Constitution Party of Texas Convention

Our 2007 State Conference will be held at Washington On The Brazos, TX

Speakers in order:
Tom Selgas - inventor, author and speaker, paralegal
Alfred Adask - political activist, author, radio host, publisher
Devvy Kidd - columnist, author, former Congressional candidate
Dr. Jerome Corsi - author, columnist, professor

The link to the State Park site is here. To view a map to the Park, click on this link or cut and paste this link into your browser’s location bar.

We will meet in the Convention Hall from 9-5, this Saturday June 9!

The last 3 days are crucial. We want this to be the biggest conference ever and we are sooooooo close to hitting the numbers, but we need your help.

The food order is in, but I told them I hope I have to call back with more, and this is where you come in.

This event will be the largest conference we have had IF we can get 200 folks to show up…... which is why we are offering our 10 tickets at 33% off SPECIAL.

Everyone who buys this package is credited as being an OFFICIAL CONFERENCE SPONSOR!

Can I count on you to sponsor the Conference and help us sell 10 tickets!

We have 50 tickets to go to hit 200 prepaid registrants and we can use your help. Give them away and pass them out and let your family, associates and friends enjoy the day with us, on you!

Save 33% off retail prices. Help us sell the final 100 tickets in the next 48 hours. We want to make this Conference the biggest in our history. Sign up today so we know that you are coming. Make us order more food today with our 10 ticket 33% off special by signing up here to attend our State Conference.

SPECIAL BONUS: The person who brings the most government servants to attend gets a PRIZE!

The Michael New Action Fund will offer the following prize, a packet of Michael New materials:

* 1 wall poster - “Mike was right! Real Americans don’t wear U.N. blue!” * 1 illustrated book - STANDING STRONG Against All Enemies * 1 DVD - GOOD CONDUCT - The Story of Michael New * 1 - 2007 Bill of Rights Calendar

Listen tomorrow live as Dr. Corsi and myself will be live on the Mark Danfor show on his morning show tomorrow from 8-10AM. See for more information and to tune into the show!

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  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    Hey Joey, I heard a rumor last night that Chuck Geshlider is planning on seeking the Constitution Party Vice-Presidential nomination. Some dude in a bar here in downtown Dallas told me that over some beers.

    Any truth to the rumor?

    Geshlider has some political smarts, but he’s incredibly divisive. And he’s got quite a questionable background on his financial enterprises.

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