Constitution Party of West Virginia ballot access update

A few days ago I posted an article from the Register-Herald in which reporter Mannix Porterfield described Butch Paugh as “the first member of the national party to get on the ballot” in West Virginia.

The Constitution Party of West Virginia recently sent out the following email to members:

As most of you know, we need to collect just shy of 15,000 signatures from registered WV voters to be able to place our gubernatorial candidate, Butch Paugh, on the ballot next fall. And, we’ll need slightly more than 15,000 signatures (piggybacked on the same petition forms) to get our US Presidential candidate (TBD at the April 2008 nominating convention in Phoenix) on the ballot as well.

So far, we have collected 611 signatures as reported from our petitioning team. We will be gathering these together and mailing them in to the Secretary of State every other month in batches of at least 1000, beginning July 1 (followed by Sept 1, November 1, and then January 1, 2008). This is known as “rolling turn-in”.

A realistic goal is to get 3000 signatures per month. That will give us over 20,000 by the end of this year. However, and undoubtedly, not all of these signatures wil be counted because some will inevitably be illegible, not really registered to vote, or the person moved. So, other experienced and successful petitioners tell us that 20,000 submitted will yield our 15,000 certified goal.

To put this in perspective, that (3000/mo) works out to 300 per month among ten active petitioners. Last Wednesday, I circulated among a crowd in Martinsburg and collected 34 signatures in only an hour and a half. The weekend before, I was able to get some 135 in eight hours. It is inspiring that people are so receptive to our message. That works out to one signature every three minutes. So, asking for 300 sigs/month is asking for 900 minutes per month, which is the same as asking for 15 hours per month, or less than ONLY 4 hour per week. Everyone should be able to do this…AND MORE!

RAISE YOUR HAND CONSTITUIONALISTS ! Will you pledge to volunteer a minimum of four(4) hours per week for the Constitution Party of WV?

The sooner we get ballot qualified, the sooner we can move forward with actively campaigning, advertising, placing signs, debating, etc.

4 Responses to “Constitution Party of West Virginia ballot access update”

  1. Jeff Becker Says:

    That was last Friday. As of today, Tuesday, we’re now up to 794 signatures collected. Most petitioners (a dynamic team of 45 statewide so far) are reporting that three out of four WV voters are willing to sign. We ARE doing this and WILL succeed! West Virginians really want a third party and ARE TELLING US SO.

    Help us succeed even faster by sending a donation to the CPWV towards printing literature. We have an excellent state party brochure as well as candidate info cards - all in color - that we distribute to voters to educate them as to our positions and interest them in signing. These are costing us $750/10000 brochures and $1200/20000 cards. Please send donations to:
    CPWV, PO Box 4300, Martinsburg, WV 25402 and we’ll send you one.

    For God - Family - Republic, Thank you.

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