William Kennedy Shearer (1931-2007)

William K. Shearer

It is with great sadness and horrible grief that I announce the passing of American Independent Party founder and former Constitution Party National Chairman, William K. Shearer, who went to be with the Lord on Saturday at 4:42pm (Pacific Time). Bill was fighting cancer for over a year and finally succumbed to it. He was 76.

Bill Shearer and his wife Eileen founded the American Independent Party in 1967 to support George C. Wallace’s presidential campaign, he was the first State Chairman of the California AIP and it’s first candidate for Governor in 1970. In its early years the AIP faced fierce opposition from Nixon operatives, neo-Nazis, and even the George Wallace campaign itself, who wanted to control the AIP as a vehicle for Wallace without the Party being a viable political entity to the Democrats and Republicans. With his extensive knowledge of politics and California state election laws; he kept the American Independent Party ballot-qualified when it was in danger of losing ballot status in the early 70’s, being there were several attempts in the state legislature to rewrite the California ballot-access laws. Bill also fought, sometimes unsuccessfully, to maintain the national American Independent Party (which later was renamed the national American Party that later split apart when a zealous element of the John Birch Society took over the national American Party and expelled several state parties allied with the California AIP.

Eillen Shearer was a running mate to the 1980 AIP Presidential candidate John Rarick, and later served as Chairman of the AIP.

Sadly, Eillen Shearer passed away in December of 2002.

Bill Shearer co-founded the national Constitution Party (then called the U.S. Taxpayers Party), in 1992 with Howard Phillips. Bill Shearer later served honorably as national Chairman from 1996 to 1999, and helped the national U.S. Taxpayers Party pay off its financial debts and help Party funding get into the black.

Bill also has attracted the ire of religious extremists formally in the Constitution Party when he attempted to get the former Preamble of the Constitution Party reworded, which included the Belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and language that was misinterpreted by some fanatical members of the Party as being a religious test to exclude certain people- whose beliefs didn’t ‘conform’ to the Preamble, from leadership positions and even membership in the CP. The current Preamble of the Constitution Party, which was worked out through conpromise, has the paragraph excluding religious tests and welcoming all to join the Party.

Bill fought successfully to defend the Nevada Independent American Party when attempts were made to disaffiliate it because the State Chairman, Chris Hansen, publicly stated that he favors exceptions in abortion. While the truth was most of the detractors sought to expel the Nevada IAP because of Chris Hansen and most of the IAP leaders being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), using the abortion issue as a excuse.

A truly amazing accomplishment for Bill, besides maintaining the California AIP’s ballot status since 1968, was when Bill attended the CP National Committee meeting in Tampa Bay and worked to get the Nevada disaffiliation voted down by the National Committee of the Party. Unfortunately Bill was diagnosed with cancer in early 2006, and was given until April (the month of the Tampa meeting), to live. Yet Bill defied such a expectation and was there to defeat the disaffiliation proceedings which would’ve kicked out the second largest state affiliate in the Constitution Party and the largest in terms of voter registration percentage.

Bill Shearer was a big fan of Operetta and loved Mexican music & culture, visiting Mexico frequently. And also a Attorney and co-partner With Duke, Gerstel Shearer, LLP. Bill collected dinosaur fossils and studied about dinosaurs as a hobby. Bill was fluent in various languages, including Spanish and Afrikaans.

He was an inspiration and a guiding light not only to the AIP and the CP, but also to family and friends, including me. He was a dedicated, intelligent, and sincere statesman, and a fun person to talk to.

His daughter, Nancy Spirkoff, who was the AIP Chair from 2004 to 2006, will be making funeral arrangements.

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  1. Cody Quirk Says:

    Even though Bill was the spirit and glue that lead the AIP and held it together after all these years. Bill already designated certain people, including his daughter, Nancy, to carry on his legacy.

    Don’t think that the AIP will disappear after losing its right arm. The Nevada IAP didn’t when Dan Hansen died in 2002.

    But I am going to really miss this great man and close friend and I will be in mourning for awhile:(

  2. Cody Quirk Says:

    I decided to use the latter image of the Praying Hands because the same image is engraved on my Grandfather’s tomestone.

  3. William Potter Says:

    I tip my hat to the memory of this great patriot on behalf of the people of Alabama.
    Rest In Peace.
    William Potter
    Jefferson Republican Party, Alabama

  4. Cody Quirk Says:

    Thank you Will,

    I also wish you the best of luck on your campaign.

  5. Brandon H. Says:

    I didn’t know much about Mr. Shearer, but read some of his commentary defending the CP against criticism from many of those that left. Not just the CP, but the US lost a great American.

  6. Glenn Brown Says:

    Friend Bill Shearer will be missed. I have known Bill & Wife for years when I lived in California and will miss both. Glenn Brown

  7. Trent Hill Says:

    I never got to meet the man. His political protige said the fact that i’d never meet him was “Truly a tradgedy”.

  8. Cody Quirk Says:


    I only knew him since I joined the AIP back in 2002, though my personal philosophy on politics came from this wondeful person, who was nearly a father to me. Yet now I’m deeply hurt that I won’t get to grow to middle age or later on win a important office and have him watch me take the Oath. I wish I could’ve known him more and I wish he would’ve been around longer.

    But now he’s with his wife, whom they were married for 47 years and were inseperable. Eileen helped him run the AIP and even assisted him with his newsletters.

    God I’m still can’t believe he’s not here anymore, this is going to take me awhile.


  9. Freelancer Says:

    God bless him. My prayers will be with his family and friends.

  10. Phelps Hobart Says:

    Ernest Vance, Chairman, myself, Senior Vice Chairman, and our Sacramento County Central Committee members grieve. Our condolences go out to Nancy and others in the Shearer family.

    May he rest in peace.

  11. Funeral March 9th Says:

    Bills Funeral will be Friday March 9, 2007 at the Chapel of the Roses @2pm
    Bonita, California. Glenn Brown

  12. RRHeustisJr Says:

    I was not aware of the severity of Mr. Shearer’s imminent condition, but strangely, last night the Lord put in on my heart to pray again for his salvation. I asked the Lord to show mercy on him - to give him a new birth and the will to repent and receive the righteousness of Christ and the gracious salvation that comes with it. Mine was not a mere passing prayer - I prayed for a good duration with genuine sincerity and a desire to see only goodness abound for him. After I was done praying, I felt a strange sense of peace take hold in my spirit.

    Little did I know that just a couple hours earlier, he passed….

    I pray that the Lord comfort his daughter Nancy and her family during this time of mourning; and pray for peace to work in all who knew him, inside and outside of the Constitution Party.

  13. NewFederalist Says:

    Great piece posted over on Ballot Access News as well.

  14. Gene Berkman Says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting William Shearer when the AIP State Committee met in Riverside in 1992, and I have read many articles by him in the California Statesman and elsewhere. He was not only a committed constitutionalist, an oponent of war and one-world government, but he kept a sense of proportion and a sense of humor in a very trying political situation.

    May he be an inspiration to all of us in the alternative parties.

  15. Trent Hill Says:

    “last night the Lord put in on my heart to pray again for his salvation. I asked the Lord to show mercy on him - to give him a new birth and the will to repent and receive the righteousness of Christ and the gracious salvation that comes with it.”

    Heustis, you are the worst sort of opportunist. Who are you to say Shearer was not saved? Who are you to comment on what he should repent for? You are doing him the worst disgrace anyone CAN do him.

  16. matt Says:

    I should hope his implication wasn’t quite that awful, although it does sound that way.

    The dead are beyond us, and no comment or insult reaches them. Those who have made a confession of faith in Christ spend eternity with Him, forever blest and forever oblivious to the weight of any man’s disapproval.

    On the day when the sea and the earth give up their dead and the sky peels back to reveal it’s maker’s face, all things will be revealed. The secrets of men’s hearts will be shouted from the housetops and the substance of their works tested by fire. Until that day, we are well served to sheathe our comments about the state of other men’s souls in a respectful, gentle uncertainty.

  17. Cutty Sark Says:

    The Flying Spaghetti Monster Would Really Rather You Didn’t Use His Existence As A Means To Oppress, Subjugate, Punish, Eviscerate, And/Or, You Know, Be Mean To Others. He Doesn’t Require Sacrifices, And Purity Is For Drinking Water, Not People.

    In other words, leave the poor dead guy to rest. Like the rest of us, he was no angel or demon, just a human being, and kicking him after he’s dead with your self-righteousness can’t hurt him, just makes you look stupid, ugly, mean and petty.

    Be kind, please rewind.

  18. Narph Says:

    Of course, only Christians with doctrine can be mean. If you are a bitter anti-everything atheist who belittles the beliefs of others, your motives are assumed to be pure at every turn, right Cutty?

  19. timothy west Says:

    fighting for blog points over dead guys bodies is tasteless.

  20. Trent Hill Says:


  21. Cutty Sark Says:


    Who said I was an atheist, much less any of that other stuff? Your religion is fine by me until you try to make it civil law over non-believers. Live and let live. Even many of your co-religionists here agree with me on this.

    Let the man rest in peace, and don’t try to pass God’s judgement on him, because it’s not yours to pass. Nobody alive’s perfect, not even you.

    You know, Jesus had a lot of good things to say, like be kind to your neighbors and fellow humans. Too bad a lot of people use his teachings as an excuse to engage in repression and hatred and to start stupid religious wars.

  22. Narph Says:

    Cutty, who said I’m trying to make religious law into civil law? I’m just pointing out your invective-laced hypocrisy. As far as not judging Shearer, isn’t that a bit of religious dogma you’re trying to force on others? And what religion told you I wasn’t, or couldn’t be, perfect? Seems like you’re awfully preachy for someone who claims he doesn’t like to hear public sermons.

    By the way, secular atheists like Uncle Joe Stalin have killed far more people than the world’s religious wars can claim. Put that in your pipe and smoke it the next time you try to blame Christianity for all the world’s ills.

  23. Freelancer Says:

    Good grief. Cut it out guys.

  24. Cutty Sark Says:

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize I was a fan of Joe Stalin, or that I blame any one religion or ideology for the world’s ills, and Narph is the world’s first (or second) perfect human. Narph, are you the second coming of christ? Do you hear voices in your head that tell you so? What was Lucifer’s sin for which he was thrown out of heaven, it’s been a few years so help me remember?

    I must just remember my religious indoctrination all wrong, they actually said “we and our co-religionists are perfect and we should speak for God and judge other people, even after they just died”. Yep, I’m pretty sure thats what they said.

    I said let the guy rest in peace, and allow your God to do the judging if you really believe in Him. That makes me an awful, preachy, Stalinist, huh?

    I don’t know what Narph has been smoking in that pipe, but while I think it should be legal I’m pretty sure, based on the observed effects, it’s addictive, expensive, produces hallucinations and delusions of grandeur and persecution when smoked in large amounts, and is overall not very healthy. I’m going to have to say “no thank you” to smoking any of that.

    You know, I’m sure that I disagreed on many political issues with Bill Shearer while he was alive, but he was working hard at trying to make the world a better place as he understood it, and he just died. None of us are perfect, except maybe Narph, so let us bless our departed brother and wish him a good journey in the afterlife if there is one, and remember what good he did or tried to do in his life.

  25. Sean Scallon Says:

    My condolences to CP members and Bill Shearer’s family upon his passing. Reqiuem im Pacem.

    To think all of the time and all of himself he gave to keep the California AIP alive is truly remarkable. That’s a lot of thankless work for little or no reward other to keep viable another option outside of majors duopoly.

    We can only hope to do half of what Bill Shearer’s accomplished in his lifetime.

  26. Glenn Ferrell Says:

    I first met Bill Shearer when he chaired the Platform Committee of the first US Taxpayer’s Party Convention meeting at New Orleans in 1992. My late wife and I were there as delegates and served on that committee. Bill was a help in maintaining order and accomplishing our goals. He and I did not always agree or approach matters in the same style. However, I respected the man.

    In the death of a man, especially one of intelligence and ability, it is right and biblical to reflect on the good and not necessary to comment on differences we may have had with him. David’s lament regarding king Saul in 1 Samuel 30 serves as an example. One may be guilty of “speaking the truth out of season.”

    However, neither is it respectful of the man to use the occasion for unnecessary and unproven accusations of those who disagreed with the deceased, imputing motives and intentions which the writer can not possibly know unless he possesses divine attributes:

    “Bill also has attracted the ire of religious extremists formally in the Constitution Party when he attempted to get the former Preamble of the Constitution Party reworded, which included the Belief in the Lord Jesus Christ and language that was misinterpreted by some fanatical members of the Party as being a religious test to exclude certain people- whose beliefs didn’t ‘conform’ to the Preamble, from leadership positions and even membership in the CP. The current Preamble of the Constitution Party, which was worked out through compromise, has the paragraph excluding religious tests and welcoming all to join the Party.”

    “Bill fought successfully to defend the Nevada Independent American Party when attempts were made to disaffiliate it because the State Chairman, Chris Hansen, publicly stated that he favors exceptions in abortion. While the truth was most of the detractors sought to expel the Nevada IAP because of Chris Hansen and most of the IAP leaders being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), using the abortion issue as a excuse.”

    This is not the occasion to make unfounded claims that political opponents are religious bigots, even if repeating similar claims made by Mr. Shearer during his lifetime. I hope to remember the man for accomplishments more to his credit. Mr. Quirk owes an apology to Bill Shearers family as well as those who respectfully disagreed with some of his positions. It is not the time to make unknowable claims regarding the heart or intentions of others.

  27. Cody Quirk Says:

    That is the truth! They are not unfounded claims! Especially with the weblinks I have listed on there!

    And plainly lying about the claims being unfounded, you still call yourself a Christian?!

    I expect you to email Nancy to apologize to her for your comments!

    In fact why don’t you apologize to Bill’s friends on here? Or are your going to use this time to make yourself look good?!

  28. Cody Quirk Says:

    You know what Glenn? How about you come down to the funeral on friday and say that in front of my face, I dare you!

  29. matt Says:

    Stay Classy, TPW.

  30. Narph Says:

    Cutty, I’m not saying you remember your religious “indoctrination” wrongly (I’ll be be patient here, as all those years of huffing has obviously stunted your ability to process a logical argument).

    You love to throw around “religious” arguments when they suit YOUR selfish purposes, but you simply loathe anyone else who has a religious belief that challenges your ideas. Your diatribes are not to be taken seriously; they are merely the symptomatic actions of someone who has alot of pent up anger.

  31. Chris Campbell Says:

    I have on several occasion talked to Bill and have been meaning to check on him, as it has been a few months.

    May he rest in peace. Please pass along my condolences to his family, especially Nancy.

  32. John Chance Says:

    Reed takes any chance to shout fro mteh rooftops that he is “saved” and is “righteous”.

    He is, after a Calvinist. They KNOW they are one of the few eternally chosen and saved. Hence, they too know that others are eternally damend-no matter what they beleive or do or say or think or…....

    Reed takes any and all opportunities to promote himself. How did Shearer described it? Like shaking hands with a Gila Monster?

    Eternal rest grant him

  33. Glenn Ferrell Says:

    Mr. Quirk:

    What kind of unthinking, brutish, swine tries to pick a fight at the funeral of a man he claims to respect? Ask the Shearer family if they think that would be appropriate. What kind of Christian accuses others of religious bigotry in the context of eulogizing a friend, claiming to know the hearts, intentions and motives of others by their actions?

    I have refrained from imputing motives to those who acted contrary to my inclinations at the Tampa CP meeting. Others would have been wise to show similar restraint. Now, at Bill’s death is not the time to show yourself a “religious bigot” by irrational attacks on others. Gentlemen may disagree agreeably.

    If you want to talk about it, come to the next CP National Committee meeting in Boise and I’ll allow you the opportunity to say whatever to my face, providing you are willing to give me equal time. There you may present your alleged proofs of your accusations. Now, here or at a funeral is not the time.

  34. Trent Hill Says:

    Glenn Ferrell,

    Cody has intentions of attending that meeting,as do I. While I have no harsh words for you, I will say this. Both of you should calm down. Even if you disagree on the manner in which Angela Whittman and Heustis Reed commented on Shearer, it is not worth causing a blow-out at the National Committee Meeting.

    Also, Cody’s list of Shearer’s accomplishments are well known. Shearer did oppose the anti-Nevada group at Tampa, and was a driving force in the failure of the dissafilliation vote.

    Point being, we all need to show a little more respect than that. Regardless of which side of the CP-arguement you’re on. Bill Shearer was a great man who did alot for the third party movement, and the CP imparticular. He was a wonderful American who truly understood the Constitution. If we can’t agree on that, then we WILL have words at the National Committee Meeting in Boise.

    Narph, cutty has been extremely accepting of everyone’s religious beliefs on this website. It is just you…now stop and ask yourself “Why just me?”

  35. Scott Says:

    Cody says “You know what Glenn? How about you come down to the funeral on friday and say that in front of my face, I dare you!”

    Glen says “If you want to talk about it, come to the next CP National Committee meeting in Boise and I’ll allow you the opportunity to say whatever to my face, providing you are willing to give me equal time.”

    Glen says uses words like “talk about it” and “equal time” Glen never suggested a “blow out” anywhere.

    Cody says invites conflict to the funeral by saying “dare you” and “come down to the funeral” “say that in front of my face”
    Obviously it is Cody who is in the wrong and is inviting a blow out at the Shearer funeral.

    Glen is proper to ask the question “What kind of unthinking, brutish, swine tries to pick a fight at the funeral of a man he claims to respect?”

  36. Glenn Ferrell Says:


    I do acknowledge Bill Shearer’s abilities and accomplishments. Mr. Quirk did not need to score points in his eulogizing of Bill Shearer by imputing motives and characterizing as religious bigots those who differ with he and Mr. Shearer in the disaffiliation conflict. I find that highly disrespectful of the man.

    I have no doubt Bill was influential in the ultimate decision at Tampa. State that as fact, “Bill fought successfully to defend the Nevada Independent Party when attempts were made to disaffiliate it …” No argument here. Even if one disagrees with the result, one can respect a man who successfully defends what he believes is right.

    However, to describe Bill and Quirk’s opponents as “religious extremists” and “fanatics,” and to say “most of the detractors sought to expel the Nevada IAP because of Chris Hansen and most of the IAP leaders being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon), using the abortion issue as a excuse,” is out of place in an eulogy purporting to honor the memory of the man. It is an attempt to incite a brawl on this forum, just like Quirk proposes at the man’s funeral. It is not respectful to make political points while pretending to honor the man. Such accusations should be set aside that we all may remember the man for his persistent efforts over many years.

    Nor was I proposing a fight at National Committee meeting. As I’m no longer a member of the Constitution Party, if I do attend it will be as an observer and to say hello to a few old friends. However, as I live near Boise, if you and Quirk are in town, I respectfully invite you to sit down over a cup of coffee, a sandwich, or a beer and have a civilized conversation. I’ll buy. If you stay over for the Lord’s Day, I invite you to public worship. We’ll do our best to show Idaho hospitality to visitors, including those with which we have a difference of opinion. But, we expect guests to have manners.

  37. Trent Hill Says:


    I would actually agree with you here. Cody’s wording was not purposefully opportunistic, I think he was passionately defending his mentor’s legacy. However, it was not very carefully worded.

    As for the Boise meeting, I will be getting into town that Thursday around noon I think. With nothing to do until Friday morning. I’d love to meet and discuss your reasons for dissafilliating. Im quite A calm person, so I can assure you we can have a civilized conversation.
    In fact, i’d like to discuss that sooner. You seem a very principled and reasonable person.

  38. Michael Says:

    My condolences to Nancy Shearer and the other members of Bill’s family. I worked with him at the Constitution Party’s founding convention at New Orleans in 1992. He will be missed.

  39. Cody Quirk Says:

    Maybe its because Glenn wants to instigate a fight when we’re all in mourning over Bill, and also because I know, Nancy Spirkoff knows, and a good number of the national CP knows that the Nevada fight wasn’t about abortion. I’ve read enough from the American View forums, and even posting from the Constitutionalists chatroom and received informed accounts from Janine Hansen and others on the anti-Mormon rhetoric from the main backers and allies of the Nevada IAP disaffiliation effort. Glenn is wrong!
    And apologizing to Nancy is like Glenn saying the Jewish should apologize to Catholics for the Holocaust.
    Glenns actions are almost like the Westboro Baptist Church picketing the Veteran funerals saying those Soldiers are going to Hell for support fag loving America, only here it is in verbal sense.

    But no, I am still in mourning, and I’m not going to be civil here, especially after Glenn’s comments.

    How about you apologize to Nancy, Glenn?

    And maybe I might be going up to Boise.

    First lets see you come down here.

  40. Cody Quirk Says:

    *for supporting fag loving America…

  41. Trent Hill Says:

    Cody, I sincerely hope you DO goto Boise. Regardless of whether Glenn goes or not, i’d like to meet the person I spend so much time agreeing with.

  42. Cutty Sark Says:

    “Narph, cutty has been extremely accepting of everyone’s religious beliefs on this website. It is just you…now stop and ask yourself “Why just me?”

    Thank you. I didn’t want to keep responding in this thread, but, pot, kettle…?

    Anyway, I do have something else positive to say.

    Mr. Shearer did a lot to promote the general alternative party and independent movement, which is much needed in America in the face of the limited, false, and poor choices offered by the monopoly/duopoly parties here, for which we should all remember him fondly regardless of whether we agree with his specific political ideas he advanced or not.

  43. Winston Smith Says:

    Rest in Eternal Peace Mr. Shearer. A strong voice against NeoCons.

  44. matt Says:

    Ballot Access News has a nice obituary too.


    Judging by the subject post and the ballot access bio, Mr. Shearer was a man worthy of emulation.

  45. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I admire this man for trying to fight back the Nazis within his party. But I also recognize the futility. Fighting back Nazis within the AIP is sort of like trying to fight back pedophiles at a Jon-Benet-Ramsey-esque Beauty Contest.

  46. Glenn Ferrell Says:

    As Mr. Quirk is too perturbed to be rational or civil. Probably wise of him to remain incognito if he does come to Idaho. However, if Mr. Trent will send me private email through TheAmericanView.com forum, I’ll be glad to meet him during his visit to Boise.

  47. Trent Hill Says:

    Through The American View? No thanks. Despite the fact that I might be willing to listen to what YOU have to say, im not going to browse through THAT piece of hate filled bigotry that they call a “forum”. There are decent people on both sides of this arguement, but that palce has become an anti-CP forum where Angela Whittman, Cal Zastrow, and their ilk all demonize my political heroes and their old friends. They then claim to be doing God’s work, meanwhile the other half of the forum is bashing jews, catholics, or mormons. Unfortunately for me, im part jewish, with catholic ideology-leanings, and I don’t actually consider myself part of a church congregation. Im also libertarian leaning and quite young. So, in conclusion. Nuh-uh.

    However. You can email me at [email protected]
    Iv posted my email here many times, and have never gotten anything but good convo from it.

  48. Cody Quirk Says:

    Yeah, half of my family, and my in-laws are Catholic. I also have a Jewish Uncle.

    Also not on TAV forums, they’re heavely monitored and even can censor any dissenting posts and can kick you out at random if you say anything against Scott Whiteman or John Lofton.

    Chris Fluharty of Missouri defended the Party there and eventually was removed for it.

    It’s their sanctuary and they like to say whatever they want without anybody telling them otherwise.

    I possibly could come up to Boise, I’m not sure, I’m trying to get family leave at my work and it’s still in the process.

    I’d like to meet you sometime too Trent, though I a bit more soft spoken in person. Unless I’m in the wrong mood.

    Too bad you can’t come to the funeral, it will be jammed packed on Friday.

    And FYI Trent, I do support some LP’ers too, including Ron Paul.

  49. Cody Quirk Says:

    UA, we are not infested with Nazi’s.

    Our candidate for Sec. of State last year was black.

    the wife of the AIP Pro-Life Committee chair is Bulgarian (Slavic),

    A good percentage of the State Committee( & me), and our Chairman and Sergeant-At-Arms are LDS.

    And guess what?


    Hello UA!?

  50. undercover_anarchist Says:

    To the extent that you are not infested by Nazis, you can credit this man who recently died, plus the recent efforts to purge the extremists; but when I say “Nazi,” I mean it in a broader sense that does not disqualify neither blacks nor Jews from inclusion.

  51. Trent Hill Says:

    What UA means to say is…
    “mmmm,my foot tastes good in my mouth”.

    How exactly can Nazi be defined in a broader since of the word than excludes neither Jews nor Blacks, UA? You mean…authoritarian? Then why not say that? Why not say Fascist even? Or…big government? Is it because you are purposefully slandering the CP and trying to make us look like racists?
    Playing the race card wont work.

  52. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Um, yes, I have already admitted to that!

  53. John Chance Says:

    Mr. Ferrell is now on here. Yeah, another “what Peroutka says is next to God”

    Please, print up some shirts “I am predestined, you are damned-ha, ha”

    Please see my blog about the AHP, Lofton, etc-tried to post it 3x on the AHP entry, no go.

  54. Glenn Ferrell Says:

    I see, continue to use a thread purporting to honor Bill Shearer to attack one’s supposed political rivals. Here Mr. Chance displays his religious bigotry against Calvinists.

    For your information, I did vote for Mr. Peroutka in ‘04. I suppose most of you here also voted for him. However, I have taken no leadership role in the CP since the 1999 convention. I was questioning my involvement in the party well before the Tampa meeting. I did not join the Idaho CP when I moved here in January of ‘05, and therefore had no role in the debate on their proposed disaffiliation from the national party. I don’t recall ever making any public statements regarding Mr. Peroutka, so accusations of idolatry are unfounded and inappropriate.

    I have not made accusations or imputed motives to those voting either way at the Tampa meeting of the CPNC. Though I have my personal views as to how I might have voted if I were there, I trust many voting otherwise did so sincerely thinking that was the best strategy and consistent with their own conscience and Christian faith. I retain a great admiration for Howard Philips. My late wife, would say with pride and slurred speech up until her death four years ago, “I don’t like George Bush. Voted for Howard Phillips… three times.” Howard graciously called to inquire about her a month or two before her death.

    Trent, I was not proposing you read or post on TAV forum. I was simply providing a means of your posting me privately without my posting my email address here. However, I will write you at the address provided.

    In answer to criticism of TAV, no one has been banned or had their posts pulled if they actually engaged in intelligent and respectful debate. Mr. Fluharty was not removed for his defense of the party. I’m personally sorry his posts were pulled as they displayed an embarrassing disconnect with reality. TAV remains a viable forum for those who want to engage in civilized and respectful debate dealing with propositions rather than name calling.

  55. Cody Quirk Says:

    “I see, continue to use a thread purporting to honor Bill Shearer to attack one’s supposed political rivals.”

    =I can see him from above, dressed in white, with a cigar in-between his lips and laughing in approval:)

  56. Cody Quirk Says:

    Besides the TAV’s fascistic censorship of anything that honestly and boldly points to the flaws and wrongs of it’s rhetoric. It’s Principled Christians have no utter respect for the dearly departed:

    “Bill Shearer was no Christian for the duration of when we saw him. What we saw of his life, though only a small part of it, was the utmost rancour and hostility to Christ’s children and Church. Therefore, it is speculation to assume a man with such open hostility toward Christ’s Church was a Christian absent some evidence of a recantation of his open hostility toward Christ during his life. “But Scott, how can you judge a (dead) man’s heart?” Only by the vile spewing it flung out on Christ and His people while it still beat.
    Last he spoke on the subject of his Christianity, to my knowledge at least, was at Tampa. There he stated that he finds beauty in all types of religions, Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, etc. He said:
    I’ve lived a very long time and…I’ve seen beauty in the Mormon Church, of which I’m not a member. I’ve seen beauty in the Protestant church, of which I have been affiliated with over my life time. I have also seen beauty in the Jewish community, and in their worship and when I have been in this party I want to reach out to all those people — the Catholics, the Jews, the good people in the party.
    Such a man is a religionist and not a Christian.”


    These words were spoken by Scott Whiteman.

    I find it harder and hader to see these people as Christian when they’re always spewing their venomous ranchor and behaving like more like Gods then followers of Christ.

    Sad and disgusting.

  57. Douglas S. Says:


    I talked with Bill on occasion and I always liked his issues of ‘The California Statesman’. He walked the talk of Constitutional politics for over 40 years. Let’s see if we can work with similiar strength and longevity.


  58. Peter Gemma Says:

    As a writer and a political activist, I can proudly say that Bill Shearer was a major influence on me. I met with Bill just 2 weeks before his death—I interviewed him for an article I am writing about his life’s work building a third party movement. I’m delighted to report he was working hard right up to the end and tempered his worldview with a delicious sense of humor.

    ~Peter Gemma

  59. John Chance Says:

    Bigotry, Mr. Ferrell???

    Yes, after the last attempt to particiapte in TAV and get some genuine discussion, I was treated soooo fair.

    I guess victimization is only one way, no. A common tactic of the Reformed.

    Say hello to Michael Servetus, to name just one of many so welcomed by the friendly, open Calvinists.

    No wonder so many of the Founders disliked you.

    I am just happy that Peroutka and Co. has found joy in the AHP camp. I jsut cannot understand why they do not leave the CP/Shearer alone. Answer-before leaving, they try scorched earth against their former political home.

    If MR. Ferrell is not interested in the CP, then perhaps he can steer the TAV away from the constant obsessing w/Cp and to other pastures.

    You can do it!!...and get those shirts now

  60. Cody Quirk Says:

    Speak the Truth John!

    And they’re still obssessing over us because they are losers and they failed to take over the CP, which they tried to do for their own anti-Constitutional agenda.

    With their take on Christianity, I can understand what motivates some atheists.

  61. Trent Hill Says:


    When can i order that book on Shearer?

  62. undercover_anarchist Says:

    I’m loving this!

  63. DP Says:

    Did not know Shearer had a book out. THought that would make agood one-his autobiography. Let me know on my forum.

    BTW Brandon-get up with me if you will on said forum

  64. John Chance Says:

    I ahve met a lot of people that are now athiests or Catholics that went the Reformed-athiest route.

    Trying to act predestined and worrying simultaneously who is one the the chosen few against their will would make anyone say “to heck” with it.

    A dark, moribund theology.

  65. Glenn Ferrell Says:

    An example of John Chance’s “unbigoted” and “reasonable arguments,” which got him booted off of TAV:

    “Do a search on my old site…there is agood and thourough article proving the Calvin’s warped views came from his warped sodomite mind. The queers infiltrating the Catholic Church today are just following in his steps.”

  66. John Chance Says:

    Wow Mr. Ferrell, your case really rests, does it not!!

    Look at what Whiteman, Ferell and others had to say about Bill Shearer. Look what they said about Catholics and Mormons. Look what they had to say about Clymer, Phillips, et al.

    He has little to cry about and lot to have shame over. then again, shame is not found in Calvin’s world.

    If you look at my posts, from beginning to end and the responses, you will see that I tried to be reasonable, tried to be agentleman and all I got it was attacks and police state tactics.

    “white on rice”?

    Whiteman, the self described righteous one-all but calls for Shearers death and I am surprised he has not danced on the man’s grave.

    One thing I note is this:

    Calvinists are generally a nasty and self righteous bunch
    They go immeidately on the attack
    They when confronted/rebuffed, feign victimization
    Regroup and feel vindicated.

    A great religion for those needing self-vindication.

    BTW-Calvin’s sodomy was documented, it was not a matter of bigotry or a mtter of “reasonable”. IT was discussed at the time and warranted immeidate death in Geneva to even discuss it.

    Calvin’s views and actions are often in line with his proclitivities and battle within.

    Still not sure why the sharks at TAV are bemoaning the CP, forget it, shut up and move on to the AHP!

    Seems simple, but then again….....


    Thoughts on Calvin
    By catholicresistence , 2006-01-19 16:22:04 in Spiritual

    What are we to think of Calvin?

    Rev . Fr. Philippe Marcille

    The influence of John Calvin (1509-1564) has been immense, perhaps even more so than that of Luther. Certainly, without the bellowing revolutionary Luther, Calvin would not have been able to do anything; yet without Calvin, the revolt would not have had the political impact that it did in France and especially the United States.


    He was born in Picardy, France, in 1509. His parents were well-to-do people. A very gifted student, he received a benefice from the Church and continued his studies at Paris. He was not well liked by his classmates: they nicknamed him “the accusative.” He readily scolded others and tattled on them, while remaining aloof and bitter. But when in public, he would lose all his reserve and stand out in debates. An anti-Lutheran, defender of authority, he approved the legal actions brought against the most strident Lutherans.

    The Personal Crisis

    In 1532, at the College of France, he was still Catholic. By the end of 1533, he had suddenly turned Protestant, sold his benefices, and begun the life of an itinerant preacher. What happened?

    Protestant hagiography has sought to explain it by edifying conversations in his room that would have taken place between Calvin and a Protestant cousin. Recent studies, however, have shown that the two were hundreds of miles apart at the time. A key, though, was left in part by Calvin himself:
    Each and every time I entered within myself, a horror so great came over me that neither purifications nor satisfactions could have effaced it. The more I considered myself the more my conscience was pricked with sharp darts, so much so that only one consolation remained, and that was to deceive myself by forgetting about myself ….bewildered by the misery into which I had fallen, and even more so by the knowledge of how close I was to eternal death (Letter to Sadolet).

    It is only fair to wonder what could be the nature of such a burning self-reproach. There is one answer, based upon serious evidence, one that has always been passionately denied by the Protestants. In 1551, a Catholic controversialist revealed that the archives of the city of Noyon, Calvin’s birth place, contain the record of a condemnation against Calvin, at age 18, for sodomy. He had by then already received the tonsure. His parents obtained clemency from the bishop, so that instead of being condemned to death as the law demanded, he was branded as a sign of infamy. The Catholic controversialist presented the evidence signed by all the eminent personages of the city. The English scholar Stapleton went there to examine the archives during Calvin’s lifetime, and vouched for the fact. The contemporary German Lutherans spoke of it as an established fact (Schlusselburg, Théologie calvinienne).
    At twenty-four, Calvin was at a crossroads. He had to choose between confession or Lutheranism. He chose: “Only believe, and you are as sure of your own eternal salvation as of the Redemption of Christ. Only believe, and despite all the crimes, not only will you remain in the grace of God, in justice, but you will always remain in grace and you will never be able to lose it” (Bossuet’s summary of his doctrine in “Variations”).

    The Heresiarch

    His career began. He wandered to Strasbourg, Basel, Ferrara, and finally settled at Geneva in 1536 as preacher. There he was to show his full worth, not only as a preacher, but also as a political virtuoso. In five years, he was able to solidify his authority over the Consistory the Council of the Ancients, a disciplinary tribunal that passed sentence on all public sinners]; first as leader of the Protestants in exterminating the Catholics (half the city fled, ruined, all their property and possessions confiscated), then as president of the Council that voted on the right interpretation of the Bible, and finally as chief of the tribunal and the army of informers and police in charge of morality and doctrine.

    The Tyrant

    He began obsessively multiplying laws of public morality. Death was the penalty for high treason against religion as well as for high treason against the city, and for the son who would strike or curse his father, and for the adulterer and the heretic. Children were whipped or hanged for calling their mother a devil. A mason wearily exclaimed “to the devil with the work and the master,” and was denounced and condemned to three days in prison. Magicians and sorcerers were hunted down. They always confessed, of course. According to the city register, in 60 years, some 150 were burnt at the stake.
    The years went by; Calvin’s obsession gripped the Genevans. The number of dishes that could be served at table was regulated, as well as the shape of shoes, and the ladies’ hair styles. In the registers are to be found condemnations such as these: “Three journey­men tanners were sentenced to three days on bread and water in prison for having eaten at lunch three dozen pates, which is a great immorality.”

    That was in 1558. Drunkenness, taverns and card games were punished by fines. The city’s coffers filled up and served to pay new informers. For there were ears everywhere in the republic of evangelical liberty, and the failure to inform was itself a misdemeanor. “They are to be stationed in every quarter of the city, so that nothing can escape their eyes,” wrote Calvin. Sermons were given on Thursdays and Sundays. Attendance was obligatory under pain of fine or flogging. Not even children were excused. The spies would verify that the streets and houses were empty. Every year, the controllers of orthodoxy went house-to-house to have everyone sign the profession of faith voted that year. The last Catholics disappeared by death or exile. None spoke of changing religion, for Calvin had had a law voted punishing by death anyone who would dare question the reforms of the “servant of Geneva.”

    Calvin’s City

    Outwardly Geneva become an exemplary city where an iron morality reigned. Inwardly it was rotten. The population had been augmented by refugees of all sorts: Protestants chased from France, but also delinquents seeking impunity. Calvin’s law allowed divorce: people hastened to Geneva from Savoy and the province of Lyons to get remarried. The Protestant Genevan Galiffe, a genealogist, concluded from his studies that the Geneva of Calvin’s time was the gutter of Europe. And Calvin knew it:
    Out of ten evangelists, you will scarcely find a one who became evangelical for any other reason than to be able to abandon himself more freely to drinking and dissolute living.

    Calvin humbly took the title of “servant of Geneva,” but God, he held, spoke by his mouth. “Since God has deigned to make known to me what is good and what is evil, I must rule myself by this measure…” And everyone else, too! One morning the city awoke to find gallows had been erected in all the public squares, to which a placard was attached: “For whomever shall speak ill of Mr. Calvin.” A letter from the dictator sums up his attitude: “It is necessary to rid the land of these damned cads who exhort the people to resist us, blacken our conduct …such monsters must be stamped out.”

    Absolute Power

    Calvin’s life was not snow white: there are stories of seized inheritances, “spontaneous gifts” made to the great man by merchants, considerable sums sent from the queen of Navarre or the duchess of Ferrara or from other well-off foreigners destined for the poor of the city, but which disappeared into the poor pockets of the great man; marriages arranged for members of his family by threatening rich refugees with expulsion.

    Lampoons were circulated: woe to whomever the evangelical police seized in possession of one of them. Some escaped from torture or death by fleeing in time. Calvin then had their wives banished and their goods confiscated. For security’s sake, he had the death penalty voted for whomever would even speak of recalling the exiles from their banishment.

    Daniel Berthelier, master of the Mint of Geneva, had learned at Noyon the truth about Calvin’s past, and had kept written evidence at his house. He was discovered, horribly tortured, and finally beheaded.
    It was the execution of Servetus that consolidated the dictator’s power. Calvin had cleverly had his adversary’s book sent to the hive of Protestant popes, all of whom, including Melancthon, congratulated him on instigating the condemnation of this horrible heretic. Calvin immediately exploited this fleeting prestige to have appointed as electors a multitude of the men who had taken refuge in Geneva, for reasons which were not always based on religion, whom he called “the confessors of the faith.” He soon controlled an absolute majority on the Consistory. He then had his last adversaries hunted down, exiled, or educated. It was 1554: before him were ten years in which to exercise absolute power.

    There was no more resistance. Even the most powerful citizens could be forced to walk bare-footed around the city, clothed in a shirt, a candle in- hand, crying out “Mercy to God,” the ordeal ending by a public confession made kneeling before the Consistory.
    When not consulting the spies’ reports, Calvin wrote his own book of revelation entitled Institutes of the Christian Religion. He worked on it incessantly, rearranging it, augmenting and re-editing, until it reached a thousand quarto pages. Woe to the critics, whose criticism would elicit from the author a rain of invectives. His ire was as likely to inveigh against Protestants as Catholics. Of Lutherans he was provoked to say: “They are quick tempered, furious, fickle, inconstant, liars, full of canine impudence and diabolical pride.”

    The quality of Calvin’s cold hatred was terrible indeed. It is manifested especially in the affair of Michael Servetus. This learned doctor, a closet Protestant, amused himself by picking out all the blunders and errors that he could find in Calvin’s pride and joy, The Institutes. He then sent the book with his own annotations to Calvin. That was in 1546. Calvin clenched his teeth: “If he comes hither and I have any authority, I will never let him quit this place alive” (Letter to Viret, a preacher of Lausanne). He awaited the moment of vengeance for seven years. In 1553, Servetus published anonymously an anti-trinitarian treatise. Calvin, who knew all the publishing channels of Protestant books, was able to discover the author’s identity. He denounced him, furnishing proof to the Inquisition, which condemned Servetus, and then helped to obtain the mitigation of his punishment in light of all the good he had done as a physician. The unfortunate Servetus fled to Geneva, where he was arrested on sight. He was made to rot in prison two months. He pleaded to be allowed to have clean clothes and linen, but Calvin opposed the request. He was condemned to be burned alive. Calvin himself arranged the pyre: the pile of faggots was disposed in a circle around the stake so as to make the condemned man be burnt slowly. Calvin remained for two hours at his window listening to the man’s screams. He received the approbation of the Protestant hive.

    After 1559, the spleen that he had vented on his enemies seemed to be concentrated in his own entrails: stomach aches, intestinal pains, nephritic colic, bloody coughing racked him. His successor Theodore Beza confined him to his room and maintained the legend of the great man. But he confided that his master was becoming daily more imperious and tyrannic. He had unforeseeable fits of anger. Nothing satisfied him. He scolded; he threatened; he inveighed against all the pastors. He made the members of the Consistory confess publicly before him.

    He died on the 27th of May 1564 after, it seems, thanking God for his evangelical mission. Was he a prophet, as the Protestants think? Maybe, in the final analysis, the prophet of religious democracy, the Antichrist’s democracy. As he lay dying, though, he never had upon his lips the final cry that graced the lips of his dying victim, Michael Servetus: “Lord Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me.”
    (Translated from Le Bachais, No. 35, November-December 1999, the publication of the Priory St. Pierre Julien Eymard, France).


    BIG’OTRY, n. Obstinate or blind attachment to a particular creed, or to certain tenets; unreasonable zeal or warmth in favor of a party, sect or opinion; excessive prejudice.

    1. The practice or tenet of a bigot.

    (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary)

    Definition sounds extreme for me, easily could describe Calvinists and/or loyalty w/o question of TAV sharks to Peroutka

  67. John Chance Says:

    Mr. Ferrell can talk to the silence, I’ll be teh bigger man and end this rather distracting conversation, as this thread was to be about Bill Shearer-no fan either of that which I speak.

  68. Cody Quirk Says:

    John, do you have any links or websites on this?

  69. Cody Quirk Says:

    Just for future reference, you know.

  70. Yosemite1967 Says:

    Know where I could find only the gathered evidence, without all of the commentary, drama, and opinion? Like Columbo would say, “Just the facts, Ma’am!” (Commentary, drama, and opinion always weaken one’s position, by giving the opposition something to draw attention to other than the facts.)

  71. Peter Gemma Says:

    um, back to the subject at hand … I’m looking for news stories, anecdotes, personal experiences, information about William K. Shearer. I’m writing an article about Bill as an important political operative and would appreciate hearing from anyone who could help. Please feel free to pass along this request.


    ~Peter Gemma

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