LibertyMix Controversy…

I just got this link sent to me anonymously via email…

Kind of harsh criticism… and I think the focus on Stephen Gordon is wrong. He hasn’t been involved in the project, as far as I’m aware, for quite a long time. As for Stephen VanDyke, well… it was probably a mistake to announce that something was happening (yet again) and then fail to provide the promised follow-up in the form of a development blog about a week ago.

That just opens up old wounds of missed deadlines and promises unkept…

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  1. timothy west Says:

    lets see now…... got over this a LONG time ago…. pffft

    The LP’s biggest problems are not online in nature.

  2. Eric Sundwall Says:

    This ought to generate a solid 50 posts over the weekend (at least fifteen from global_elitist and Meg D a piece).

    Don’t forget the latest Hacker/Badnarik letter too (another 50).
    They still owe the LNC $8500 . . .

  3. Tom Bryant Says:

    Looks like the work of Greg Dirasian to me. Not so anonymous.

  4. Austin Cassidy Says:

    The message I got was strange. It was from an anonymous email forwarder and it only gave me 30 seconds to read the message before it was autodeleted.

    It came through Will Self Destruct…

  5. [email protected] Says:

    Concerning LibertyMix

    I’ve commented on the LibertyMix fiasco elsewhere, but the creation of this rather pointed parody which mentions me (hat tip to Austin Cassidy) puts me in the mood to consolidate, reiterate

  6. Stephen VanDyke Says:

    As the saying goes: “better late than never.” Then again, some people would probably prefer that I not bother working on it at all though. I guess it would reinforce their view than I’m a huckster, scammer and whatever derogatory word of the moment pops to mind. The fact is I’m just deliberate, thorough and have been terrible at communicating my progress.

    I apologized and let it be known that I’m working on it finishing things, I guess that’s not good enough.

    LibertyMix and Hammer of Truth are in development and will be launched when it’s ready. I repeat: THE SITE WILL LAUNCH.

    When it does I hope some people take a good hard long look at how nasty and out of hand this issue went.

  7. Megan D. Says:

    About that anonymous email, I got one too, but I didn’t make a post about it. I’ve already got too many people whining about me posting too much on the topic, and I don’t need the grief. Incidentally, this isn’t the first anonymous email I’ve received from that person - they also sent me some screenshots, which I posted over at LFV, as well as some other information which I might post sometime soon.

    Hey, VanDyke, why don’t you stop surfing the net for mentions of your name, and give us something of substance. People keep asking for updates on the site, but your comment isn’t an update, it’s a waste of space. Your excuses and apologies are long past becoming meaningless. Either give us some VALID reasons the site is so late, or don’t say anything at all. We’re tired of comments to the effect of “I’m sorry” and “My critics will eat their words”. We want substance. Where’s that development blog you mentioned? What’s that, like a week late? Can’t you even deliver on something as simple as a blog?

    If you’re done wasting our time and want to do something useful, how about getting your friend Gordon to come forward and give us his thoughts on this matter, update us on this, give us his current involvement status, and so forth? I’d ask you to explain it for us, but your credibility is pretty much shot - I’m sure you can understand that.

  8. Jason Gatties Says:

    SVD has come out and said this whole thing is his fault and his fault alone. Why can’t people like Meg accept that SVD has personally taken the heat for this and leave good people like Stephen Gordon out of the discussion.

    I know you can read Meg. SVD has come out and taken all the blame himself cause he knows he’s the one who messed it up. Stop with the Gordon bashing already.

  9. Derrick Says:


    Your grievances are quite valid in substance, but I suggest there are more constructive ways to convey them. A little bit of dialogue - and maybe a little bit of compromise - with SVD might go a long way. This is not the first software project that has been late.


    For the love of God, man. Stop picking arbitrary deadlines out of the air and posting them on HoT. In other words, if you stop imposing these deadlines on yourself, you won’t have to keep missing them :-) It’s all about managing client expectations. Drop in every now and then with a progress update and the latest screenshot - but no self-imposed deadlines - and everything will be cool.

  10. Megan D. Says:

    SVD has come out and taken all the blame himself cause he knows he’s the one who messed it up. Stop with the Gordon bashing already.

    The problem is, Jason, that SVD has zero credibility - he has been wrong so many times, he could say the sky was blue and I’d have to verify it for myself.

    Besides, if two guys rob you on the street, and one of them later says “It was all my idea” - that doesn’t absolve the other robber of his role in the robbery, does it? Likewise, Gordon is not clear in his role in all of this. Listen, all I want is for Gordon to make his public statement and answer some questions - then I’ll back off. It’s been over a year, and over ten grand - I don’t think a few minutes for Gordon to answer some questions is too much to ask, do you? And believe me, I’m not the only one who things we deserve these answers, I’m just one of the more vocal.

    A little bit of dialogue - and maybe a little bit of compromise - with SVD might go a long way.

    Thanks for the comments, Derrick. I’d like to have such a dialogue. But that only works when both sides are willing to have a dialogue. For the most part, SVD just pops in and out whenever he wants, repeating a rehash of the same excuses. I happen to have compiled a list of those - check it out here. SVD doesn’t like responding to emails, when you reply to his comments on blog posts he doesn’t reply back (or his replies are just repeats of his usual talking points), and back when Hammer of Truth was still up, he would actually turn off commenting when people started asking too many LibertyMix related questions. (Check the Internet Archives if you don’t believe me, it’s there.) How can you have a dialogue with that?

    As for compromise - I have nothing to compromise with. I paid my money, others paid their money. He has all the money, we have nothing - we have no bargaining chips. The only thing we could possibly compromise with is the timeline - and it’s already been 1.5 years. I see nothing else we, the donors, can do, other than raise our voices and ask these questions. If you can think of anything else, I shall be glad to hear it, because I’m out of ideas.

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