CPTX: Gov. Perry Attends Bilderberger Gathering

The Constitution Party of Texas is criticizing the attendance of Gov. Rick Perry at this year’s “secretive” Bilderberger Conference meeting in Turkey. The newsletter/press release is available here.

16 Responses to “CPTX: Gov. Perry Attends Bilderberger Gathering”

  1. Nigel Watt Says:

    Rick Perry’s hair is smarter than anything beneath it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodhair

  2. Devious David Says:

    ...and this is a surprise.

    Anyway. Did you see Perry’s hair? How about that great coif of Mitt Romney. I wonder if they pay as much as John Edwards.

    Imagine what that jail that Paris Hilton is going to must be like. I am sure they are enjoying it. I wonder if Lindsay Lohan…

  3. Jay Matthews Says:

    Speaking of jail, it’s where Perry belongs

  4. Anthony Distler Says:

    Rick Perry is a tool. Though, I guess that’s why you get “deep in the heart of Texas”.

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