Constitution Party of Massachusetts candidate for Congress tackles Tom Brady

On his blog Constitution Party of Massachusetts congressional candidate Kevin Thompson takes New England Quarterback Tom Brady to task for fornication. Concerning Brady’s ex-girlfriend and out-of-wedlock child, Kevin says, “You may remember all the press concerning that.” Well, actually I had heard of neither Bridget Moynahan nor Gisele Bundchen before reading Kevin’s editorial, but presumably voters in Massachusetts have.

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  1. Kyle B Says:

    Tom Brady is the most popular person in Massachusetts. His personal life is followed closely in New England and the rest of the sports world.

    Attacking him doesn’t seem to be the smartest move in the world considering his hero status in the state

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Yeah, gotta agree with Kyle on that one.

  3. Joey Dauben Says:

    What does a federal candidate have any business doing prying into the life of a highly paid football star?

    Hence the reason the Constitution Party will not gain traction in a state such as Mass. It’s hard enough as it is for the Republicans, let alone a third party that cares too much about a private individual’s personal life.

    Now, had Tom Brady been paid by taxpayers, this would be a legitimate cause for concern; instead, it looks like a blatant and desperate attempt at attention for the campaign.

    I do like Thompson’s yard signs though, that I’ll give him.

    But stick to the war issue and the smaller government issue; the accusations of a theocratic party are starting to make sense now…

  4. Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s] Says:

    That was our “Liberal” take on the impeachment of Billy Boy Clinton!
    It was not just a BJ! It was inappropriate behavior on the company clock, on company property, with a government agent———and lying about it!

  5. Anthony Distler Says:

    That’s funny. I didn’t know Tom Brady was running for office. I mean, why ELSE would somebody attack him for things in his personal life.

    ...oh, he was a Constitution Party candidate trying to make a stand and become relivant? Ok, that makes sense, too.

  6. Jackcjackson Says:

    fornication? Way not to sound like a religious nut party.

  7. Trent Hill Says:

    Seriously. This guy just lost my endorsement. And im IN HIS PARTY!

  8. Brad Winthrop Says:

    In fairness, to Kevin “fornication” is my word, not his. Actually, it is the Bible’s word that I think succinctly summarizes “having sexual relations with one woman you are not married to after recently fathering a child with another woman you were not married to.” If I’m following Kevin’s editorial properly I gather that is at least some of what Brady has been up to. Another way of saying what Brady said would be, “What kind of world is this if I have to defend my fornicating.”

  9. Devious David Says:

    That dude is just jealous. And so am I.

  10. Kevin Thompson Says:

    Why would I bother to take the time to mention Tom Brady? As I mentioned in my article, most of the kids at my Christian school adore Mr. Brady. He is a celeb with a large following and large influence. He publically flaunts his personal life, even agreeing to this interview. This is a large news story here in the state, why should I not comment on it? It is time someone had the courage to do so. I don’t want my students turning out like him. However, I see that already happening. I have to speak out.

    The Brady situation is just indictative of a nation plagued by immaturity and people not wanting to take personal responsability. We saw that with President Clinton a few years back, and I think that whole mess helped pave the way for our openness about immorality now. Did I thump a Bible or preach a sermon? No. I merely commented on a societal problem I would like to see fixed. I entered into the public arena to talk about issues such as this one.

    Believe it or not, I am getting a lot of positive feedback from women who are tired of being treated as possessions and kicked to the curb when a commitment (such as fatherhood) surfaces.

  11. Kevin Thompson Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to finish that last comment.

    These women, who disagree with me on most other political issues, are giving me support because they see me standing up for them. They see in this stance what “compassionate conservatism” really ought to mean.

    I have no regrets for posting that article. Will it be a major part of my campaign? No. But I do believe it was worth commenting on.

  12. matt Says:

    You are not merely some publicity hungry blogger, commenting on whatever interests you. You are now a candidate. A candidate suggests a course of action for public policy. If you think Tom Brady’s family habits are a public policy issue, you are standing in grave contradiction to the Bill of Rights.

  13. Trent Hill Says:


    Actually. I disagree. Mind you, I think it is political desperation—and therefor dumb.

    BUT. It is definetly not against the Bill of Rights. Tom Brady put his own personal life out there…anyone is free to say anything about it.

  14. globalist_elitist Says:

    This IS what the CP IS, people. Open your eyes.

  15. SovereignMN Says:

    “What is manly or praise-worthy of a man hopping from supermodel to supermodel and forcing a woman to raise her child without a loving, present, father? Sorry, Tom, but money and part-time fathering can never fully replace the atmosphere that two-loving parents (loving each other and their baby) can provide a child. ”

    This is the main point that Kevin makes and I agree with it.

  16. Timm Knibbs Says:

    Many of the problems in this country stem from broken homes. Not only is it immoral it is irresponsible to have children out or wedlock. Some it seems are suggesting that Brady get a free pass because he is a popular athlete. That makes no sense. He should be made an example of because people know who he is. To take a stand against someone or something that most would not shows courage. Way to go Kevin. We need more people with courage in DC. Right now there is only one, Ron Paul.

  17. Joseph Says:

    Yes, let’s send members of the Consitution Party to Congress - we can’t have these athletes out there foricating. Government should DO something. Never mind all of those trivial issues like the loss of freedom, the building of empire, and wars of agrression - we got fornicating going on! GO KEVIN - GET those dirty fornicators!

  18. Trent Hill Says:

    For the record:

    He didnt say government should do sometihng. He said it was a bad example.
    I dont disagree…just think it was stupid.

  19. Cody Quirk Says:

    Tom Brady is the most popular person in Massachusetts. His personal life is followed closely in New England and the rest of the sports world.

    Attacking him doesn’t seem to be the smartest move in the world considering his hero status in the state

    =Exactely, just because Tom is living a sinner’s life doesn’t mean his is going to benifit Kevin’s candidacy.

    =New England is the most liberal region of the US (the West Coast is second), this move, for political gain or not, isn’t going to motivate Massachussetts voters to vote for Kevin Thompson at all.

  20. Anthony Distler Says:

    Until we bring the troops home from Iraq and stop sending billions of dollars to stand in the middle of a civil war, I don’t care about abortion, gay marriage, forinification, or any of that other crap that the CP is against.

    Stop the war. Then set policies.

  21. Chris Fluharty Says:

    What war? Last I checked there was never a congressional declaration.

    All that aside if you do not like the protection of those who cannot protect themselves, the protection of the family, and the protection of decency as important then keep voting the same way everyone else has. We have a “war” because we have no moral compass to say it is wrong. Wake up to Folgers in your cup.

  22. Ghoststrider Says:

    Look, what goes on between two consenting adults is their business, nobody else’s. You got a problem with that? Tough crap. If you persist, then you clearly show yourself to be religious nutjobs, or communists. Or just plain assholes, take your pick.

    You want to show some maturity and responsibility? Take your noses out of other people’s lives.

  23. Joshua D. Says:

    “..this move, for political gain or not, isn’t going to motivate Massachussetts voters to vote for Kevin Thompson at all.”

    Don’t you think Thompson realizes that? And yet he said it anyway. That speaks volumes about the kind of guy he is: He’ll say what he believes regardless of the political implication. He’s not out to BS or flip-flop for political gain.

    It amazes me… no, it saddens me… that people would complain about “politics as usual,” and then when we have a guy who’s willing to speak his mind without concern for political gain, folks jump down his throat. What’s particularly amazing is it’s not even as though it’s just the folks who walk the party line. But it’s supposed THIRD PARTY voters who are criticizing him for being more political!

    Disagree with his view of Brady if you like; that’s fine. But don’t attack him for not being more political—which is exactly what comments like the quote above amount to.

  24. Joshua D. Says:

    Edit (left out a “not,” resulting in a sentence completely contrary to what was intended):
    “But it’s supposed THIRD PARTY voters who are criticizing him for not being more political!”

  25. bostonbean Says:

    Hey uh jesus dude, GFY

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