Constitution Party of West Virginia’s resolution on gambling

The Constitution Party of West Virginia recently passed the following resolution:

Whereas, the West Virginia Family Foundation has filed a legal challenge against West Virginia ’s new table games law and,

Whereas, the Foundation argues that voters did not mean to allow casinos in West Virginia when they voted in 1984 to amend the state constitution and allow a “state-run lottery” and,

Whereas, the Foundation also questions how the state can “regulate, control, own and operate” casino games, as the Constitution requires of lottery games - The new law treats table games as the state’s “exclusive intangible intellectual property,”

The Constitution Party of West Virginia supports this effort of the WV Family Foundation and encourages the public participation in any local forums and debates to become informed on the details of this May 23, 2007 hearing.

Additionally, the CPWV asserts that, according to U.S. Constitution, Art. IV, Section 4, the states are guaranteed a “republican” form of government, and that a local-type referendum in only select areas is totally contrary to republican form of government.

5 Responses to “Constitution Party of West Virginia’s resolution on gambling”

  1. Devious David Says:

    So… would CPWV still want a ban on gambling if the government were out of it completely? I agree the government doesn’t belong in there, but it shouldn’t prohibit either.

  2. timothy west Says:

    I like to gamble should I choose. I live 2 miles from the slots. Me and my wife go there to eat lunch a lot because at 10 bucks for unlimited food you cant get better deal in town. We maybe play nickel slots on out of 10 times. We regulate ourselves.

    The biggest problem WV has is a bunch of bible thumpers trying to enforce the morality of a religion I dont believe in upon me. I think I will burn a bible in protest and see if they apply the same standards to flag burning as they do to bible burnings. Kerosene is expensive these days, but WV needs less bible thumping and more educated citizens. Too much church and not enough college.

  3. Timm Knibbs Says:

    One the economic side, gambling in general and specifically the lottery amount to taxes on the poor. Most lottery tickets are purchased in poor zip codes. The people who support most state run gambling also usually want to tax the rich so on this point they are hypocritical.

  4. Cody Quirk Says:

    If West Virginia Constitutionalists don’t want gambling in their state, so be it.

  5. Raybee Says:

    Two of four WV counties have approved table games. Kanawha county stands a 50% chance of approving them too. Much money is being spent on a county level to oppose a positive vote and if they will, they will have to fight it again in two years.

    WV Family has a novel approach. Cut the head from the snake and it will eventually quit wiggling. Overturn the Table Games Act of 2007 in federal court and we start afresh. This time our liberal thinking, inept legislators will then have to convince 51 other counties to approve table games in 2008. This will be much harder to do than target just four counties.

    WV Family Foundation needs donations to help fight the gambling community in federal court. Those of you who don’t want gambling need to support the efforts of the Family Foundation with donations. Once table games gets in, you’ll die before it ever leaves our state. Visit to donate. Encourage others to do the same.

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