Election Results from Texas

From my race:

Waxahachie City Council
Chuck Beatty (I) - 812
Buck Jordan (I) - 661
Joey Dauben - 178

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  1. globalist_elitist Says:

    Better luck next time, Joey. Could people vote for two? And you were the only other one running? If so, at least you gave people a choice.

  2. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Sorry to hear you didn’t win, Joey. I’ve had a couple of very similar looking election results in my past as well…. you’ve just gotta find the right race and the right time and it’ll happen for you.

  3. Kris Overstreet Says:

    In other news, LP Texas chair Pat Dixon, an incumbent member of the Lago Vista city council, was voted out by a 3-1 margin.

    LP Texas vice-chair Kevin Tunstall did better, narrowly losing his race for a city council seat in Missouri City.

    There were several other Libertarians running for city office, but I haven’t got news of them.

  4. Wes Benedict Says:

    My numbers show:

    Lago Vista, Place 1:
    Pat Dixon (I), 443, 41.9% LIBERTARIAN (LP of Texas State Chair)
    Susan Euresti, 614, 58.1%

    Where do you get the 3-1 numbers, Kris?

  5. Sean Haugh Says:

    Thanks for the report Joey. I spoke with Matthew Moseley last night - he got 28%. Win or lose, you Texas candidates make me very proud to be a Libertarian. While the results weren’t what I wanted, there’s still a lot to build upon from this year’s progress.

  6. Bill Wood Says:

    Joey, I would like to echo Sean, you guys are the “Cream of the Party”. Thank you for making a difference!


  7. Wes Benedict Says:

    From an e-mail:——————Subject: No Texas Libertarian wins May 12
    Date: 5/13/2007, 11:22 AM
    From: Wes Benedict

    Our preliminary results show no wins in the May 12, 2007 non-partisan
    elections by Libertarian Party members in Texas.

    The LP of Texas chair and vice chair had strong results with both
    getting over 40%. Unfortunately, Pat Dixon was an incumbent and lost
    his bid for re-election to the Lago Vista City Council.

    I do want to thank all of our candidates, volunteers, and supporters.
    Many of you worked very hard on these elections.

    It’s a rare event when a Libertarian Party member wins an election in
    Texas. Certainly we hope to change that in the future. Yesterday’s
    results in my opinion, can not be interpreted to indicate an overall
    increase or decrease in voter support for Libertarians or the strength
    of the Libertarian Party in Texas.

    Note, these were non-partisan elections. So, the “Libertarian”
    designation did not appear on the ballot, but is indicated below to show
    which candidates were considered to be Libertarian Party members. Also,
    Texas does not have registration by party.

    Here are the preliminary results based on various sources we could find:

    Missouri City, District C:
    Barbara Gibson, 540, 54.4%
    Kevin Dale Tunstall, 453, 45.6% LIBERTARIAN (LP of Texas Vice Chair)

    Lago Vista, Place 1:
    Pat Dixon (I), 443, 41.9% LIBERTARIAN (LP of Texas State Chair)
    Susan Euresti, 614, 58.1%

    Richardson, Place 6:
    Steve Mitchell (I), 4005, 72.5%
    Matthew Moseley, 1516, 27.5% LIBERTARIAN

    Austin ISD, District 2 (unexpired):
    Sam Guzman, 573, 67.9%
    Fred L. McGhee, 66, 7.8%
    Gerald Guerra, 72, 8.5%
    Gary Johnson, 133, 15.8% LIBERTARIAN

    Waxahachie, At-Large:
    Charles “Chuck” Beatty (I), 812, 49.2%
    N.B. “Buck” Jordan (I), 661, 40.0%
    Joseph “Joey” Dauben, 178, 10.8% LIBERTARIAN

    Pine Island, Place 1:
    Clay C. Cole (I), 61, 93.8%
    Michael Haven, 4, 6.2% LIBERTARIAN

    San Antonio, Mayor:
    R G Griffing, 1524, 2.2%
    Julie Iris Oldham, 2097, 3.0%
    Patrick McCurdy, 5611, 8.1%
    Michael Idrogo, 1347, 2.0% LIBERTARIAN
    Phil Hardberger (I), 53553, 77.3%
    Rhett R. Smith, 919, 1.3%
    Eiginio Rodriguez, 4189, 6.1%
    —Wes Benedict
    Executive Director
    Libertarian Party of Texas

  8. Andy Says:

    “Wes Benedict Says:

    May 13th, 2007 at 11:13 am
    My numbers show:

    Lago Vista, Place 1:
    Pat Dixon (I), 443, 41.9% LIBERTARIAN (LP of Texas State Chair)
    Susan Euresti, 614, 58.1%

    Where do you get the 3-1 numbers, Kris?”

    That sucks that Pat Dixon didn’t get re-elected. Oh well, at least he got elected once and made a decent showing in defeat.

  9. Wes Benedict Says:

    Can I post a humorous picture from election day in the comments section? If so, how?

  10. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Sure, just use regular HTML tags to insert the image. Or just link to it.

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