Mississippi Greens and CP Field Candidates

Both the Green and Constitution Parties are running candidates for the Mississippi state legislature this year. From Ballot Access News...

Mississippi holds all its elections for state office in the odd years that are one year before presidential election years. State legislators in both houses have 4-year terms, and they are all due in the same year. Therefore, Mississippi only has legislative elections once every four years, and 2007 is such a year.

Filing has already closed for the primaries. The Constitution Party has nine candidates for the legislature, and the Green Party has two candidates for the legislature. This is the largest number of minor party candidates for the Mississippi legislature since 1923, when the Socialist Party had legislative candidates.

The Constitution Party this year also has one statewide candidate in Mississippi. He is Paul Leslie Riley, for Commissioner of Agriculture and Commerce.

In Mississippi, although all qualified parties nominate by primary, no primary is actually held if there are no contests. Therefore, the Green and Constitution Parties won’t actually hold a primary, since in no case are two members of these parties running against each other in the primaries of those parties.

30 Responses to “Mississippi Greens and CP Field Candidates”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    10 Candidates for Mississippi CP? WOW.

  2. SovereignMN Says:

    Is Mississippi expected to disaffiliate?

  3. George Phillies Says:

    Where are the Libertarians? (Mind you, I know the report is accurate.)

  4. Cutty Sark Says:

    Pretty damn dead in Mississippi from what I heard.

    That could be a good place for you to make a stop on your “reviving local parties” tour.

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    True. Phillies, if you can revive the party in Mississippi, im sure they’d give you their nominating vote. =)

    Mississippi is expected to TALK about dissafilliating. It is also expected to fail.

  6. Anthony Distler Says:

    I didn’t know there WERE third parties in Mississippi, especially a leftist party like the Green Party. That’s impressive for both parties.

  7. Mike Indiana Says:

    With easy ballot access (in Mississippi a party only needs to be organized in order to appear on the ballot) there should ideally be quite a few more third party candidates (don’t get me wrong 12 is a good statr). I find it rather amazing that the 12 running in 2007 is the most there has been in the state since 1923.

    Furthermore what is the level of activity going on in the libertarian party of Mississippi- I find it strange that the party was unable or unwilling to run any candidates in 2007

  8. Chris Campbell Says:

    SOunds good, hoping the South would wake up to the Linconesque Bush/GOP and stop waving the Made in Chinese Forced Labor Camp American flags.

  9. William Potter Says:

    Oh, The South will eventually wake up to the tricks of the GOP.
    I am here personally kicking Dixie in the ribs and shouting “Awaken before it is too late!” :)
    As of this date there is no JRP, Mississippi but we are working hard to change that in the near future.
    William Potter
    Jefferson Republican Party, Alabama

  10. undercover_anarchist Says:

    “The Green Party of Mississippi’ is just absurd. That would be like having “The Monogomist Party of Utah” or “The Non-Mulefucker Party of South Carolina,” etc.

  11. Trent Hill Says:

    UA, shutup.

  12. matt Says:

    You crazy, Trent.

    UA wrote the book on Mississippi.

  13. Sean Scallon Says:

    Organizing non-major parties in the South is never, especially if they are not offshoots of the majors. Having a weak Democratic Party in the state vs. a strong GOP gives non-majors like the CP and the Greens the chance to make an impact.

  14. Otto Kerner Says:

    Obviously, having a strong Green party in Mississippi doesn’t imply that the overall political climate there is favorable to Greens. Presumably, it’s the opposite: the Greens are organised by a tiny minority, but that minority is especially disgruntled by the local political mainstream.

  15. Winston Smith Says:

    Trent and Matt,
    UA largely talks to hear himself. He lives to spew filth and venom. Maybe he is possessed, who knows.

  16. matt Says:

    UA can say whatever he wants for whatever reason he wants, and we will still have no logical basis to suggest he is posessed.

    At best, it’s impolite.

    Furthermore, he’s funny sometimes. Can you find anywhere in the Christian tradition where the devil or any of his minions are described as funny?

    Maybe you’re joking, though. If so, UA is funnier than you are.

  17. matt Says:

    There’s a book I’d buy, Cutty.

    Raoul Duke could have fun down there if anyone could.

  18. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Possessed? Yes, possessed by a love for pro-growth capitalism and an immense distaste for everything in its way.

  19. Trent Hill Says:

    ““The Green Party of Mississippi’ is just absurd. That would be like having “The Monogomist Party of Utah” or “The Non-Mulefucker Party of South Carolina,” etc.”

    And how does that comment encourage capitalist growth?
    In fact,it seems to oppose the basic tenant of capitalism. You seem to have an overt problem with any third party being taken seriously. Do you WANT only two parties on the ballot? Because that isnt very capitalist.
    Everyone on this forum is quite capable of doing their own research,so why do you try and extend your hand to their minds? If someone mentions the CP, im sure they can do their OWN research to determine wether it is a pro-liberty, constitutionalist, group or a “Mulefucking” party. If someone mentions the Greens, im sure Jimmy Crackedcorn or Cindy Loowho can do their own research and draw their own conclusions, get it?
    You seem to only present the Republicans and Democrats as pertinent choices, and even that is incorrect—you reject the Republicans as neo-fascists. So, to you the Democrats are the only group worth voting for? Perhaps we should have a one-party ballot like China? Does that suit you UA?

  20. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I want a multiplicity of parties. I just wish there were a capitalist party.

    You see, a fasicst like Trent Hill can’t understand how I could think that the CP and the GP are moronic, and yet not want to ban them or obstruct them. Because to fascists in the CP and Marxists in the GP, anything they don’t like, they want banned.

    I fully support your right to be a half-wit. You indulge in that right on a daily basis. Three cheers for freedom!

  21. matt Says:

    Maybe one of the things “in the way” that obstructs pro-growth capitalism is your obsession with stale ad-hominems directed towards people who actually want to steer us back to healthy, free capitalism.

    You’re free to say whatever you want here. That’s how we non-fascists do things. There’s no slur or insult you’re barred from using, and you’re free to attatch them to whomever you choose. This is obvious.

    Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that your bitching is making us even slightly more free. Our freedoms are being pissed away by the Republicrats while those of us who know better are thwarted in our attempts to make things better. We’re thwarted by infighting, and, here at least, you are the number one merchant of infighting.

    You’re trading away your freedoms and those of your descendents for the momentary jolt of pleasure that accompanies writing something nasty on a message board.

    You’re free to do so, just so long as you know what you’re doing.

  22. Trent Hill Says:

    I support the GP as a basic premise. I support the fact that Socialist environmentalists have a party to call home. I dont neccesarily support their ideology, but I like that they CAN have their own orginization.
    As for the CP Banning things they don’t like. We dont ban religious extremists. We dont ban dissent. We dont ban different opinions (like the former Religious zealots of the American View do). In our platform,it is clearly stated that the party wants to ban drug useage. However, a LARGE group of CP members/leaders signed a proclomation supporting Medical Marijuana.

  23. Cody Quirk Says:

    Personally, drug laws should be left up to the states, not the federal government.

    And only for medicinal purposes should marijuana be legalized.

  24. matt Says:

    I say we should put whether or not to legalize drugs to a vote on a county by county (or even township by township) basis. That way the people who prefer legal drugs can have them and the people who don’t won’t.

    Philosophically, I believe that drugs should be legal everywhere, but social change works better from the ground up, and it would also help each community to “own” their decision.

  25. undercover_anarchist Says:

    “Healthy, free capitalism” /= immigrant bashing and protectionism. My purpose at TPW or any other forum or blog is (1) To freely express my views (with the consent of the property owners who provide the space to do so); (2) To do whatever little bit I can to show that there is a strong philosophical and moral divide between the CP and the LP; and (3) To point out the racist and/or anti-growth/socialist aspects of so-called “libertarian” thought. Feel free to ignore me. There are people reading who don’t post, and I want them to know that there is a voice for capitalism, even if it is a lonely voice. Look at the parties on the right side of TPW. The closest thing to a national capitalist party is the LP (I would prefer the MNIP). It fails miserably, but it is still light years ahead of the next most capitalist party, the damn Democrats. This is very troubling to me, and I do not see how bringing a new form of anticapitalism to the political discourse does anything to promote the philosophy of pro-growth economics.

  26. disinter Says:

    Meanwhile, the failure-prone Libertarian Party continues to spend scarce resources on races like US President that they will NEVER win until they actually start electing some state legislature races.


  27. Trent Hill Says:


    They are running candidates for state legislature. There are two theories on how to build a party.

    Bottom-up or Top-down.

    Bottom-up is what you are describing, start by electing state representatives and change the country County by County, State by State.

    Top-down is when they run a Presidential Candidate and try and get some name recognition. The Green Party succeeded in doing this with Ralph Nader.

    They are both plausible ways of going about things.

  28. Winston Smith Says:

    Matt, if you find his filthy and childish rants entertaining, go for it. WWJD? Not talk like UA or listen to him. He makes unfounded accusations about anyone that is a redneck, in the CP, etc. Read his posts, read Matt’s response of 3/7.

    BTW- ‘capitalism means to few capitalists, not too many”- GK Chesterton.

    Capitalism, likes its cousin Socialism, leads to the few-whether corporate heads controlling Govt or Govt officials themselves-controlling the many. Think about!

    Not too anarchistic in the end.

    Have to go now, my 2 Minutes of Hate coming up, hate to miss it…they will notice.

  29. General Lee Says:


  30. Mississippi Constitution Party Says:

    FYI: The Mississippi Constitution Party has 11 Candidates for the 2007 Election in November. Our Party Web Site is located at: www.MississippiCP.com

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