Rick Jore Asks Montana Governor to Veto SB 270

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On April 27, the last day of the Montana legislative session, Rep. Rick Jore saw Governor Brian Schweitzer for a few minutes to ask him to veto SB 270, the bill that moves the petition deadline for independent candidates (for office other than president) from June to March. Governor Schweitzer said he would look at the case law.

4 Responses to “Rick Jore Asks Montana Governor to Veto SB 270”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    Rick Jore is the best statesman in Montana. Period.

  2. Andy Says:

    If this bill passes, all of the legislators that voted for it as well as the govenor ought to be forced to go out and collect petition signatures in the winter. Let them see what it’s like to stand outside all day in the freezing cold asking people - many of whom are apathetic or hostile - to sign a petition. If these legislators and the govenor were forced to do this themselves for a few weeks in the winter it would probably change their minds.

  3. Kurtis Oliverson Says:

    Amen, Andy!

    I wish that I had a dollar for every time someone at their doorstep expressed shock and horror that the two major parties have forced us other parties to do such a ridiculous thing. Getting those petitions in by JUNE has been really hard, let alone by MARCH! (And I’ve done very little, compared with the likes of Rick himself and the Martin family.)

    This is purely a response by the two major parties to Rick Jore having gotten elected through all of his hard work and a good measure of Providence. All that it shows me is that the two major parties are SCARED and are seeing the writing on the wall!

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