Scottish nationalists strike deal with Green Party

Nationalists on Friday struck a deal to work with Greens in the Scottish Parliament, a week after the pro-independence party won a one-seat victory in elections for the devolved legislature in Edinburgh.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) and the Green Party said they would collaborate in a government “that pursues a progressive programme and which places addressing climate change at the heart of its agenda”.

But the co-operation agreement falls short of a formal coalition deal, as the Greens said they could not move the nationalists on aspects of its transport policy, meaning the SNP is set to rule as a minority government.

In a joint statement, the Greens said they would support SNP leader Alex Salmond for the post of first minister and in return, the nationalists would appoint one of the environmental party’s two lamwakers to a ministerial post.

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14 Responses to “Scottish nationalists strike deal with Green Party”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    Ahh,if only we had a parlimentary legislature.

  2. globalist_elitist Says:

    Isn’t the CP opposed to dudes wearing makeup and kilts like in Braveheart?

  3. Devious David Says:

    LOL… “Alright guys, let’s hear it for independence! But first, rather than talk about that, let’s talk about climate change and all kinds of other dogmatic, collectivistic nonsense.”

  4. sam i am Says:

    Right, there is no climate change. let’s bury our head in the sand.

  5. globalist_elitist Says:

    sam i am- Haven’t you learned by now that science can only be trusted when it gives us the answers that accomodate our pre-existing agenda? Where have you been?

  6. Devious David Says:

    Not to mention that our government grants are at stake if we don’t produce the predetermined results we’ve been told to! For god’s sake, all kinds of expensive government bureaucracies would never be imposed upon us if we can produce studies the give justification for such things!

  7. Devious David Says:

    And thanks for proving my point on being dogmatic.

  8. sam i am Says:

    You proved your own point.

    But just to be clear, are you suggesting that there is no climate change at all, or merely that it is not caused by humans? And, why do you think this, out of curiosity?

  9. globalist_elitist Says:

    Global warming = real.


    Seacreat out.

  10. globalist_elitist Says:

    Climate change = real

    Cause = mostly by humans

    solution = more growth, not more regulation

    science = real

    religion = socialism

  11. Trent Hill Says:

    I dont know.

    Iv read some reports by reputable scientists that say global warming is mostly our fault.

    Iv also read some reports by reputable scientists that say global warming is caused by natural occurences.

    The jury is still out on that one.

    Your face=ugly.

  12. Devious David Says:

    Read up on CFC’s, some of which I am sure are probably bad. But read up specifically on R12 refrigerants. You know the stuff that’s supposed to eat the ozone layer?

    All this stuff is big government, big business garbage. It seems like there is always a big corporation in there that stands to benefit the most. And of course government.

    I am becoming nihilistic towards government. Maybe we should work to help it grow and implode upon itself.

  13. sam i am Says:

    Government is not the booogeyman you think it is.

    Do you believe there is no climate chage at all?

  14. Tom Bryant Says:

    There is climate change, there has always been climate change, and there will always be climate change. The temperature of the Earth has varied between 12 and 22 degrees C. Right now we’re around 15C - on the cold end of the spectrum.

    Temperatures increased when the global warming theory says it should not have (first part of the 20th century), temperatures decreased (1940s-70s’ massive increase in CO2) when the global warming theory says it should have increased.

    There are plenty of scientists on both sides that argue over whether humans are causing it or not. We haven’t been studying climate long enough to get any solid answers. But we have studied it enough to know that it can be used to scare people into going along with a bigger government.

    There are billions of dollars at stake in perpetuating the current GW theory. That’s why it’s sticking around so much longer than it should.

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