Independence Party supports Brooks & Green

Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks and District Attorney Mike Green received the endorsement Monday of the county’s Independence Party, the third-largest party in the county.

The endorsement of Brooks, a Republican, and Green, a Democrat, shows that the party is working to endorse candidates from both sides of the aisle, something it has been criticized for not doing in years past, said county chairman Rafael Colon.

“I’m trying to create an environment where there is no infighting in the party and make it grow more and more each year,” Colon said.

Under Colon’s leadership since 2004, the party has had something rare since it was established in 1994 in Monroe County: stability.

Brooks, who is so far running unopposed, said the party’s endorsement helps unite political leaders.

“I think more than ever before, it’s critical that we all stick together and work together to continue to make Monroe County the kind of community that we all want to live, work in and raise our families,” said Brooks during a news conference in the atrium of the County Office Building.

The county Independence Party, which has tripled in enrollment over the past decade to nearly 14,000 members, has suffered for years with infighting and battles over ideology. And under former chairman Don Porto, the county party was accused of being a shill for local Republicans and rarely endorsing Democratic candidates.

Indicative of that, Green was embroiled in a court fight during his first run for district attorney in 2003 over the party’s nomination. Ultimately, the party didn’t endorse anyone for district attorney.

But Green on Monday praised the party and its efforts, which include being tough on crime. Green is expected to face Republican Cara Briggs in the November election.

“The Independence Party is a party that stands for good government over politics, and I’ve always tried to run an office that’s a nonpolitical office that works for the citizens of Monroe County,” he said.

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    Ah yes, our local version of the Reform Party.

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