LibertyUp is here.

I haven’t been blogging on here as often as I’d like. There’s two reasons for that.

First off, I’ve been trying to rebuild a Hammer of Truth-like community at Last Free Voice. Judging by the currency of the issue, I’d say we need it. This has basically been done openly, and the results are coming in. We’ve had plenty of success in getting the ball rolling and my honest opinion is that we’ll be back at HoT peak levels by this time next year.

Second off, I was working on a secret project. I was working with my friend Joe on something I didn’t want to let anybody know about. You see, promises have been made on libertarian blog aggregators in the past, and I didn’t want to let anyone down in case it didn’t work out. I ended up not having to.

Instead, I can announce to you that the libertarian blogosphere has its aggregator. It has LibertyUp. It’s a blog aggregator with a whole slew of the biggest libertarian blogs out there, and a lot of the smaller ones too. (If we don’t carry yours, let me know!) Reason’s Hit and Run has already taken note of our efforts, to boot. And we’ve got other cool things in the pipeline.

So go on over, register for the forums, bookmark it, and you’ll probably find a lot of cool blogs that you never knew were out there.

5 Responses to “LibertyUp is here.”

  1. globalist_elitist Says:

    Good work, Stu.

  2. Joey Dauben Says:

    Now this “secret project” isn’t anything like Allen Hacker’s “secret plan” now is it? ;)

  3. Trent Hill Says:

    Secret plan to save the universe?

  4. globalist_elitist Says:

    I have a plan: Low tax marginal tax rates, decreased spending, open immigration, free trade, decreased regulation, non-interventionist foreign policy, and inviolate civil liberties.

  5. manusastuden Says:

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