Allen Hacker: Closing out Badnarik Campaign

Closing out the Badnarik Campaign

(Sorry that you got this twice, the formatting failed in the original!)

Well, folks, it is almost over.

With a little negotiation and adjustments to be done, some re-filing of FEC reports, the last bills paid, and only a few thousand more in contributions to make that happen, I will be able to close out the Badnarik for Congress campaign. Yes, that’s right, it’s down to just a few thousand (the hardest few thousand to get)!

[ ]

To all of you who have supported us, I repeat my thanks and my vow to work twice as diligently to ensure that the things that undermined this campaign won’t happen again to anybody else. Toward that end, I’ll be developing Liberty’s Infrastructure Project. You may recall that I’ve been talking about LawfulGov.Org as my next project. Well, it is, but there’s more. LawfuGov.Org is important, but it can’t do everything needed. Yes, we need an entity that will sue the pants off rogue agencies and bureaucrats, filling in the gap with legal action where political parties can’t go. But the truth is, we need a complete infrastructure. Fundraising, outreach, social supports, ballot access, general public awareness…. there’s no way all of this is getting done by financially weak local parties, and the presidential campaign can’t be expected to carry it all. That hasn’t worked.

You will get one more email from me regarding B4C, and that will be the one announcing the final closing of the campaign and the publication of my final report. Watch for that, it will be a web address.

In the meantime, won’t you consider one more contribution to the campaign, to end this cycle and help us all move on?

I know that many of you are busy helping and supporting the next set of candidates, or just plain disgusted at how things have gone. But you can’t stop now, and you can’t keep thinking that there’s only so much pie to go around. That’s a guarantee that we’ll just continue to fail.

The solution is simple: bake a bigger pie! Compare what you could still give up in creature pleasures to what you’ve already lost in the exercise of your rights, and reallocate your money accordingly.

Make more money, too. Many Libertarian activists go broke for this cause by giving themselves over to full-time campaigns, and many more stay only barely afloat because they give it all their time. Yet it is not the pie of money that is limited, it is the aggregate amount of time required: our physical numbers are too small to pay for getting it all done without very painful sacrifice from all of us. I want to do something serious about that. I want more support and greater results with less pain from fewer people.

You know I have the ability to dream big, and to raise money toward making things happen. I plan to shift most of my focus to growing and funding the movement itself: everything else will flow from that. True, this latest venture didn’t go as planned, but it will prove to have been one hell of an object lesson in how to kill yourself by sticking to the tried and untrue.

In the meantime, I need to get this old thing to bed so I can get busy waking up the public. If you’re still on this list when that gets going, you’ll be invited to help, time or money, it won’t matter which. For now, let’s get done with the past so we can be free to build a future.

Go to [ ] to contribute, or just click one of the Contribute buttons on the website, [ ].

Thank you!

Allen Hacker


A number of presidential-nomination hopefuls have approached me to use this list to raise money for their campaigns. I have declined them all, for two reasons. First, I personally think that to preserve the value of the list for the more general purpose of expanding the movement, supporting ballot access, and building a 527 Independent Expenditure Committee to support our next presidential campaign that will be free of contribution limits, it would be a bad idea to alienate any segment of the list by supporting one nomination contender over another. Second and more important, to the best of my knowledge none of you gave permission for your info to be sold.

On that last point, it is important that you understand what will be happening with this list. Upon closing the campaign, the list will officially transfer ownership to my consulting company, as its compensation in lieu of payment. At that point, it will begin to be used for the Liberty’s Infrastructure project, about which you will receive notice when appropriate, IF you are still on the list. You have this and one more chance to get off this list, by clicking the Remove link that should be included below. The other chance is after you’ve gotten the final closure announcement and web address for my final report.

If you are certain that you don’t care for any more news about this campaign, and you want off this list, you should probably do it now. If you stay on for now, don’t worry - I’ll remind you one more time in that last message.

[ ]

35 Responses to “Allen Hacker: Closing out Badnarik Campaign”

  1. Nigel Watt Says:

    The solution is simple: bake a bigger pie!
    Sounds like the federales when they print money.

  2. georgia Says:

    You are correct in that we did not give permission for our e-mail addresses to be sold. However that is exactly what is being done when the list is sold to you for services rendered. Then again when you sell the usage of the list to other clients. SO DON’T LIE TO US.

  3. Allen Hacker Says:


    Please don’t shout, we’ve been working on making this a place for polite company.

    There’s a difference between selling the list as it is to third parties, and reconstituting it after making sure everyone has had adequate notice and opportunuty to opt out. If you’re still on the list after the closure email, then by all conventions regarding internet mailing lists, you’ve opted in.

    So? Just opt out. All you have to do is click the link at the bottom of your copy of the above message. It’s automatic, I can’t stop it, I wouldn’t want to, it’s easy, and you can do it without getting all riled up.


  4. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    Is Georgia per haps implying that whether or not is she ‘opted in’ that she did not request that her email addies be tossed around the ether net for every spammer in the Christian Universe to use and abuse.

    May be Georgia has every reason to be ‘riled up’! May be, especially as a ‘seasoned old political professional’ , it is Allen Hacker who is rather clue less in the 21st Century.

  5. georgia Says:


    I hate it when you think we are stupid. You no doubt have a master e-mail list of everyone who ever wrote, contributed, inquired etc. I assume that is copied to a disk sitting in our desk. No matter how much we opt out of anything, there is no way to edit the list you already have and I am sure will do with as you want.

    Now since that list was for services rendered it is just like getting paid for the services. Like barter, it is income to you, only a lot easier not to report, for a variety of reasons, ie. the campaign committee is not trying to reduce its taxable income. So once again you are coming out ahead. Question is will this show up as a expense when the FEC report is filed. I will be looking for it.


  6. Allen Hacker Says:


    To paraphrase you, I hate it when you think I am dishonest.

    Maybe we each need to give the other a break, but when you start it, I play it on your terms. Want more respect? Give more respect.

    Despite all that, I will not do “anything” some dishonest person (not me) or some distrustful person (you?) might think of. I have made every attempt to be entirely honorable in my job as campaign manager and treasurer, and all I’ve gotten from you and too many like you is unfounded accusations and conviction by rumor.

    It’s okay with me if you don’t trust yourself, but really, don’t project your fears and paranoia onto me. I’ve given you every notice so you’ll be aware of your options, and all you do is imply that I’m a dishonest liar.

    I would really hate to try to live in the world from that expectation of people. It must be miserable to be you.

    Opt out and get back to building a constructive life, that’s fine with me. But please, don’t fail to opt out and then complain later.

    And please stop it with the unfounded accusations. It’s like to be able to respect you, should we ever meet.

    And, Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s]:

    What the hell are you talking about? Did you fall asleep and have a nightmare or something?


  7. Allen Hacker Says:


    Cut and paste eror, I meant to say, “I’d” like to be able to respect you,...


  8. Dan Says:

    I can’t wait to look at the BFC financials. That will be, to quote Chris Farley “AWESOME.”

  9. Carl Says:

    Um, folks, selling mailing lists of campaigns is standard procedure. A whole slew of conservative organizations were originally built around a nine track tape bought from the failed Goldwater campaign. (I think it was Richard Viguuerie who did this.)

  10. [email protected] Says:


    Yes, selling mailing lists of campaigns is standard procedure.

    In the Internet Age, setting privacy policies and adhering to them is also standard procedure.

    This is not intended as a criticism of Allen Hacker. Since he was the manager of the Badnarik for Congress campaign, he had access to the list from the start, so nobody’s information is being given to someone who didn’t already have it. It’s not like the list is being sold to some vacuum cleaner company. Furthermore, Allen has included an easy “opt-out” procedure for those who don’t want their information to remain part of the list. He’s adhering to at LEAST as high a standard as most campaigns, and higher standard than many.

  11. georgia Says:

    I will compliment when compliments are due and Allen one is due. You manage to turn the entire response into a judgment of me avoiding the point in question. Best defense is an offense.

    As I recall you have been promising us a full and complete financial report on the campaign and we still have not seen it. Last I heard your answer was that you will present it when you are good and ready to do so.

    As far as the list all it takes is a promise that the only list which exists is one that reflects all the opt out.

  12. Allen Hacker Says:

    Thanks Tom. You speaking in defense of truth is all the more special to me, given our disagreements on some things. Yes, everyone, Tom is not defending me, just telling it, as he always does, like he sees it. Not always perfect, but always a lot more objective than some.

    Georgia. You already have that promise as blatantly implied in my emails, and here it is explicitly: When someone opts out of the email list, their email address is removed automatically by the third-party software that maintains the list. I won’t even have it once the list is clear for transfer. I can’t guarantee what Michael will do with the copy he took with him right after the campaign ended, but that was only supposed to be used for a one-time mailing for his, and as far as I know he’s done that, and he said in that email that he wouldn’t be mailing the list again. So unless he screws up, and so far as I can from my own actions, you have your guarantee.

    Technically, if you guys are interested in the legal stuff, the list never belonged to Michael. It was generated by the presidential campaign committee, a separate legal entity, and belonged to them. They entrusted it to Michael for any next campaign, and remained their property until Michael handed it over to the congressional campaign committee, a new separate legal entity. I am President of that committee, Michael is not on the paperwork.

    What I’ve promised to deliver is a campaign write-up after the campaign closes, and I will - hopefully within 30 days thereafter, but it will take time to write, and I have to earn a living, so it could be early, could be late, for various reasons knowable and not. Truth is, I’m still learning about some of the things that happened behind my back, so who knows, maybe I should wait a full year until everybody that should come forward finally does. No, I won’t do that. But I know better than to set a firm date.

    Dan. As for financial disclosure, the FEC reports are that disclosure and they’ve been ongoing every Quarter. You should already have read them if you’re all that gung ho to comment.


  13. Eric Sundwall Says:

    Mr. Hacker,

    If you could be so kind as to contact either Bill Redpath or Aaron Starr about the balance currently owed to the LNC by the Badnarik Committee it would be greatly appreciated. We will formally meet in Pittsburgh on July 21st and 22nd.


    Eric Sundwall
    LNC Region 7 Alternate

  14. Allen Hacker Says:

    Hi Eric,

    There’s a conversation ongoing, through LNC HQ. I’m respecting the chain of command.


  15. georgia Says:

    Earn a living?? You have previously stated that you have two statrted buisinesses and made a million dollars through each.

  16. georgia Says:

    Aplogies to everyone on the grammer and spelling in the previous post. Obviously should have read ‘started 2 businesses and made a million dollars through each.’

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