Imperato Loves Tony Blair

This press release was put out about a month ago, but I thought it was worth highlighting here. Apparently Daniel Imperato, Independent/Libertarian, was a very big fan of Tony Blair…

Admist the stunning news that Tony Blair has announced his resignation as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, the Mr. Blair has received strong support from fellow third party member Daniel Imperato.

“Tony Blair is a man of great courage, dignity, and wisdom. He has served the people with honor, respect, and integrity. It is because of his leadership Britain has maintained its role around the world.”

Blair and England has been widely regarded as the chief ally of the Bush administration in Washington and has supported Bush on key diplomatic issues such as the War on Terror and Nuclear Disarmament ( North Korea and Iran).

“Today is a sad day because we saw one of our brothers, Prime Minister Tony Blair, signal the end of a great era. Although we look forward to working with the next leader of Great Britain, Tony Blair was a man who stood with America. He is someone that embodied American ideals and principles, and stood up for them, no matter how unpopular those principles were. For that Prime Minister Blair has my respect and the respect of the American people.”

Blair first took as England’s Prime Minister in 1997 as he lead a movement known as “The Third Way” by adding the Labor Party to the British Political scene that has been dominated by Conservatives and Liberals.

“Tony Blair took office in a time of uncertainty for England. They had been a half a decade removed from Margaret Thatcher, and the current leadership of the conservative party was not the way to go for England. Tony Blair was more than a leader for England. He was a movement. He helped England transform itself into the 21 st Century as Europe’s strongest economy with low inflation, high employment, and technological sophistication,” stated Imperato.

Imperato also felt that America may be in the same state that England was in 10 years ago when Tony Blair first came into office.

“Instead of Margaret Thatcher, America is romanticizing Ronald Reagan as our last great leader. America has grown weary of the leadership of the Democrats and Republicans. We are a country that is proud of our American tradition of freedom, liberty, and justice. But we are unsure of our future and how our government will take shape under our next leadership. Like our brother England was 10 years ago, America is ready for a third way,” stated Imperato.

As Imperato moves on in his own personal mission for America, he appealed to Tony Blair for his counsel and support.

“As I embark on my mission to make a third way for America, I ask Tony Blair for his counsel and support. He knows what it is like to bring a third party to a country and make it viable. I hope that I can draw his experience to help the American people as we prepare for 2008 and America ’s Third Way.”

3 Responses to “Imperato Loves Tony Blair”

  1. Sonya Says:

    Fuckin’ A——Tony Blair is a socialist.

  2. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    “Not in Our name”!

  3. [email protected] Says:

    Is Imperato friggin’ high or something? Labour a “third party” in the UK? It’s been one of the two “major” parties for almost a century (the first Labour government was formed 84 years ago).

    Labour did not take over a parliament that had been “dominated by Conservatives and Liberals” in 1997 … because the Liberal Party went out of existence in 1988, merging with the Social Democrats to form the Liberal Democratic Party, And if Imperato is referring to the LDs as the “Liberals” ... well, the LDs more than doubled their number of seats in 1997 (from 20 to 46, of 659), the year that Imperato claims they were eclipsed by Blair’s “third party,” although 1997 was also the bottom of a downward trend for them in the total popular vote (from 25.4% in 1983 for the Liberals to to 16.8% in 1997 for the Liberal Democrats). They’ve since come back up, polling 18.3% and 22% in the 2001 and 2005 elections respectively.

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