New CP contact for Alabama

Recently a new contact was added on the Constitution Party website for the state of Alabama, which previously had a another CP affiliate brake away from the Party a while ago.

Richard Rutledge is a former Republican and Christian Coalition endorsed 2006 candidate for State House District 58.
Richard is a real estate agent and does community service for the city of Birmingham and his own neighborhood. Richard also had made restricting Eminent Domain a major issue in his last campaign.

Richard joins a growing list of Constitutionalists that have reactivated and are reorganizing the CP in those states that broke off after a dispute over the Independent American Party, a Nevada affiliate of the Party.

2 Responses to “New CP contact for Alabama”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    YAAAY! Im glad. This guy sounds real proactive.

  2. womanglasssi Says:

    kitchen juicy ugly this

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