Jason West Defeated in Re-Election Bid

Looks like Green Party mayor Jason West has been defeated in his re-election bid up in New Paltz, NY. Trustee Terry Dungan was elected by a margin of 514 to 379 votes.

From the Daily Freeman...

Jason West, the young mayor of New Paltz who drew nationwide attention for presiding over the unofficial weddings of same-sex couples in 2004, lost his re-election bid on Tuesday.

West was beaten by village Trustee Terry Dungan, 514-379, according to unofficial results announced half an hour after the polls closed.

6 Responses to “Jason West Defeated in Re-Election Bid”

  1. Jason C. Says:

    Thank goodness…

  2. Anthony Distler Says:

    I salute you, Mayor West. New Paltz will be worse off now that you’re gone.

  3. globalist_elitist Says:

    Jason C. - Just so you know, his opponent was way worse. Then again, you’re probably anti-growth too.

    Wow, I’m shocked by this laughable turnout numbers. 379 votes? The dude is like an international celebrity. I think I got more write-in votes for Drain Commissioner on accident last year.

  4. nonpartisan Says:

    Was he really “Green Party mayor”, or was this a nonpartisan office?

  5. Celeste Says:

    Yeah it’s a village election so it’s supposed to be nonpartisan. Except for Jason fundraising via Green Party, Green Party member/former head Black Panthers Elaine Brown endorsing him, Green Party Ralph Nader happening to swing into town last week endorsing Jason and fundraising for him, Green Party volunteers being recruited from all over the state to come to my neighborhood and knock on my door and tell me who to vote for, Green Party national co-chair Rebecca Rotzler (Jason’s Deputy Mayor) also endorsing him, but AT LEAST SHE LIVES HERE. Nonpartisan, give me a break. Oh and the Green Party didn’t get enough votes to be an official party in New York State anymore, that is how all this is still considered “nonpartisan”.

  6. globalist_elitist Says:

    Well, Celeste, if you were offended by the out-of-area support that West generated and used in your community, your recourse was your vote. Obviously, enough people felt like you did to deny West re-election. But this guy Dungan is a moron.

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