Chuck Geshlider

Nothing invokes discussions about clean elections quite like Chuck Geshlider. Many Libertarians and more recently, Constitution Party activists from Nevada to Texas, know this New York-accented firecracker.

However, his blunt and abrasive style cost him quite a few allies in the Free Town Project in Grafton, New Hampshire several years ago.

He most recently served as my very-temporary campaign manager—still in that capacity long enough for the damage to take effect—and is now back in Odessa, Texas, where he moved to in 2001.

If anyone has any stories about Chuck Geshlider—good or bad—feel free to post them.

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  1. Trent Hill Says:

    I hear he had expressed interest in the VP candidacy of the CP.

    He’ll never get it.

  2. HCLP Says:

    He came through Chattanooga, TN several years ago in an attempt to take over the Hamilton County Libertarian Party… scared some people half to death…

    Traveled with a woman and a lot of dogs.

    Libertarians from coast to coast warned us to stay far far away from him.

  3. Jason C. Says:

    I know nothing about him…Is he some how connected to Gene Chapman? Or are they two totally different animals?

    What has he done to be so infamous? I’m curious.

  4. Mo K. Says:

    To ad to the previous comment via. “HCLP Says:”... Chuck promoted the creation of a “Libertarian Money Pool” to use for supporting Libertarian Candidates nationwide. There weren’t enough checks or balances to safeguard the system, and we (the H.C.L.P.) were advised by other Libertarian affiliates to stay away from him; and we did.

  5. Jackcjackson Says:


  6. LarryDunjan Says:

    I knew him from the Odessa area. Raymond I mean Chuck is the best man I’ve ever known. He is a masculine, aggressive, hardworking choleric and he cooks up a most excellent Texas barbecue. If I had any kids I could trust him with them. They’d love the bastard.

  7. LarryDunjan Says:

    In the summer of 2002, He chastised fellow Libertarians from Lubbock for celebrating a failed election bid. His questions on why their loss was accepted as a victory ruffled a few feathers. He was totally rejected by them for doing that.

  8. matt Says:

    A little googling appeared to reveal 3 things:

    A) A focus on the concept of “fair and clean elections”, by which he means hand-counting paper ballots in public. A willingness to run negative ads in city council races accusing his opponents of rejecting the same for corrupt reasons.

    B) A past association with Transhumanism that ended in mutual lawsuits between him and the head of a Transhumanist group. Apparently the lawsuits were accompanied by a lot of bad blood and some claims of destruction of property.

    C) Association with the Free State Project and the less popular Free Town Project. The latter apparently ended badly with the group ending up split and the town’s natives alienated. At one point he advocated moving the Boston Red Sox to NH as a catalyst for the economy. Apparently he was serious.

  9. globalist_elitist Says:

    This one time, at band camp, Chuck Geshlider shoved a tuba up his ass.

  10. TR Says:

    Check the link above.
    There’s a whole list about his exploits. I think you have to join the list to read it all maybe.

    Chuck’s apparently quite a lad.

  11. Third Party Watch » Blog Archive » Louis Charles = Chuck Geshlider Says:

    [...] Just for those who are curious to know, the person posting in all of the Ron Paul groups as Louis Charles is in fact Chuck Geshlider. Those in the LP, CP and RLC camps know of Geshlider. He’s planning to crash the party at the Straw Poll next week, so I suggest we have a security detail just for the case that this guy is a lunatic. He’s already being blocked by many. So, for those who don’t know about Geshlider, here’s what TPW published on the matter. But there’s more. A lot more. [...]

  12. Amber Says:

    Holy cow! This guy is a complete dick! He’s infiltrated one of the Dallas (TX) meetup group for Ron Paul and has spammed us with disrespectful, distasteful emails. He also goes by the name Louis Charles.

    I would not even wish Hillary Clinton the displeasure of having to interact with this creature.

  13. proliberty100 Says:

    LC joined our meetup group and when he did, I left and could no longer participate because of his obnoxious crap. Then he joined most of our SC Ron Paul forums and I’m leaving those too. His posts are filled with flirts (which even though I’m a man, that still bothers me because many of the women on the forum are married), insults, long, incoherent, disconnected, miscellaneous ramblings about who knows what, arrogrant diatribes about everyone’s lack of spine or other body parts. Basically, as long as he’s involved… many people will be scared off.

  14. Mr John A. Estes, II ( Says:

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  15. Steve Yantis Says:

    Chuck was a very major inspiration in founding of the Constitutional Rights Enforcement Team (The C.R.E.S.T.). which also gave birth to the We The people Coalition.
    Chuck is a fine patriot and I am very proud to have been aquainted with him. Keep up the good work, Chuck! - QSD

  16. Steve Yantis Says:

    I will investigate the allegations regarding, Chuck. It has been close to four years now since we have had any contact so I don’t really know where his head is at this time. The last I knew, it was straight up on his shoulders and I find it very hard to believe that he would be opposed to our beloved patriot and candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, whom I whole heartedly support, in word, deed and financially.

    In Liberty,

    Steve Yantis


  17. Gene Trosper Says:

    Chuck is insane, pure and simple. Back in 2000, he pushed his way into our LP group in Riverside, California and caused untold havoc. Yes. The man had some good ideas, but his methods and means of communicating were beyond the pale. He even threatened to beat up an older woman in a restaurant parking lot after a meeting. The woman just happened to be our county Registrar of Voters.

  18. gnosticgreg Says:

    I was part of a clean election action that took place at the Iowa straw poll. After driving across the country and putting a lot of money, sweat and time in the project. LC berated me and some of the other activists of being naive and not having any heart. This from a man who sat on his ass while we were out in the field doing what he advocates.
    I almost bounced him from the meetup (at the encouragement of several members) but fortunately he stopped posting to that list on his own.

  19. Bonnie Says:

    Chuck is very agressive and abrasive, but there is no one more determined than he to create a liberty district. When he is not on the liberty districts web site, most activity is stopped. People are easily distracted. When he begins posting again, people become motivated. He becomes impatient with people who waste time. He is harsh when trying to motivate people at times, but he succeeds in inspiring them to work on the freedom movement. Without him, there would probably would not be much of a push towards liberty districts. If you can refrain from wearing your emotions on your shoulder and overlook the abrasiveness and use his talents, great things can be accomplished. When people become angry at him, they simply focus on him and stop making good progress on their liberty projects. Those people are weak. We need true leaders and people of great character in this country to push the liberty movement forward. Those people are not the ones who are focusing on complaining about Chuck in a public forum.

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