Yet Another “Candidate” Reality Show

Apparently MySpace and Mark Burnett want to launch some sort of American Idol type show to pick an “independent Presidential candidate.” This sounds kind of stupid to me. Like some sort of a pop culture, nonsense version of Unity ‘08 I guess.

I also share Richard Winger’s suspicion that Wayne Allen Root is somehow involved (or wants to be involved) in this project.

Hard to imagine how the $1 million prize can be donated for use by the candidate on his supposed campaign. Also in question would be gaining ballot access in all 50 states, not exactly an easy feat. And finally, the show doesn’t even have a major TV network backing it yet. If this winds up on FX or Showtime or some second or third level media outlet, I really wouldn’t expect it to move beyond a simple beauty contest with no concrete participation in the political process. Sort of like American Candidate.

From USA Today...

The online social networking site and reality TV producer Mark Burnett are teaming to launch the search for an independent presidential candidate.

The political reality show Independent comes with a $1 million cash prize. But there’s a catch: the winner can’t keep the money.

The prize can be used to finance a legitimate run for the White House or can be given to a political action committee or other cause.

Contestants in the show, set to launch in early 2008, will meet the public and interact with supporters, protesters and others. An interactive “town hall” will give MySpace users and TV viewers a chance to rate their performance.

The show does not yet have a commitment from a TV network.

Potential candidates will audition for the show by submitting a video. Once the contestants are chosen, they will set up MySpace profiles to serve as their campaign headquarters.

The hope is that the show, with its Internet component, will engage younger voters in the political process.

“Through this new network television series and the partnership of MySpace, we’re going to discover in a big way, what America really thinks, and bring to light the issues that are closest to those who now finally have a chance to be heard,” Burnett said.

MySpace is a unit of Fox Interactive Media, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

5 Responses to “Yet Another “Candidate” Reality Show”

  1. Bill Wood Says:

    Interesting! No comments yet on this story.

  2. Trent Hill Says:

    That is because we are ALL so angry that it’s happening.

  3. globalist_elitist Says:

    I’m not angry. I think it’s cool. American Candidate was a fun show. What is there to be angry about?

  4. Bill Wood Says:

    A million dollars and about 8 weeks of PR, hmmmm, doesn’t sound bad at all.

  5. Dane Rodriguez Says:

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