Winona LaDuke Discusses Her Work

The Oregon Daily Emerald has an interview and profile of Winona LaDuke, the 1996 and 2000 Green Party nominee for Vice-President. In the piece she discusses her motivation and work on behalf of Native Americans and other groups.

In a lecture Tuesday, two-time vice presidential candidate and founder of the White Earth Land Recovery Project Winona LaDuke discussed her motivations for creating change - the cultural teachings of her people and lessons she has learned as a mother.

LaDuke, an Oregon native, graduated from Harvard University with a degree in economic development and now lives on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota. She ran as the Green Party’s vice presidential candidate in both 1996 and 2000. On Tuesday evening, she spoke about her motivations, her work and ways to effect change to about 200 people in 180 PLC in an event hosted by the ASUO Women’s Center.

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3 Responses to “Winona LaDuke Discusses Her Work”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    Who said we dont talk about the Greens?

  2. Joey Dauben Says:

    It’s kinda like David Duke and Lyndon LaRousch put together ay?

  3. Trent Hill Says:

    Larouche* but yea,same strain of indivudual.

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