Casey maintained and accessible to anti-war protestors.

    Sheehan is scheduled to hand the deed to Walker at Camp Casey in July, during her 50th birthday party there. Walker will visit the site for the first time on July 6 with her children, Andrea Walker, 18, and Aaron Lampley, 15, son of HBO boxing commentator Jim Lampley.

    “They’re both very curious to see where this goes and excited to be part of it,”Walker said. “[We’ll] see if we can grow a couple of progressive activists in the family.”

    Walker plans to charter a bus for the trip to Crawford, to include veterans and military personnel opposed to the U.S. presence in Iraq.

    While the nearly 800 residents of Crawford are largely pro-Bush, Walker said she plans to be as staunch as Sheehan in her anti-war resolve—if not more so.

    “I’m not about to back down on the anti-war protesting,” Walker said. “While Bush is in the White House and there in Crawford on his ranch, we have to continue being ever more vocal, as it appears that we’re getting ready to occupy in Iran, as well. This imperialist empire building in the name of corporatism and big oil needs to be protested with a very vocal voice.”

    Move America Forward chair Melanie Morgan had boasted of the group’s acquisition plans on her conservative San Francisco radio show, Walker said.

    “They claimed they want to build a monument to the fallen soldiers,”she said, “but when you check out who they are, it’s just a pro-Iraq-invasion group.”

    Walker plans to erect her own monument on the site, honoring those killed and wounded in the Iraq war, as well as adding a playground, to build bridges with her new neighbors.

    What words would Walker use if she happens to sidle up to the lame-duck decider over pie in a Crawford café?

    “I’d say, ‘Mr. Bush, I’m your new neighbor. I hope that you’ll join us in some of our parties.’

    “I’m going to try to take an approach of friendliness like you do with any new neighbor and see where it goes. I don’t expect him to welcome me. I think he’d be a lot more comfortable if he had Move America Forward in there, but that’s not what he’s got. He’s going to have to just deal.”

    For now, in anticipation of her progressive role on the range, Walker has her cowboy hat and horse at the ready.

    “I know how to ride, and I know he doesn’t,” she said.

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