Register-Herald article on Butch Paugh for West Virginia Governor

Butch Paugh remembers the time one could buy a dozen hot dogs for a buck.

Now, the same dollar barely fetches a cup of coffee, minus the dog.

“I could still buy 12 for a dollar if I had a silver dollar,” Paugh said Thursday. “They’re worth 12 paper dollars.”

Which is one reason why the Nettie pastor and sales worker intends to become West Virginia’s next governor — helping put America back on the gold standard so all money is backed up by metals.

Paugh is running under the Constitution Party banner, the first member of the national party to get on the ballot in this state.

A pastor of two churches, he conducts five national programs broadcast each week in his “Call to Decision” ministry.

“We’re on the Internet, too, covering the whole country and the world,” he said.

Paugh wants to turn back the clock so West Virginia and the nation handle business the way it once did, absent the burdensome tax structure but with a strong emphasis on biblical principles.

“We need to go back to the constitutional rights of citizens, states rights, gun rights, liberty, and stop the murder of innocent babies — back to where we used to be,” Paugh told The Register-Herald.

His campaign telephone number is a play on the year America declared for Independence — 1-877-WVA1776.

Paugh said he would “love” to see the Ten Commandments posted in all of West Virginia’s public schools.

“So children would know right from wrong, so they know there is a Creator and that we didn’t come from monkeys,” he said, denouncing the teaching of evolution in the classrooms. . .”

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6 Responses to “Register-Herald article on Butch Paugh for West Virginia Governor”

  1. Cody Quirk Says:

    Sounds OK.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Is the AIP/ CP a church or a political organization?

  3. Andy Says:

    “Paugh is running under the Constitution Party banner, the first member of the national party to get on the ballot in this state.”

    I thought that Butch Paugh needed a heck of a lot more petition signatures before he could be qualified for the ballot. I haven’t heard anything aobut him getting those signatures.

  4. timothy west Says:

    bleah. more education, hi level jobs, a total rewrite of the state’s great depression era tax laws and less bible thumpers are what this state needs.

    he needs 15,118 valid sigs just to get on the ballot as a candidate, and there is no way the CP is on the ballot, since the only parties that are on the ballot in this state are the R’s, the D’s and the Mountain Party. You have to get 2% of the popular vote for governor in the last Governor’s election to be on the ballot as an official party and get a ballot line.

    Thats a very sloppy reporting job from the Register Herald. It’s obvious no one actually checked the story.

  5. Cody Quirk Says:

    Is the AIP/ CP a church or a political organization?

    =Are you a real Veteran, or a winney geek that still lives with his mother after 47 years?

  6. Jeff Becker Says:

    Yes, sloppy reporting indeed. What they meant to say was: “Paugh is running under the Constitution Party banner, [and would be] the first member of the national party to get on the ballot in this state.”

    Pastor Butch needs just under 15,000 signatures to qualify for ballot access. The CPWV will need the 15,118 signatures to qualify the national Constitution party’s presidential candidate TBD at he April nominating convention in Phoenix.

    So far, the CPWV is about 5% towards these goals (since just getting serious with it only a few weeks ago). We have a team of more than forty persons petitioning all across the state. Public reaction is VERY positive with typically three out of four voters willing to sign our petition. We’re averaging one signature every three minutes per petitioner. It’s just a matter of time management…

    ... It’s also a matter of resources since so many people are interested in us in West Virginia, that we are fast running out of printed materials (state party brochures and Paugh campaign cards in particular). Please send us donations if you really want to see this happen. Butch is an awesome candidate!

    Also, more sloppy reporting, the Ghent seminar was not a Constitution Party function, but rather was organized by Butch Paugh’s ministry. However, it was EXTREMELY well attended - HUNDREDS of people came to see/hear guests such as Dave Von Kliest/Joyce Reilly (of The Power Hour), Joan Veon, Katheryn Albright (Spychips), etc. In a few weeks, DVDs of this conference will be available on Butch’s ministry sight,

    - Jeff Becker
    CPWV Petitions Coordinator

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