What’s the Deal with Imperato?

Is he a member of the Libertarian Party or is he an independent running for the party’s nomination as a way to secure ballot access?

And I honestly have no idea what a “Knight of the Orden Bonaria” is… but a Google search shows that the top 10 results are all related to Imperato, specifically his descriptions of himself and his many imaginary honors.

Seriously, I think the state parties need to start refusing to give this lunatic speaking opportunities. Here’s his latest “press release” about a live webcast he supposedly did…

Today, Imperato for President 2008, the official Presidential Campaign Committee for Daniel Imperato, announced that they will be holding their second presidential live broadcast this Wednesday May 23, 2007 at 8pm EST.

Daniel Imperato is currently an independent candidate for the office of President of United States of America, and is seeking the nomination from the Libertarian Party.

During this broadcast, Imperato will announce his plan to unite America to take a 3rd party to the White House, a 33 million Man and Woman e-March.
Imperato has proposed for 33 million Americans to join his campaign team and contribute $1 to his campaign to help secure America’s future, bringing an alternative candidate to the White House.

Imperato’s last broadcast was streamed live across the world via the i1tv broadcast network ( www.i1tv.net), powered by i1search ( www.i1search.com) and managed by i1connect (www.i1connect.com).

Of all the announced presidential candidates, Imperato is the first to introduce regular live broadcasts to his campaign.

In addition, the campaign asked all of their supporters to throw “campaign parties” for the Imperato for President 2008 LIVE Broadcasts so that message of Imperato can spread across the country.

Also the campaign is asking for volunteers to submit emails of friends and family so that the campaign can send them personal evite invitations.

To Listen to Daniel Imperato’s Broadcast please visit www.imperato2008.com: on the day of the broadcast. (www.imperato2008.com).

Viewers can also dial in to the audio broadcast from Daniel Imperato by dialing (605) 772-3900. The access code for the conference call is 755027#.

About Daniel Imperato

Daniel was born in Boston, Mass (1958), and began his business career in 1977 transforming the manufacturing facilities in Israel through adapting them to the global marketplace along with bringing financing to the factories for global expansion. Daniel brings over thirty years of experience in global business planning and development and has personal relationships at high levels around the world. He is currently a Papal Knight with honors from the Vatican, was a board member for the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO, a Knight of the Orden Bonaria, and an ordained Chaplain for the Latin/African American Chaplains Association. Presently, he has decided to seek the office of President of the United States as an Independent candidate for 2008.

27 Responses to “What’s the Deal with Imperato?”

  1. Jeff Spangler Says:

    I was on the webcast. He actually did it… Maybe you should tune in next time

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    So, you might know… is he a member of the Libertarian Party or not?

  3. Bill Wood Says:


    I haven’t seen his name on any membership list. He might have been in the Reform Party at one time.


  4. ELarson Says:

    I was the planning chair for the Michigan state convention held in early May so I have some feel for the LP candidates’ organizations. I have met Imperato on two occasions. He, along with Alden Link and Bob Jackson, were at the state convention.

    Frankly, he’s an independent looking for ballot access with the LP. He doesn’t make many claims otherwise. He says he carries around some book of LP principles (I can’t remember the name of the book - or its author) and will lead by them. However, I heard that on his interview on NPR he stated that he wouldn’t be beholden to libertarian stands 100%.

    For a guy trying to secure the LP nomination, he sure is not going out of his way to sound libertarian. His website and literature don’t highlight libertarian themes or the party which I find kind of silly since he is seeking a political nomination in a clsoed system (no primary voters, etc.).

    I think if he expects to win the nomination, he will be shocked at how little support he has. Unless he brings in tons of people to the party who then serve as delegates. I know he was very unimpressive with everyone I spoke to at our convention.

  5. Seth Says:

    Austin, he’s required to be a sustaining member (at least $25 a year) in order to get the nomination, so yes, he’s likely a member (now).

    Imperato freely admits he’s new to the party, learning libertarian stances, and adjusting his views. I think the delegates will duly consider that in their choices.

    I met him, and he’s a nice enough guy. He reminded me a bit of Albert Finney in Big Fish.

  6. Richard Winger Says:

    Daniel Imperato has contributed at least $5,000 to the national Libertarian Party, because he is a member of the Chairman’s Club (I may have that name slightly wrong). He is the only person seeking the Libertarian Party presidential nomination who has attended all the state conventions this year so far. By contrast, Wayne Allyn Root says he will skip most of them because he doesn’t have time. It is time-consuming. I find Daniel Imperato to be a quick learner, and he’s determined to get the LP nomination.

  7. Joseph Says:

    I think Seth sums him up well. I didn’t speak to a single person in New Mexico who was going to support him after the debate but all thought he was a really nice guy.

  8. Eric Dondero Says:

    My Co-host Andre Traversa and I had Mr. Imperato on our Blog Talk Radio show “Libertarian Politics Live” a few weeks ago. I can honestly say it was the worst interview we ever did. The guy had no substance. It was pure platitudes, and resume boasting.

    Worse, he had promised us that he would email blast to “tens of thousands” his appearance on our show.

    It was one of our lowest rated shows ever. I think like a grand total of 26 people listened to it. (Our usual listenership is around 500).

  9. sam i am Says:

    Empty platitudes and resume boasting? Eric should be on board the Imperato bandwagon then. Unless of course he wants to be the one and only king of platitudes and resume boasting, and can’t stand any competition for the title.

  10. Tom Bryant Says:

    Hmmm…Eric doesn’t like Imperato?

    I think I have to support him now.

  11. Bill Wood Says:

    Richard Winger,

    Thanks I must have missed him in the LP News. I saw W.A.R ’s membership in the Jan. or Feb. issue. I’m interested in hearing W.A.R, several friends have listened to him and had dinner with him and they found him to be friendly and a great speaker.

  12. Austin Cassidy Says:

    The fact that his FEC reports are junk, he claims to have spent way more than he actually has, his business appears to be questionable, and he claims all sorts of odd titles… some of which may not even be real. Why have this guy represent your party for the highest office in the land?

    Maybe Dr. Richard Campagna should run for President at this rate…

  13. Tom Bryant Says:



    Not sure if it’s legit or what, but that’s their website.

    My google-fu is very strong.

  14. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Looks kinda nutty. I was just searching for the title itself… of which the primary person seeming to claim it is Mr. Imperato. I dunno, something about this guy just smells funny.

  15. ELarson Says:

    Well, I guess I’d say that everyone has a right to run for president and seek the nomination. Although he’s mostly a lot of talk, he is doing what most of the candidates are not doing - visiting conventions and meeting with party members. How much they’re liking his message is another thing.

    I know with our convention we set a minimum threshold that anyone who had a candidacy, was willing to visit and speak at the convention, and paid for registration, etc. was allowed to introduce themselves. I think very reasonable especially this early in the game which I think most would have to agree is unusual for the LP. Usually at this time no one or two or three people were even trying to run campaigns.

    I don’t mean to belittle anyone’s campaigns but there are a few things that LP candidates who want to be taken serious should be doing. 1) Meeting delegates either at state conventions or national meetings and 2) having a legitimate platform and web site/organization in place. Most of the candidates fail in number one which is not to say they are good honexst people, they just aren’t running serious campaigns or getting any serious support.

  16. George Phillies Says:

    There is an interesting strategic question here, given that we have two or three conventions on some Saturdays, and most of us apparently see better campaign investments than rent on a high speed private plane. Should you spend a full day at that one convention, or should you appear very briefly and decamp for the next event? The serious candidates are indeed traveling, but not all using the same approach.

  17. Bill Wood Says:

    According to the FEC, he has loaned his Campaign $250,000.00. That gives him a pretty good start.

  18. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Bill, looking at the FEC report… it also shows he paid himself $130,000 for explained and undocumented expenses. And the dates are put in as such that he apparently paid himself the money before he loaned himself the money… an impossible situation.

    It’s suggestive of a sloppy and probably overblown campaign. There was an article recently where he had claimed to have already spent $2 million… which is absurd. Why nominate a candidate who goes around telling lies like that?

    Or maybe it’s $2 million in opportunity costs or some other goofy explanation. Again… if this guy is a viable Presidential candidate then maybe someone should contact Professor Dr. Richard Campagna, Ph.D. so he can also get into the race.

  19. globalist_elitist Says:

    Rent a private plane? If you don’t own at least two or three, why the hell are you running for president? Make yourself a better capitalist!

    Okay, I’ve gone too far. But yes, I noticed that a lot of the major candidates were going to be at other state conventions on the same day as Michigan’s.

  20. globalist_elitist Says:

    Austin - Emperor Richard Campagna is too busy being ordained as a super god through becomeasupergodtodayfortwohundreddollars.net

  21. Nigel Watt Says:

    OK, reading this ORDER OF BONARIA (they like caps) website, it’s clear their principles are completely unlibertarian:



    Right, OK




    OH, derka derka derka!

    Time to have fun with this.

  22. ELarson Says:

    I agree with Mr. Phillies that there are various strategies to campaiging and state conventions overlap somewhat like PAs and MIs did in May. However, very few of the candidates are actually travelling to meet with party members. I feel that if you’re running for president and not willing to fly from time to time to meet with delegates, then you’re not very serious or feel that your campaign is so weak you can’t raise enough money on your trip to cover air fare - for president!

    Obviously, people have other obligations, but you’re either running for president or you’re not. That is not to say that those who are running now are bad people or disingenuous but they speak volumes about their effectiveness if they ran as our nominee. (Mr. Phillies was already committed to travel to the PA convention but expressed an interest to attend our convention.)

  23. George Phillies Says:

    Those of you who are curious where I am going or have been may consult my web site at http://www.phillies2008.com/appearances . And if you want to see me speak or hear me interviewed


    That’s more hours than you would get from most other candidates, and I get to handle more interesting—that’s a polite word—people on the telephone, too.

  24. Deran Says:

    Neither “Almanach De La Cour” nor “Burke’s Peerage” list an Order of Bonaria as either a currently extant or from the past.

  25. globalist_elitist Says:

    So elimination of poverty and the ushering in of social equality are anti-libertarian? Okay. Then I guess libertarianism = socialism, because capitalism achieves those goals.

  26. Jeff Spangler Says:

    I think that people are just naturally against Imperato because he is unknown and he is different. Isn’t that why mainstream America has not embraced the Libertarian Party?

  27. Tom Bryant Says:


    I don’t think that the Orden Bonania wants to use capitalism to eliminate poverty. Social equality and capitalism do not mix. If successful businesses have to subsidize unsuccessful businesses in order to maintain equality, you’ve got socialism. Capitalism is all about recognizing that people are unequal in their knowledge, skills, and talents.

    How do you get social equality (not legal equality) from capitalism?

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