I’ve Been Busy…

I’ve had a few people ask if I’ve lost interest in TPW or slowed my posting on purpose. The truth is that I’ve been working as hard as I can on a City Council campaign here for one of my friends. The election is on Tuesday and it’s been taking almost all of my free time.

Immediately following the election I have to write a grant proposal for my position on the local Soil and Water Board (they elected me Treasurer… more work… ugh).

So I’ve not been intentionally neglecting this site, it’s just been really hard to handle everything at once. Once things have quieted down a bit, I fully expect to return to normal on here.

But for right now it’s 2:40am and I just finished helping repair some giant signs that were torn to pieces by the opposition. This has been a heck of a tough campaign and I need to be awake and out waving at traffic by 7am at the latest. So I’ll have to say good night. :)

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  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    No problem Austin.

    Here’s some enticing stories you might have missed in your absense:

    Two Libertarians won election to a newly created Town Council in Loxahatchee Groves in Palm Beach County, FL last Tuesday.

    Wayne Root “blew them away” at the National Libertarian Party Conference last weekend in Orlando. He’s now the odds on favorite for the nomination.

  2. Trent Hill Says:


    How did he “blow them away”. What was the response? Who else was there? Give us the details man.

  3. matt Says:

    Wow, Austin,

    You have been busy. But you’re busy doing a good thing and it’s making a difference. Keep up the great work!

  4. undercover_anarchist Says:

    “Odds-on favorite.” hahahaha. Where are the Vegas odds? Even Root wouldn’t bet on himself. He has literally no chance of winning the nomination, you douchebag.

  5. matt Says:

    what he said.

  6. Chuck Says:

    Eric, I wasn’t there at the conference but I did check out the candidates forum on the latest edition of LP news. I am quite impressed by Wayne Root. He does make a convincing case for wanting to be the nominee and his positions seem to be well into Libertarian territory. I specifically agreed with his stance on withdrawing from Iraq, etc.

    I was a Stanhope man but now I’m undecided. I guess it’s going to take the debates at the convention for me to make my choice. But in the end, whomever the party nominates, they have my vote.

  7. globalist_elitist Says:

    Chuck - Is there somewhere we can check out the forum? Thanks.

  8. Chuck Says:

    Globalist - Nope, sorry. If I had a scanner, I would’ve scanned the paper and e-mailed you some excerpts from the forum/debate/etc. High time for me to buy a scanner/

  9. Eric Donfascist Says:

    I was more of a Christine Smith man until I discovered she is not actually the Playmate I’ve been jerking off with but a 40 year old with bad teeth.
    Now I’m for Wayne Root because he makes a lot of sense as far as I can tell.

    Wayne Allyn Root totally blows me away too! I mean he blows so much I can’t help but teeter, sway, and get swept off my feet like a schoolgirl!

    I didn’t think I could feel this way about a man before. Except maybe Arnold Scwarzenegger, I mean. Well I used to totally beat my meat in the bathroom after my boss Ron Paul would spank me, but that was before he became an Islamo-Fascist.

    I mean, I’m so totally not gay, even though I like to watch other men creampie in my wife and then eat her our right after before she can douche.

    We need a blow dried Republican blowhard on blow, blowing people away all over the world, or possibly Donald Trump or Ted Nugent, running as a Libertarian in 2008.

    Unless of course Rudy gets the Republican nomination in which case we should just endorse him. That’s a sure bet in my book. The odds are definitely Swinging his way especially since the Cross-Dressing photo has been on more Top web sites.

    Speaking about up and cummers.

    I think Asher Heimermann sounds like a budding Mainstream Libertarian.

    I think probably pretty soon he will start to get girls which will mean two things.

    First of all he will become pro choice because he will not want to be responsible for taking care of a child yet, but sex without a condom is more fun.

    And second he will become more in favor of Operation Iraq Liberation because he will want to have a chance to impress girls. Everyone knows chicks dig a man in uniform. Plus it will allow him to earn money for college.

    I think it is encouraging that he is a Republican and likes Rudy Giuliani.

    Positions like Pro free trade and Anti Crime clearly establish him as a Mainstream Libertarian.

    Being concise, to the point, logical and pro Community Action clearly shows he is Presidential.

    If Wayne Allyn Root and Rudy Giuliani have both used up their 8 years each by 2032 I say we give Asher a chance.

  10. Chuck Says:

    If Root is a “world class” speaker and a media magnet as he claims - and he is moderately (at least) within the Libertarian quadrant, he has my vote. We do need someone with money to get our message across - but I do admit that if they are not even close to Libertartian, it would be absolutely pointless. That is why I am waiting until the debates to see where he honestly stands.

    But like I said - we have a good crop of candidates. Kubby, Phillies, Stanhope….

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