Jerome Corsi interviewed on Mark Dankof’s radio show

Jerome Corsi was interviewed today on Mark Dankof’s radio show. Most of the interview concerned the proposed North American Union, the Security and Prosperity Partnership, and illegal alien invasion. However, at the beginning of the third hour Dr. Corsi discussed the Constitution Party, his presidential campaign, and what we could expect from a President Corsi concerning the Middle East: withdrawal from Iraq and no war with Iran.

You can listen here. Mark Dankof is a former Constitution Party candidate for United States Senate in Delaware.

5 Responses to “Jerome Corsi interviewed on Mark Dankof’s radio show”

  1. Richard Winger Says:

    Thank you for posting the link to the Corsi interview. It is very interesting, especially the end of the last hour in which he identifies his 6 key issues in case he does obtain the Constitution Party nomination.

  2. Chris Campbell Says:

    Anyone considering Dankoff for President?? I am open to this. I largely do not trust Corsi past his articles and research.

  3. Richard Cummings Says:

    Go, Mark!

  4. globalist_elitist Says:

    Dick Cummings?

    What’s your real name?

  5. germansee Says:

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