Kevin Thompson’s criticism of Tom Brady’s fornication featured on WHDH-TV

A few days ago I posted a link to Constitution Party candidate Kevin Thompson’s blog entry in which he criticized New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady for fornicating. Kevin’s criticism is now featured on WHDH Television along with Tonight Show host Jay Leno’s. You can view the story here.

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  1. Cody Quirk Says:

    Kevin really needs to criticise him as a Pastor, NOT a politician. A sin like Tom’s is nothing new or shocking in this nation. And it isn’t a new trend either.

  2. Maria Says:

    Tom must accept that he is a personage I publish idolized by the young people and children always is conceited of honesty, moral, responsibility and of being CATHOLIC. It is the reason for which catholic remembers their basic principles to him of the catholic… you plows not you are not bothered

  3. Frankie Says:

    No it is not a new trend, however what Kevin Thompson was getting across is that the public should not have to be dealt Tom Brady as a role model. Tom Brady himself said he wants to be a good role model for young children. but his actions and behavior does not constitute a role model, thus he should be ashamed of himself. He would not be criticized if he just concentrate and stick to football and represent himself as a role model.

  4. ST Says:

    I totally agree Frankie. No one is criticizing Tom Brady for having sex. What everyone is tired of is Pro-athletes who proclaim themselves as role models and then project their image even further by endorsing products that they expect us to buy. Tom has continually self proclaimed himself religous, a supporter of family values and a role model for kids. His abandonment of his pregnant ex and immediately taking up with a supermodel who has posed nude and the photos are easily acessible on the internet is definitely not the behavior that kids need to see. I admire Mr Thompson for taking a stand on this. Tom Brady should be ashamed of his flagrant behavior and flaunting of his new relationship in the face of his soon to be born childs mother. I am a parent who is sick of these athletes being worshipped as they are and then never been held accountable for their behavior.

  5. Joe Says:

    I also agree with Kevin. It sounds to me like Kevin is not only right in principle, but given this television report the story seems to be generating some positive media attention for him. However, I wasn’t aware that Brady had “continually self proclaimed himself religous, a supporter of family values.” I’m not saying he didn’t. I can think of a a few athletes who may have come close to doing that, but I didn’t think Brady was one of them. I don’t see how someone who says “I’m shocked I even need to defend my fornicating” could consider himself a spokesman for Christians or for “family values.” Christians shouldn’t be worshipping athletes. I believe that the Brady’s of the world will be held accountable one day, as we all will. I think I saw Brady in one commercial for a credit card. That’s about it.

    I would like to hear more from Kevin and other candidates on how they view this relating to civil government. Using the bully pulpit to condemn immoral behavior is one thing, but for a long time in America fornication was a crime, often punishable by death. However, to my knowlege that was always at the state and local level. It doesn’t seem like an issue that would fall into congress’ jurisdiction. Fornication is punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, or at least I believe it was until recently.

  6. Prester John Says:

    He may not have planned it this way, but Thompson just got a ton of free publicity. Most people will dismiss him out of hand; but not everbody will.

  7. Jean Says:

    As a good Christian and a good citizen, we teach our children right from wrong. But when a superstar that children look up to is not behaving up to our expectations, our children will be confused by our teachings. This nation’s leaders need to step up and condemn companies that endorse these superstars to sell to our children, and spoiling all the values we parents try to instill in them. Yes we are mostly responsible, but when companies and professional teams constantly push their stars and posed them to our faces, we must speak up and I commend Kevin Thompson. There have been many women on other blogs who have been speaking out to companies that endorse Tom, and when we read Kevin’s stance on this issue, we were relieved to know that there are many decent people who still believe in the traditional family values. And it would be ideal to politicize this issue because our children are this nation’s future. At the rate we are going, matrimony may diminish in no time and we have to do something.

  8. Anthony Distler Says:

    I will be the first person to ever say this…where is global_elitist when you need him. Seriously, you’re all DEFENDING this religious nut-bag? Our nation is going to Hell, but it isn’t in the hands of people like Tom Brady. It’s in the hands of people like Kevin Thompson.

  9. Trent Hill Says:

    I’m not.
    This crap belongs in the church, not in the political arena.

  10. candy Says:

    This nation is going to hell because traditional family values are no longer respected and men continue to abuse it because they are being excused. Every issue that deals with humanity is being pushed to the church, yet children are not allowed to be taught about religion at school.

    How can one properly educate children when people like Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Michael Vick, etc are constantly in the news being praised for the charity work they do (that’s a joke) or their excellence in the sport they are in. The companies that endorse these people are telling our children, yes, be like him, buy our products and you can be like him. You can honestly say you don’t mind your children looking up to these people and end up raping women, ditching children, or organizing crimes?

    Be real! I was not born in this country, but I came to America and I am now a proud American. This country offered me a dream come true and I would like to help preserve it for the future.

  11. Lynn Says:

    Let me guess Anthony…you’re a Pat’s fan? Tom Brady is the one who used every opportunity he got to call himself a ‘role model’ for America’s youth. Then knocks up his long-time GF, moves on in a nano second and when he finds out there’s a child on the way decides to continue boinking the model instead of doing the right thing. And yes, I mean marriage. He can’t have it both ways. He’s either a role model or no. And even if he decides no…there’s still a baby about to be born who will be raised without his daddy in the home. All because your beloved, spoiled QB decided that’s the way it would be. Mr. Control.

  12. Chris Fluharty Says:

    Trent CPer to Cper you know my actions pretty well from my post here and other places, but let me say this. ALL laws are a form of morality. SO just who’s morality should we be fighting for? Speed limits, seat belt enforcement, smoking bans, dry counties, etc etc are all community based morality laws. If we are not promoting strong family morals then we have no right standing up for Constitutional principles ( the CP still has a pro family platform). Your community is different then mine. That is why the CP is a states rights party. Kevin Believes his community is immoral and will get no argument form anyone with an IQ more then 2. So he has every right making this an issue as a politician. All laws are a reflection of ones moral aptitude. Thus the cruddy laws we already have. Kevin was not encroaching on his constitutional rights so what he did was admirable and as a CPer you should not be so quick to condemn but rather say that is not what we would do here in Calif. Just my advice take it or flush but it is truth. Name one law that is not someones morals?

  13. Anthony Distler Says:

    No, actually, I’m not a Patriots fan. But I think anytime a politician goes after a celebrity, it turns out bad for them. Why should we care? What are we going to do, make a law saying that once you get someone pregnate then you MUST marry her? Because let me tell you two things. 1) It’s take two to have unprotected sex, and 2) If you want to make such a law, then the number of affairs and abuse reports will increase five-fold.

    Why not have Jerome Corsi attack Lindsey Lohan while we’re at it? You know, because we don’t have to worry about a dramatic nation deficit, illegal immigration, American lives lost in Iraq, decreasing health care and rising inflation. We have all this time on our hands to go after the personal lives of people.

  14. Jean Says:

    No anthony, that’s not the point. We must do something so these celebrities aren’t used as role models for the children. Example: Tom Brady is a SB QB and he’s on Television and magazines selling Nike products. Our children hear and see him and wants to be like him urging to have those products. Then they hear or read of his immoral behaviors, and be ignorant of it because it’s excusable. If Tom Brady just plays football and not pushed to our children as a role model, I don’t care what he does personally. He may have a dozen children with a dozen women and I wouldn’t give a damn, but that’s not how it is now. He talks about being a role model and he damn better be leading a good example.

  15. Anthony Distler Says:

    And forget completely about the fact that the parents obviously are not in the lives of these kids, since they are allowing their children to look up to someone like Tom Brady. Let’s just blame the ones at the top, shall we?

    Kids look up to 50 Cent. Every celebrity has their flaws.

  16. Sean Haugh Says:

    As a Libertarian, I just like seeing the word ‘fornication’ back in the headlines.

    As a citizen, I remain unsure how Tom Brady’s fornication is relevant to any campaign.

    As a rabid NFL fan, I couldn’t agree more. Celebrities are role models whether they like it or not, and considering how much these men get paid I have no problem making good conduct a job requirement. Football is one of the ultimate family traditions in America, something passed down from father to son. Moms and daughters are getting in on this action too and it’s a beautiful thing. My dad taught me much about life while teaching me to love football. Today parents have to explain behavior like Brady’s, or Chris Henry or Pacman Jones. Not fun, and not good for the game. The new Commissioner, Roger Goodell, has wasted no time trying to root out the criminal element, which is a good start. Tom Brady’s example isn’t quite as bad as Pacman Jones starting a gunfight at a Vegas strip club, and remembering that I’m a Libertarian his love life really is his business, but since the media decides to titter at Brady’s “super sperm” and glorify his celebrity lifestyle, it’s up to parents alone to tell their kids what it really means. Pretty much as it’s always been.

  17. Trent Hill Says:

    Chris Fluharty,

    A.)I dont think it is Kevin Thompson’s business to tell people why or why not Tom Brady is a good or bad role model. That is the parent’s job. Just like censorship.
    B.)I actually wasn’t condemning WHAT he said per se. My bigger problem is WHO he said it to and HOW he went about doing it. It may have felt all gooey on the inside…but it was a dumb political move.

  18. timothy west Says:

    man, his GF or whatever she is is FUGLY. Did she forget to claim her boobs from the baggage claim check at the airport or what?

  19. Joe Says:

    Anthony, how did this turn out bad for Kevin? The story was picked up by a local television station getting him positive media coverage. At one time in Massachusetts a man could be whipped, imprisoned, fined, or forced to marry the woman in question.

  20. Trent Hill Says:

    At one time in Nigeria, he’d have made a barbie doll out of her pubic bone.
    what exactly if your point Joe?

    It was stupid because Massachusetts is already not a conservative state, so Thompson has no real shot. But taking pot-shots at the State’s most beloved athlete? Not wise.

  21. SovereignMN Says:

    Trent…gotta disagree with you here. Politcians take moral stands all the time. Just because they enter the political arena doesn’t make any moral stances they have irrelevent. Thompson wasn’t advocating legislation to outlaw fornication here. He was stating that it’s wrong for Brady to be held as a role model in light of his actions. The whole “keep it in the church” thing gets taken way too far. You want us to keep the beliefs of our faith silent…but yet Tom Brady gets to flaunt his belief that out of wedlock babies are no big deal without inpunity. Can’t have it both ways. If Brady is going to be in the public spotlight giving an endorsement to out of wedlock children then we definitely need others to balance that and say “Whoa. Wait a minute. This isn’t what’s best for kids/families”.

    “My bigger problem is WHO he said it to and HOW he went about doing it. ”

    He posted this on his private blog. I don’t see the big problem with it. If he had shown up at an anti-tax rally or an anti-amnesty rally and said this then yes, I would agree with you.

  22. Joe Says:

    My point is addressed to those who claim that fornication has no relevance to candidates or public policy, when, for many years, fornication was unlawful in Massachusetts. It is not just a “church” issue, but a state issue as well.

  23. Joe Says:

    I first met Howard Phillips at a pro-gun rally at the state capital in 2000. Sure he talked about gun rights, but he did not stick to that one issue. He moved from gun rights into a broader discussion of the Biblical foundations of American law and government, including sexual morality.

  24. timothy west Says:

    I love to fornicate with my wife. Sometimes we play a game called “holier than thou” where we we are having darwinist evolutionist munkysex where we utter words like
    “takest off thy clothing from your loins” and ” Oh, God, I’m going to cometh”! just like all you Christians do when you fuck. I wear a pope suit and she wears a nun outfit.

    Seriously - ALL YOU FUCKERS GET OUT OF EVERYONES OTHERS BUSINESS. That way, just like Hank Williams said, you’ll be too busy minding your own business to mind mine, or Brady, or anyone else.

  25. Frank Says:

    Timothy West, you obviously don’t know the meaning of fornicate! Why don’t you look it up. When Tom Brady put himself in a role-model for young children, his business becomes everyone’s business.

  26. Devin Ray Freeman Says:

    Tim’s right.
    Pro quarterbacks get laid like I take a tinkle. Big deal. Who cares?
    It does not matter in the least whether this pigskin tossin Brady guy was a bad boy or not. If Brady did anything wrong, it was moralizin. ANY moralizer is suspect. Didd he moralize?
    Suppose you are a politician and you’re favorite thing is pigmy chicks who fellate nicely with their cheeks packed with ice cubes. More power to you, so long as they’re consenting adults and you stand for sex rights for all.
    “Sir, now that you’ve officially announced your candidacy for president, will you tell the public, are you, or have you ever been, a homosexual?”
    “I was born to suck pussy AND to stand up up for YOUR sex rights! (applause from the crowd) I’m not a faggot, but I don’t mind if a guy sucks me off IF I’m hard up and he’s got pretty hair. And I can tell you right now, I’ll fight for YOUR right to government OUT of YOUR bedroom EVERY TIME!” (applause from the crowd)

  27. Devin Ray Freeman Says:

    Who was that recently busted methed up fudge packin homo hatin temple of God evangelist? That ilk. No shortage of em.

  28. Cody Quirk Says:

    A.)I dont think it is Kevin Thompson’s business to tell people why or why not Tom Brady is a good or bad role model. That is the parent’s job. Just like censorship.
    B.)I actually wasn’t condemning WHAT he said per se. My bigger problem is WHO he said it to and HOW he went about doing it. It may have felt all gooey on the inside…but it was a dumb political move.

    =Sorry Chris, I think I may have to agree with Trent.

  29. Cody Quirk Says:

    I remember back in those old days, there were a Lot of crazy laws by todays standards, like owning slaves and regarding them as property, not people. Interracial marriage was outlawed too. In New York, voting was resricted to rich people, and in Rhode Island, rural voters had more rights and political power then voters in the cities.

    BTW, what happened to the Puritans in Massachusetts, hmmmmm?

  30. Joe Says:


    I agree with Pastor Butch Paugh, and apparently Kevin too, in wanting “to turn back the clock so West Virginia and the nation handle business the way it once did, absent the burdensome tax structure but with a strong emphasis on biblical principles.” Do you?

  31. Marc Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I just left Mr. Thompson a reply on his website yesterday, in principle telling him to find things that are worth debating over like world poverty and hunger. And guess what? Today my reply is gone. So as of now there are only replies posted, that encourage his stance. That is the kind of politician and moron he is. He is not fit to be voted to Congress. And he doesn’t have the moral high ground to condemn what Brady did.

  32. Joe Says:

    What does the United States Congress have to do with world poverty and hunger?

  33. Kevin Thompson Says:

    I found the response to my blog to be increadible. Let make a few comments here, and abstain for awhile while I beging writing a follow-up on my blog for next week.

    Marc, I have lost high moral ground because I did not allow your comment to be posted on my blog? I was not aware that was the determining factor for morality. To harken back to the days of Reagan, “Sir, I paid for this microphone…” We are talking about MY campaign blog. My campaign blog centers on my campaign consisting of my views. Why would you expect me to post differing opinions? That is what a blog such as this one is for. Would expect any of the other candidates to post my comments on their websites? Of course not. They have their sites to promote their views, and I have mine to promote my views. I am not in this campiagn to promote or give voice to views I disagree with. Your voice is heard through forums such as these. if you really feel strongly about this, start your own blog and shout it from the rooftops. You have that right. By the way, if you ever saw the vulgarity in most of the negative responses I recieve, you wouldn’t post them either.

    I have many other comments to make, but I will make them from my blog probably sometime next week. But I will say this, for the first time in my memory, in liberal Massachusetts, a popular sports celebrity was called out for his immoral behavior, and I was given a voice, by the “liberal” media, to say just that. What a victory! Who would have ever thought…

    The more and more negative responses I get only serve to encourage me - my voice is being heard. People are talking about issues such as morality, virtue and personal responsablility. That is a victory in and of itself.

  34. Trent Hill Says:

    ““to turn back the clock so”

    Joe. Whatever your goals are, THIS is not a good way to begin any sentence in politics. People want to go forward, not move backwards to a time of poverty and disparity.

  35. Joe Says:


    That is what your party’s candidates say THEIR goals are. At least Butch does. Kevin says he is running “to bring America back to the principles that our founding fathers used to make this the greatest nation in history.” The mission statement of the Constitution Party states that your goal is “to restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations.” Do you agree?

  36. Cody Quirk Says:

    I agree with Pastor Butch Paugh, and apparently Kevin too, in wanting “to turn back the clock so West Virginia and the nation handle business the way it once did, absent the burdensome tax structure but with a strong emphasis on biblical principles.” Do you?

    =Depends on when you want to stop the Clock.
    There is such a thing as going too far back. And FYI, the Founding Fathers didn’t want a nation to be governed under religious law, but constitutional law- want me to bring in the quotes from them?

    =Why are you still quoting the CP platform, I thought you didn’t want to have anything to do with the national party? And why don’t you quote the part about no religious tests while you’re at it. It even seems sacreligious in a way that you hold the CP platform on the same level as scripture.

  37. Joe Says:

    My confusion was with Trent claiming that it is a bad idea for a candidate to say he wants to turn back the clock, when his own party includes a desire to turn back the clock in their own mission statement. Butch said he wanted “turn back the clock so the nation handle business the way it once did,with a strong emphasis on biblical principles.” I believe you said that sounded okay with you. That sounds pretty good to me too. I don’t think the Puritans perfectly applied biblical principles of civil government, but I do believe they came much closer than America does today.

  38. Trent Hill Says:

    Puritans? Wow. I dont even NEED to reply.

    You hold Puritans in high regard? I need not,but I will.

    I didn’t say it was a bad thing to WANT to turn the clock back, it is simply unwise to SAY it. Kevin knows what he means, and I know what he means—but the public hears it goes “eek.”

  39. Anthony Distler Says:

    The only thing great about this story is looking foward to seeing Kevin Thompson getting completely destroyed in the election. I’m looking foward to it.

  40. Marc Says:

    I beg to differ Mr. Thompson,

    a blog should also allow different opinion, if it claims any credibility. I have no problem with any moral standards but I come to ask myself if there are not many more pressing needs for the US to consider than the private (as in none of our business) life of a popular sports figure. And that is what Brady really is, popular and not a role model of any kind. That should be we, the parents, not the sport or pop star.

    And regarding Joe: pleas wake up man! The Congress has nothing to do to you with world problems? Then we should shut it down. As long as Mr Thompson is not running for Mayor of a small town in Mass. he should concern himself with these things. Because he will not be able to do too much about Tom Bradys lifestyle as a member of Congress but he would have voting power on bills that condern financial aid to the poorest countries around the world. But as long as we, the people of the US, are negligent to the fact that our economy polutes the world more than any other countries we may lose any respect that outside world has for us. But I am pretty sure you will shrug it off and say: what the ****, right? As for the fact that we are destroying the very planet our children and their children will be raised on (with or without a loving father, Mr. Thompson), taht doesn’t concern you as well, I suppose.

    So find something meaningful to talk about. Or shut up.

  41. Trent Hill Says:


    The guy is running for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts and has attacked a state hero. No need to wait until election day, he has already been crushed.

  42. Chris Fluharty Says:

    Trent & Cody,

    I’m not sure you all got my point but that is ok. You are free to your own beliefs even among family. I lived in the West Coast for 20 years and know how you all think so I will leave it at that. But it was a move every CPer should do running on the platform he claims to be running on. It would have been dumb in California by one of you all because you all are more classic liberals (small non-intrusive government). Whereas Kevin is more socially driven conservative. @ entirely different platforms that the CP has. I would agree it was dumb if he were running on a classic liberal platform.

  43. shirley58 Says:

    I was’nt aware that Tom Brady was a state hero just because he won 3 superbowls. Big deal. Whats he a hero for? HUH? He should be called out because hes a role model for our kids, or so called role model, gag

  44. Cody Quirk Says:

    I don’t think the Puritans perfectly applied biblical principles of civil government, but I do believe they came much closer than America does today.

    =You’re right! The disregard of human life during the Salem witchcraft trials wasn’t Biblical at all.

  45. Marysgold Says:

    I am a Pats fan & VERY disappointed by Tom Brady, the guy has no respect for women, family values, or the Catholic Faith….

    Is his family an example of Catholic education in California???
    Every time I see a youngster with his jersey on I say to myself ” I hope you have loving parents that are together in your home because Tom Brady dosen t appear to want to provide THAT for his own son”
    Very sad….. that being said I still love the team…. GO Pats !

  46. Nike SB Says:

    Tom Brady is not a man… he is a machine.

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