New Paltz Election on Tuesday

Green Party mayor Jason West is up for re-election tomorrow in the village of New Paltz, NY. Mayor West is facing some tough competition from Village Trustee Terry Dungan.

The following are a series of videos put up by both candidates that offer a look into this interesting election. First up is Mayor West’s campaign pitch on the issues…

Also on YouTube are…

Students Endorsing Mayor West for Re-Election


Former Black Panther Elaine Brown backing Mayor West

West’s challenger, Terry Dungan, has his own campaign commercial…

Particularly troublesome for West is this former ally’s endorsement of Dungan…

Dungan is also taking issue with West for this video of a fundraiser he held in Brooklyn, suggesting that the Mayor’s campaign is being funded by outsiders.

14 Responses to “New Paltz Election on Tuesday”

  1. Trent Hill Says:


    ...Don Raymond Lake, Doctor Paul Wayne Snyder:

    Is this too right-wing for you?

  2. globalist_elitist Says:

    Maybe this will finally please Dr. John Jacob Jenglehymer Schmidt Wayne Lake Snyder, Jr.

  3. Sonya Says:

    Julia Walsh seems like a bitter bitch who wishes she was as famous as Jason West, so she tears him down instead.

  4. newpaltztruth Says:

    For several months, Julia Walsh has not even lived in New Paltz and is serving as a trustee illegally and planning to vote for Terry Dungan illegally. It says a lot about his character that he is willing to accept her endorsement and support under these pretenses. As for Ms. Walsh, it is just more of the same and not particularly surprising. She has been completely ineffectual during her term and is unable to highlight a single accomplishment that she initiated except for the Carbon Monoxide Law that was passed earlier this month.

  5. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Is Walsh up for re-election this go around?

  6. globalist_elitist Says:

    Interesting. I didn’t like the loony global warming “worst case scenario” stuff he started with, but when it came to housing and business, he was pro-growth. Most Greens are interested in halting development and using communist price controls to provide “affordable housing,” and then they’re baffled when it doesn’t work. He’s talking about increasing development, increasing the housing stock so that rents will come down as a matter of competition. He wants to increase the number of businesses in the downtown - something most Greens would be appalled by.

    But then, he closes by invoking the potential communist greatness of “zoning laws” to “wipe” things we don’t like “off the face of the earth.” Overall? I give West a thumbs up. He appears to be pro-growth.

  7. globalist_elitist Says:

    In fact, West’s opponent sounds more like the conventional Green. He has the hippie folk music in his video and he talks about “planning” and he is clearly anti-growth. “We need to protect our way of life” = high rents, high taxes, no growth.

    Dungan, you suck. You are an elitist tool.

  8. globalist_elitist Says:

    And if I were you, Dungan, I wouldn’t post a video from the inarticulate turncoat, Julia Walsh. She sounds like she is stoned in the vid.

  9. Anthony Distler Says:

    Maybe Mayor West will build a solid gold Dig ‘Em statue in his next term in office.

    Ok, Family Guy jokes aside, I hope West takes this one. In the words of Mike Gravel “These other people frighten me.”

  10. John Chance Says:

    Sisnt this the sodomite lover??? GE/UA would love this town, full of nuts and fruits

  11. John Chance Says:

    Isnt this is what I met to write BTW

  12. globalist_elitist Says:

    I’d love to live anywhere where they mayoral realized that the solution to making affordable housing was to make it easy for there to be MORE HOUSING.

  13. Rev. Dr. Ozymandias Says:

    Yeah, so I would take it by the comments here that we have the opinions of students, for the most part, supporting West. While West’s “vision” may sound quite grand, and he definitely pushes these unformed dreams upon the impressionable constiuency of the college, his actions have in many instances been antithetical to what he preaches. Go to a town board meeting, take a look at what has been done, do some homework. His comments on this video are eerily reminiscent of comments he made a few months ago about New Paltz’s potential as an “eco-tourism destination” in the likes of “Costa Rica” or the “Galapagos Islands”. With such mighty visions and comments such as the one in the video about “wiping out” what he doesn’t agree with, it is apparent that he is no different than the tyrants whose policies he rants against. This is a danger to power, that it can intoxicate beyond the ability for realistic critical thinking, it makes unchecked idealism, which has given us such wonderful people throughout history, on a grander scale, as Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler and George W. Bush. If you demand that your point be heard and acted on in this way, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing a peace symbol or a swastika. Fighting fire with fire is a sure way to annihilate both sides. The opposite approach is a longer one, one in which questions must be asked of everyone, in which all sides of all issues must be considered, in which all opinions must somehow be resloved or amalgamated. Sounds long, boring, and potentially fruitless, eh? Unfortunately it is the only reasonable way to approach things. Gandhi never mentioned wiping things out, nor did he rave like a fascist paranoiac about the world’s problems, and neither did he present some mighty vision for the future. He only called for people to understand themselves, to understand their world, to learn to accept each other. That is where Change comes from. What West is talking about is a futile battle against the symptoms, like wiping the foam from a rabid animal’s mouth. Okay, so these comments won’t be very well liked, but I love this town, and I don’t want a city. I don’t believe, and these are pretty much his own words, that the survivors of some strange apocalypse are going to flee to New Paltz for safety, and I definitely do not believe his obvious unspoken belief that he is going to be the fucking Messiah. He’s a drug-addled fool, and little more, and by this time tomorrow is going to be dangerous to this village if he wins. He yells and curses and VILLAGE BOARD MEMBERS, he does the same to citizens that disagree with him, he takes no cooperation from anyone…That is a tyrant folks, and while I think Terry Dungan is a politician, and that is all that needs to be said, he is at least more sane than West, is able to look with a broader view than West. Remember that Socrates drank that fuckin’ hemlock, because he knew that he couldn’t defy the State. If he did, and had no regard for its processes, than what right did he have to have his own opinions on a new State when he couldn’t abide the laws he already lived under? Think on that one, there’s a lot more Wisdom there than it seems, and for the younger folks, you’ll find that the older you get, the more you understand about that kind of Wisdom. It’s not giving up, it’s not aquiescing, it’s simply realizing that you have to work with even those you disagree with, and with constructs you disagree with, or the idea of Change is a joke, because you’ve become as tunnel-visioned and as intolerant as “they” are. All right, let’s see what happens…

  14. studentredho Says:

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