A Few Announcements…

Hey everyone, I’ve got a couple of exciting announcements to make regarding Third Party Watch.

First off, I’ve decided that this site is now probably large and active enough to go ahead and drop the banner and pop-up ads. Instead I want to seek out a handful of direct sponsors who will pay between $25 and $40 per month to help us cover the costs of bandwidth and to do some actual marketing. To date the site has been breaking even on bandwidth and all marketing has been done out of my pocket… this includes past ads in LP News, Blog Ads, Google AdWords, etc.

You may have already noticed that all of the tradional sized banner ads on the comments pages are now gone. Within a few days, all of the pop-up advertising and the large “BlogAds” box on the right will also disappear.

So, if you’re interested in becoming one of our Charter Sponsors, drop me an email and I’ll fill you in on the details.

Secondly, this week we will start a new series of Q&A posts involving Presidential candidates Steve Kubby and George Phillies. I had contacted both campaigns a couple months ago about organizing some of an online debate. Both responded favorably and answered a round of questions, but things kind of fell apart while trying to do the cross-questioning portion (mostly my fault). I don’t think the debate idea was as easy to put together as I had envisioned. Also during the process other candidates kept jumping into the race, making the notion of a debate less and less realistic. In fairness, I did try contacting Christine Smith and didn’t hear any response from her campaign.

So I said all that to say this, the Q&A that I do have with Kubby and Phillies will be reformatted and presented for your consideration starting this week. It’s interesting reading, and I hope the campaigns aren’t too mad at me for this delay and format change.

If any of the other serious Presidential candidates would like to be interviewed, just drop me an email and I’ll work something out with you.

Finally, if there are any candidates for any election being held in 2007, please contact me as I’d love to interview you for a new series.

P.S. I might also try tweaking the look of the graphic at the top of the page. Please let me know if you like or dislike any changes relating to that. And I’m going to try and make the header graphic a clickable link back to the front page… lots of people have asked for that over the last couple of years. :)

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  1. globalist_elitist Says:

    Oh no, this sounds like another LibertyMix plot. Did Austin see how SVD made off with $10k and decide its time to cash out too? haha, just kidding.

  2. John Dennis Coffey Says:

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home offers these following Facts and Opininons:

    In a world where affection, or MUCH LESS respect, for the Democratic Party and or the GOP is ‘lower than a snake’s belly’ an objective, sincere, wide spectrum, even handed view of Minor Parties, Micro Parties, and True [Decline To State] Independents is sorely needed.

    FACT, not only is Austin Cassidy a registered Republican, but the over all tilt of the site is strongly right wing.

    Long, long term, even legendary Leftist, Consumer Advocate, Centrists, Registered Green, Napa Valley tilter at Establishment wind mills Harry Martin is winding down his news muck raking and elected politician career.

    I mean this guy is the Poster Boy Trouble Maker for Non Democrats and Non GOP. Not one word from the so called Third Party Watch.

    All of the new commentators are right wing. Socialist, Green, Centrist, reformist, Moderates like Sacramento’s Phillip Sawyer are care fully, studiously ignored! NO ADDITIONS FROM THE LEFT OR CENTER!

    Even right wingers with SOME centrist, leftist philosophy have their physical addresses hidden, including the job hopping Libertarian from Northern Georgia.

    Instead of tweaking details and foot notes, get some testoterone and remake the overall atmosphere and flavor of this NEARLY TERRIFIC site. Some FAIRNESS is the most important missing element! Mean while right wing ‘Reports’ continue with the ‘objectivity’ of partisan propaganda!

    Call me: 760.253.2371
    Call Tish Firmiss or Don Lake: 619.420.0209

  3. globalist_elitist Says:

    Have any leftists asked to be contributors? Actually, I think there are a few who are supposed to be, but in typical leftist fashion, they are fucking lazy bitches.

    If you don’t like the site, don’t come. Fuck the “Citizens for More Welfare for Vets and a Bigger Socialist Arm of Government.” Who the fuck are you anyway?

  4. Doctor Paul Wayne Snyder, PhD Says:

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home offers these following Facts and Opininons:

    I have personally peered over John’s and Tish’s and Donald’s shoulder as they type up suggestions on having ongoing contributions of highly educated and or experienced non right wing [what ever that means] commentators. Harry Martin [long term City of Napa Council Member and editor of weekly alternative Napa Sentinel], Lake, and Sacramento Phenom Philip Sawyer are grossly over qualified, non right wing, and IGNORED!

    I have personally dropped off United State Postal Office frankings to FLorida containing articles [and in Harry Martin’s case: entire issues, and in Don Lake’s stewardship of the Reform Party USA’s monthly news letter, entire issues] on anti establishment political commentary.

    Austin Cassidy’s and Third Party Watch’s response: deafening silence!

    Call John Coffey: 760.253.2371
    Call Tish Firmiss or Don Lake: 619.420.0209

  5. Anthony Distler Says:

    I’ve actually asked once to be a contributor to the site, and I didn’t hear a whole lot back. I consider myself as a moderate, but by comparison to the others on the site, I’m pretty left.

  6. Donlale Raymond Lake Says:

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home was formed in May 1998.
    This was after being ignored or betrayed by fake veterans advocates like VFW and American Legion. [Both of these Congressional Charter do little organizations are held in very low regard by veteransparty.us!]

    Two of our worst bad guys insulated corrupt insiders have been Viet Nam Ace and ‘retired’ Congress Member “Puke” Cunningham [nominal Republican]. My fellow U of Missouri alum is now resting in the shade in sunny Tucson, Arizona: as a federal felon!

    Former Governor Gray Davis [nominal Democrat] was initially confronted by Citizens For A Better Veterans Home on December 30th, 2002, in Los Angeles County. In 2003 in Feb, July, August three state wide Dump Davis rallies were held. As a Non Republican—-I was the kick off speaker at all three events.

    Davis became the only the second American governor to be recalled! Ever! And this was after the East Coast press ignored us and the West Coast press continued to warn us that it could not be done!

    Austin, are there lazy non right wing bitches, witches, or itches whom have been selected to contribute but not put forth the effort? Does “Global_Elitest” even begin to know what he - she - it is talking about.

    And veterans, like the only federal employees whom are not allow both retirement and disability payments? Like the DoD and USDVA protecting them selves, their illegal acts, and their contractors [AND EVEN THE CONTRACTORSCONTRACTORS] unconstitutionally via the ‘Feres Doctrine’? Like the unconstitutional and grossly uneven treatment of former military in family court? Like being lied to time and time and time again by the government? Like the lethal programs of veterans hospitals and veterans homes? Those veterans?

  7. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    I’ve actually asked repeatedly to be a contributor to the site. I have also repeated ‘nominated Paul Snyder [not interested], John Coffey [busy with personal stuff], Ivann Greene [no response], Phil Sawyer [physically moving—-but now settling in], and Pennsylvania student Anthony Distler. I didn’t hear any thing back. Even after personal telephone calls.

    I consider myself as a multi striped political animal. I have been the most liberal person in the room. I have been the most conservative person in the room.

    I have a long term belief that long term reform comes from the messy, muddy middle! I consider my self a Radical Centrist! Many folks consider me a moderate,———but by comparison to the others on this skewed, slanted site, I’m pretty left.

  8. timothy west Says:


    If I were you I’d just turn the comments off for 2 weeks and go on about your business.

  9. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    The ‘business” of being a stealth, right wing “Indie” site
    when a fair, moderate, centrist forum is crying for existance?

  10. globalist_elitist Says:

    DRL - If that were Austin’s plan, then so be it. Don’t come to the site. I know it makes communists really mad when they can’t control that which they don’t own. But sorry, communism hasn’t made its way to the web yet.

  11. [email protected] Says:


    What, pray tell, is stopping you from creating a “fair, moderate, centrist forum” yourself?

    (N.B. I mean, other than the fact that your stuff reads like a bureaucratic riff on James Joyce—simultaneously pedantic and incomprehensible)

  12. Trent Hill Says:

    [email protected],

    for once, we agre.

    Lake, Casper the Friendly Ghost, and the rest of the Citizens for a Better Home:

    Feel free to leave if you don’t appreciate the site. Despite the fact that alot of the Commenters are “right-wing”, they often report on the activities on “leftist” or “moderate” groups. So what is the difference?

  13. Tom Gellhaus Says:

    Isn’t it odd that DRL shows up just now? never saw him before myself, and I have been lurking around this site for several months.

    I didn’t actually mind the ads myself, but if the site can make a go without them, go for it !

    Any possibility of getting Doug Stanhope involved in this debate ? I hear he plans to enter the LP race in 3 days…

  14. Trent Hill Says:

    John Dennis Coffey Says:
    Doctor Paul Wayne Snyder, PhD Says:
    Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    I think it is interesting to note that all three of these people use all three names, something that is not often done online. I would say they are probably all one person…

  15. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    Nope, almost 100 anti establishment abused veterans advocates across the pitiful corrupt state of California. Tom, sorry that I am so ‘odd’!

  16. globalist_elitist Says:

    If you’re dumb enough to sign up for the military, you deserve to get abused. Quit whining like a little bitch, you wannabe welfare queen.

  17. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    “DRL - If that were Austin’s plan, then so be it.”

    Hey G_E: So it is more than AOK with you that an elected public official whom, as a registered Republican,
    claims to support broad spectrum anti establishment Non Democrats and Non GOP is promising things [Fairness?
    Objectivity?] which are not being delivered! So that is AOK with you? Because it is not OK with us!


    G_E You over simplified Red Bater: What is the Red Herring of Commie, Commie, Whose got the Commie?
    Besides a room temperature IQ, what is your basic problem, besides attempting to redirect losing arguments?

    Again, Austin Cassidy stated months ago that the commentators were to be expanded, and balanced. Since then,
    only right wingers have appeared; the first one has dropped out of sight, and most of the new, right wing
    commentators have the objectivity of an evanglelist!

    And again, G_E thinks that that is OK!

    Kn…... “[Why can’t Lake] go about ‘creating a “fair, moderate, centrist forum” yourself?’

    Hey Kn….. Why do we have to re-invent the ‘wheel’? I am only calling Austin on his own unprevoked promise!

    Trent Hill: “Despite the fact that alot of the Commenters are “right-wing”, they often report on the
    activities on “leftist” or “moderate” groups. So what is the difference?”

    Hey TH: Maybe the quality AND quanity of the comments, much less the objectivity. Maybe that. Huh? Maybe that!

    G-E: “If you’re dumb enough to sign up for the military, you deserve to get abused. Quit
    whining like a little bitch, you wannabe welfare queen.”

    Hey G_E: DESERVE TO GET ABUSED? Is that the Peleo Libertarian official position? Thx ever so much for
    the final definitive word on ‘Former Military’! We’ll send your comments all around the ether, including
    veteransparty.us and we’ll be quoting you often for years…..

  18. globalist_elitist Says:

    There is no draft. If you join the military, you did so of your own volition. If you have any intelligence or ambition, you wouldn’t risk your life fighting imperialist wars. So don’t whine to me when your dumb ass gets its leg blown off. I don’t care. I have money to make.

    Austin does not have to live up to YOUR perception of “fairness.” He has met our perceptions - right-wing conservative (Trent Hill), libertarian-leftist (Tom Knapp), pro-growth liberal (me). That reprsents a wide spectrum of political thought. Just because he doesn’t meet your nanny-state special interest group’s criteria doesn’t mean anything. Or, it means only one thing: You don’t like the site, leave and create your own. Stop whining. The military is clearly just a refuge of a bunch of momma’s boys who queef in their little knickers when someone on the internet doesn’t give them attention. Wahhh! Wahhh! Wahhh!

  19. Anthony Distler Says:

    Some people fall on the left of the political spectrum. Some people fall on the right. G_E stands over top of it and take a shit on it.

  20. globalist_elitist Says:

    I like that, AD.

  21. Austin Cassidy Says:

    As for any critics of me or this site… it is what it is. I am what I am. This is not even remotely my full-time job or full-time hobby, and I’m frankly as shocked as anyone that so many people actually visit and participate on here. But I try my best and I will continue to do so. As someone pointed out, we live in a (relatively) free market society… competition is healthy, particularly if there’s a group that’s being underserved by TPW.

    Anthony, I do remember you emailing me and I think I just forgot to respond at the time. There were a lot of people asking about contributing and I didn’t have time to follow-up as much as I wanted. Sometimes I need to be hounded about things. So I apologize for that.

    You had mentioned being a member of the Reform Party and I think I was holding out for a member of the Green Party who had contacted me. But for whatever reason he didn’t materialize the way I’d hoped.

    Anyway, you seemed to be a good writer and certainly interested in the topic… so drop me an email again and I promise this time I’ll work with you to get things setup.

  22. Trent Hill Says:

    LMAO! I actually agree with that. GE basically hates everything. And anyone who doesn’t 100% agree….is crazy.

    For the record, I disagree with GE on the Veterans issue. Obviously not everyone who joins the military knows what they’re getting into, and are promised (and entitled to) good care in hospitals.

    However, on the issue of bias….DRL and “Citizens for a One-issue Veterans Party” are REDICULOUS.
    -There are currently 7 threads about “Conservative” groups (from your point of view). This includes Libertarians AND CPers, even though alot of LPers are leftist.
    -There are 3 that are General Statements
    -There are 2 about Independant/Centrist/Moderate parties.

    Really,if you broke it down, it looks more even. LPers account for 3.5 articles and CPers account for 4.5 articles. With the split article being about Chuck Geshlider (or whomever). 3 General Statements. 2 Leftist/Centrist statements.

  23. Trent Hill Says:


    For the record—Your site rocks. I mention to everyone I can.

  24. Jason C. Says:


    Sometimes you go a little over board with your stance. I was following your rebuttal to ‘The Talking Heads” but you once again prove your dip-shitness with your remarks about individuals that make up the military. All most all are fine human beings that have plenty of ambition to boot. Some just choose a different path for various reason - but hardly the case because they are dumb. No one is whining about their decision to serve. So when you direct your cannons at the Three Heads try not to group everyone not involved while your at it.

    I refuse to believe you are as big a prick as you portray yourself to be. If you are in fact that much of a dipshit, I say stick to posting insulting comments like that on the web. If I were you I would never say those things to someones face, especially to someone who has served and risked dieing.

    However, you are right. Those that chose to serve did so on their on judgement and most know what is at stake. Most all do not expect hand outs or pitty from anyone. As a matter of fact most want to be left the hell alone so that they can do their job. Thats why this war is going so bad because to many damn people want to play armchair General.

  25. [email protected] Says:

    Actually, despite being a libertarian, I’d probably find the subject matter addressed by “Citizens for a Better Veterans Home” interesting … if for no other reason than that I’m a veteran myself and may possibly end up a destitute oldster in search of crash space.

    The problem I have isn’t with CfaBVH’s cause or position. Yes, I very well might have a problem with their cause or position if I could tell what the hell that position was … but I can’t. I’ve yet to see a coherent phrase, let alone a meaningful sentence, out of’em.

  26. Trent Hill Says:

    [email protected],

    I actually agree. I can agree that Veterans need better treatment. They deserve as much. I 100% agree that Veterans need better treatment.
    However, it seems this is the ONLY issue important to these people.

  27. Jason C. Says:

    Yeah, I haven’t followed one thought of theirs since they started posting some months back. Everything they post reads like a head line or something.


  28. matt Says:

    You have discovered this site’s underlying editorial bias. Austin is biased towards sentences written in English. That entirely rules out the CfaBVH crowd.


    Keep up the good work on this site. The redesign is excellent, and your hard work is appreciated.

  29. Cody Quirk Says:

    Keep up the good work Austin. This is the BEST third-party news website ever!

  30. globalist_elitist Says:

    Jesus Christ. I was just trying to get the three-headed monster’s panties in a bunch.

    But yes, I do question the wisdom and intelligence of anyone voluntarily joining the military these days. And while I don’t think they should be subjected to Walter Reed treatment, when you say “they were promised and they are entitled” who promised them and who is to pay for these entitelements?

    Obviously, when ripping military men/women in general, I was trying to piss off Lake, et al. I was also making the very real point that the abuses suffered by volunteer soldiers cannot be compared to those suffered by those conscripted into slavery-based service. And ultimately, I am downing the notion of a political party based on the sole idea of more socialism for soldiers. The U.S. military is already the largest socialist bueracracy in the history of mankind; it doesn’t need to get any bigger. People need to take responsbility for themselves and stop demanding “better treatment” from the government. AND FINALLY, the guy is a piece of shit for ripping on Austin and TPW. Don’t like it, leave it.

  31. globalist_elitist Says:

    I’m trying to be the H.L. Mencken of TPW (minus the anti-semitism)

  32. timothy west Says:

    Austin has asked over and over again for leftist/socialist/green party input into TPW, none of which has ever come about, not for lack of him trying.

  33. Trent Hill Says:

    Minus the anti-semitism? That doesn’t sound like the GE I know! Shoot for the stars man! You know you hate the jews (and everyone else)!

    As for Don Raymond Lake, shutup and get out. Austin pours alot of time and effort into this site—and it has served Third Party Politics well. You don’t like it? Sounds like an opportunity to create a competing site.
    If you are too lazy to do that, then keep your high-pitched bitching to a minimum. In fact…keep that to a minimum anyway.

  34. globalist_elitist Says:

    Nah, I leave the anti-semitism to the GP/CP.

  35. Trent Hill Says:

    HAH. GE let me share something with you.

    I sat down at a table in Boise, on that friday night. At my table were 8 people, including 2 area chairmen and another executive committeeman. When I mentioned I had visited Israel once to see family…there were no raised eyebrows. There were no insults. In fact all of them wanted to know more.
    Im not saying there isn’t anti-semetism in the CP.
    Im not saying there isn’t anti-black sentiment in the GOP.
    Im not saying there isn’t anti-white sentiment in the Green Party.
    What i AM saying, is that every party has a few “Saint Michael Jesus the Archangel”s….

  36. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    Tim: Liar! You are either a liar or you have not a clue of which you are talking about! Pennsylvania’s Anthony Distler, Barstow’s John Coffey, Sacramento’s Philip Sawyer, myself [Sandy Ego County, CAlifornia] have all been brought to the attention of TPW —-repeatedly. Austin [a busy dude whom is doing this political service for other than dreams of Bill Gates level personal wealth] dropped the PROMISED moderate - Radical Centrist - socialist - environmental - veterans[?] - Leftist imput!

    First, he out and out [Mea Cupa?] admitted so via reformist college student Distler. Second, look at what has passed as ‘Fair and Balanced’ from the new commentators. Right, Far Right, and Far Far Right from a bunch of Fox News wanna bees!

    Both jcoffey9991911 [Citizens For A Better Veterans Home] and gpcaveterans [green party of california] are full of leftist, socialist, centrist, reformist, populist, moderate stripes. Indeed, the GPCA email addie is a year old attempt by Citizens… to duplicate the 2003 link with the so called Reform Party of CAlifornia and www.reformpartyofcalifornia.org/vetspage.htm.

    Do we want to ban ‘Conservative’ articles or straight news? No, not at all. We want a full spectrum of ammutition against the two headed monster devouring our once great nation. What ever gripes we have agains present and former minor parties, micro parties, and True [Decline To State], it is the Democans and the Republicrats whom have brought us to this sad point in global history!

    The ‘Fair and Balance’ postings from the so called Third Party Right have been wrong and unbalanced and unfair. They are often false. Look at those adverbs and adjectives —-not even the begins of objectivity. And Spiritutial, Religious, Holy propanda. Let your theology spread and perculate at home and temple. Bring it to your politics as part of the package that is you. Don’t use this political site for you religious faith. Use your philosophy for your politics.

    G_E: What is the positive value of malicious ‘blog bating’ of fellow anti establishment types? Bull dog the Dems and GOP, instead! As long as the Non Democratis and Non GOP snipe at each other, the Democans and the Republicrats will continue to sit around the tax payer supported seats of power and influence, smirking and snickering [DESERVEDLY] at us!

  37. Trent Hill Says:


    I don’t care if you put a leftist, moderate, centrist, populist, whatever guy on here. In fact, I encourage it to shut this guy up. But for the LOVE of GOD, do NOT pick Donald Raymond Lake, or any of the other CfaBVH people. They care about only one issue…and can’t form complete sentences!

  38. globalist_elitist Says:

    Yes, it would be totally ridiculous to install someone as a contributor when he/she/they/it have open antipathy to you and the site. It will just be a precedent for others to whine and complain until they too are allowed to contribute.

    Look, the fact is that the Greens are too busy using one square of toilet paper and fucking the sapholes on trees to get online and do anything. The Libertarians are off in their own world being angry about everything and bouncing their anti-growth opinions off walls with one another. This site does its best to cover all third parties, but when most of the contributors are from the far-right parties, obviously, they’re going to have more info on them. What is Austian to do? Pay some leftist in carbon credits? Pay a libertarian in e-gold? The Citizens for More Solider Welfare probably think so, since they think benefits come out of the sky and don’t have to be paid by real people. Well, they do. And if leftists and libertarians aren’t willing to put in the work to be contributors, then this is what we end up with. Love it or leave it.

  39. timothy west Says:

    Tim: Liar!

    New Contributor: Cody Quirk
    Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

    We’ve got ourselves another new contributor in the form of Constitution Party member Cody Quirk. He’ll be along shortly to introduce himself.

    Still looking for a willing Green blogger (or SOMEONE on the left) to help round out Third Party Watch’s coverage. Drop me an email if you’re interested…

  40. matt Says:

    I can’t speak for the entire CP, but I have it on good authority that at least one of Trent Hill’s facebook friends is half-Jewish.

  41. Trent Hill Says:

    HAHAHAH. Nice Matt.

    Actually I have a few friends who are “very” jewish. As in, practicing jews. I have a freind who is a messianic jew…talk about confusing religion.

  42. Donald Raymond Lake Says:

    Complete Sentence One: Dearest Timothy, once again you completely ignore that Austin Cassidy himself has admitted to slighting reform minded Pennsylvania college student Anthony Distler some months ago.

    Complete Sentence Two: You then completely ignore THE FACT that Mister Cassidy is the site owner while you assign or accept or mandate the task of expanding the spectrum of the site to Mister Cody Quirk.

    Complete Sentence Three: The following [in quotation marks] is what we have always received upon attempting to access Mister Cody Quirk’s email responder

    “The address isn’t valid The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded. * Web addresses are usually written like this http://www.example.com/ * Make sure that you’re using forward slashes (i.e. /).”

    Complete Sentence Four: For the good of the Anti Democratic Party and Anti GOP movement, could you please tell us why Mister Austin Cassidy should pay more attention to glad handlers and happy talkers than to honest and open allies whom see fit to correct short commings?

    Complete Sentence Five: Tim, would you not agree that if you want reliable transportation that it is better to listen to the mechanic rather than the sales staff?

    Complete Sentence Six: Tim, would you not agree that Citizens For A Better Veterans Home [unlike some other so called third party activists] has always made criticism of the two headed partisan political monster eating our once pround nation from the inside out as our steady, major, on going thrust?

    Complete Sentence Seven: Dearest Timothy, down here at the sushi bar we await your reply/ replies with ‘baited breath’!

  43. Trent Hill Says:

    Don Raymond Lake,

    You graduate to 3rd grade.

  44. matt Says:

    Numbering your sentences is no substitute for writing congently.

  45. Daniel Ong Says:

    Austin, thank you for maintaining this blog. I have one minor criticism of changes, however: the links at top of individual post pages to previous and next posts no longer appear. I liked those as they made it easier to navigate posts to view full posts with comments that are consecutive. I’ve noticed fewer and fewer blogs using them, though. A comment preview might be nice also, or at least a reference as to how to include links within comments (every blog seems different).

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