Two LPers Win Kansas Races

Some good news from Rob Hodgkinson, the chair of the Kansas Libertarian Party. He reports that 2 of 4 Libertarians won their nonpartisan races during the recent round of local municipal elections. His email follows…

Good News on the election front for Kansas Libertarians. We had four candidates in the April general election that did very well. These are “non-partisan” races so they did not have a (L) following their names.
They are LP’ers nonetheless.

We were 2 for 4 in those reaching the general election, electing Mike Wilson to the United School District Board of Education in Salina and re-electing Larry Manes to the Allen County Community College Board of Trustees.

Waging valiant yet losing efforts were Karl Peterjohn for the Board of Education in Wichita, Lorraine Fisher Koneczny for the Johnson County (KS) Community College Board.

With more strong Libertarian candidates for races coming next year, we are looking forward to more reports of Libertarian election winners. So far, the early results have proven that if we promote candidates with strong records of community service and experience relevant to the positions they seek, Libertarians can win the majority of elections we contest.

Please look into joining your local communities by filing the necessary paperwork and participate in local boards and commissions - it does help the credibility of the Libertarian Party, (and you as a candidate and activist).

A letter from Mike Wilson below is Mike’s assessment of his race.

Congratulations Mike and Larry on WINNING at the local level in Kansas!

Rob Hodgkinson
Chair - The Libertarian Party of Kansas

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  1. Rob Hodgkinson - Chair LPKS Says:

    I have been asked about the reference to Mike Wilsons letter - below is that letter.



    Kansas Libertarians:

    I was elected to a four-year term on the USD 305 Board of
    Education, which includes the city of Salina with a population of
    perhaps 47,000.

    The school district has about 7,100 students and the budget for
    the 06 - 07 school year is more than $97,000,000.

    There were 6 candidates for 4 positions; I was the fourth highest
    with 2,687 votes (16.7 %). City - wide about 17.1% of registered
    persons voted, which is typical in Salina for a local contest.

    My campaign efforts included:

    1. Placing about 40 yard signs throughout the city. These were
    remaining from my campaign for state representative several years
    ago. I cut off the “state rep” text and the signs then read “Vote Mike Wilson”. This
    seems to work in a moderate population city since there were only two races, city commission and board of education, and people knew which race I was in. When designing new signs, omitting the office name allows a larger font for the candidate’s name and the sign can be read easier at a distance. Also, the signs can be used in the future for other campaigns. Another candidate used this technique and was re - elected.

    2. Attending numerous functions and distributing campaign cards. This was important in that I talked to people in person and they came to know me slightly.

    3. Walking my neighborhood and distributing campaign cards. Since I have lived at the same address for about 23 years these people almost certainly voted for me.

    4. Interviews on radio and in the newspaper, and presentations on community access television. The local media were very fair and give equal free time to all candidates. I am told that I project a good image on radio and television. I received a moderate endorsement from the editor of the local newspaper. This was important since many voters don’t know the candidates and rely upon the editor’s recommendations.

    5. Placing a small ad in the newspaper for four days the week before the election.

    Two Salina political activists, who I have known for years, but are not Libertarians, helped a little with my campaign. One local Libertarian helped a slight amount. I spent slightly less than $500 and therefore filed no financial report.

    My campaign web site address is

    Why did I win?

    I have 35 years teaching experience in higher education and am a retired Kansas State University at Salina associate professor.

    Having lived at the same address for about 23 years and being a community activist, especially since May, 05 when I retired, I am known to many people, including city and county leaders, persons in my church, people in my neighborhood, etc.

    Two major appointed positions I hold are:
    Member of the Board of Zoning Appeals for the city of Salina since summer, 2003.
    Member of the Planning and Zoning Commission for Saline County since December 2003.

    Also, I am Involved with other community groups.


    Since this was a non - partisan race, most people who voted for me didn’t know that I was a Libertarian, but many knew me from my community service.

    In a low profile race such as this, most voters don’t know the candidates, perhaps that is why so few vote. But if they know and respect a candidate they probably will vote for him or her even if they are not familiar with the individual’s qualifications for the office.

    Serving in appointed positions on boards and commissions is an excellent way to demonstrate that you are concerned about community issues and city leader’s commissioners, heads of departments, etc.) will come to know and respect you. They readily admit that citizen involvement is necessary in solving the community’s problems.

    I can use my office, in a subtle way, to show the public that Libertarians are reasonable people.

    See you at the State Convention.

    Mike Wilson, Deputy Coordinator
    1st Congressional District
    Libertarian Party of Kansas
    [email protected]
    785 - 825 - 6694

  2. globalist_elitist Says:

    This is good news for sure. But what the party really needs is some younger people to win these offices so that they can be built upon. People 50+ winning nonpartisan races is good, but it doesn’t really advance the party all that much.

  3. Eric Dondero Says:

    That is excellent news. Congratulations Kansas Libertarian Party!

  4. Michael H. Wilson Says:

    From this Michael H. Wilson to Mike Wilson a real winner.
    WAY TO GO!

  5. [email protected] Says:

    Way to go, Jayhawk Libertarians!

    It’s especially nice to see Libertarians getting RE-elected to office. Three may or may not be “shortcuts to the top,” but we can’t count on it. Any shortcut is unforeseeable and not something we can just magically make happen. We need to keep electing Libertarians, re-electing those Libertarians, and moving those Libertarians up the ladder.

  6. ralph Says:


    His how-to is exactly what the LP Political Director Steve Gordon, Mr. Phillies, Mr. West and the authoritarian whackjobs at the Libertarian “Reform” Caucus (and Third Party Watch) have denounced as a recipe for losing when it was described by one of the LP founders, M. Gilson De Lemos. He was accused of brainwashing because he offered the first seminar on how to do effective activism and get in office where people got trained on actual Libertarian policy successes, and even being a GOP plant luring Libertarians from ‘credible’ campaigns where they spent big money and made ‘transitional’ proposals that increase government, thus stabbing local activists in the back.

    Gilson’s study, done with Ron Crickenberger, the previous LP Political Director, of how Libertarians actually won elections and got appointed was to stop worriying about big funding so beloved by LP national and get out signs, stay on message, focus on local issues, work with educators and activists, develop a record, build a following and run several times, springboarding advisory into elective office.

    Gilson is also the first Libertarian elected in office, has held more public office positions than any Libertarian, has founded Libertarian groups around the world, and presently leads an LP affiliate with many people in office…and more proportionate to population size than most LP STATE parties. His findings were no surprise to actual Libertarians who actually get in office. But what do they know?

    Crickenberger was meanwhile subjected to a defamation campaign and forced to resign after they took him off his duties that had expanded candidates, people in office, and members 10-fold as being ‘too radical’ and, after firing the fundraising staff, putting him on clerical fund-raising duties.

    Meanwhile LP national now praises candidates who call for ‘necessary’ government intervention, shifting tax money around for pet projects, national mandatory health plans, who say they’re conservatives, post racist remarks, and call for ‘religious government’ with a death penalty for all killing. And in one year party membership, accoprding to its own reports to members, has gone down 85%, candidates 60%, and has stopped reporting how many people are in office on its website since people in office by over half. Their last report more or less admits that nearly two thirds of their state affiliates are non-functional. They’re being taken over and looted with the national party’s apparent blessing by Constitutionalists, GOP troublemakers, Homeland Security stooges, or worse according to the few independent e-groups left.

    It says something that officers of one of the main affiliates that particpated in the study are used in a photo to urge people to donate to national. After national reneged on a promise to send materials to their local d-base.

    All this achievement since July 2006.

    Republicans are using the new ‘Redneck Platform’ created by the Reform Caucus to get Libertarians out of office by claiming the LP no longer supports tax reduction, as happened in Florida.

    Libertarians are leaving the national LP in droves, or working through local parties the national LP is trying so hard to kill off by chocking off funding, reneging on promises, a dysfuntional d-base, and promoting non-Libertarian candidates on its tracker site who want to execute people who unintentionally kill someone. No wonder they’ve stopped reporting salaries and minutes on the LP site, and people complain whoever asks to many questions gets a barrage of hate e-mails.

    As one Lib in office to another: Good for Mr. Wilson, and good luck.

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