Let’s Get A Little Practical Redeux: Discerning a Man’s Faith and His Politics

This time, the article here was written by me….

A well known website known as ‘The American View’ has become pretty popular with detractors and former members of the Constitution Party. And apparently has become host of some quite irrational and illogical accusations. For example on the Mitt Romney candidacy, Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) that are members of the CP seem to get woven in with Romney:

“And since he can easily be painted as a believer in the doctrine of the Constitution as a divinely inspired document, he’ll draw Mormons looking for the “White Horse Prophecy” candidate. Evangelicals, who know next to nothing about LDS prophecies, theology, christology, ecclesiology, etc. would be completely ignorant of this “prophecy,” will be impressed, or better yet, mesmerized by the CP’s “more pro-life than the rest” rhetoric and has the added bonus of his being a celebrity candidate, something Howard Phillips simply loves! He’s perfect! And hey! He’ll bring big campaign money into the empty coffers of the CP. Now if they can just convince him to make the switch.
Let’s examine why this fantasy scenario could happen in the “new and improved” CP.

*Since the keystone plank in the platform, the life plank, has been “contextualized” (read- “thrown under the train”) this leaves all other planks subject to the same “contextualization”

*Romney has “contextualized” (read-”expediently flip-flopped”) on many “core conservative” issues

*Gun control


Such a laughably false and untrue accusation. Mitt Romney, a candidate for the Constitution Party?

“...He is pro-abort and pro-homosexual. He is a member of the NWO as far as I can see. He cannot save liberty, he does not know liberty. He has not kept his oath of office. He is a threat, not an ally…”

Such a put-down as this actually comes from a LDS Constitutionalist!

It seems that TAV and even some aspects of the public automatically assume that if a person who is of your faith is running for public office, that means the whole church, or domination, will back that candidate, irregardless of that candidate’s stance of the issues.
After all, he’s one of us right?


In a religion like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, you actually have political diversity that perhaps matches the Catholic Church, however.

No Latter-Day Saint thinks alike, Democrats are a growing percentage in the Church. LDS membership in the Constitution Party is no different, especially from Republican defection.
Yet again the rhetoric goes on.

“If and when Mitt Romney is made the GOP nominee for the 08 election, would anyone like to guess how fast the Mormon continegent that is in dejure control of the Constitution Party will bolt to support him?”

Which the next TAV blogger gleefully replies as a happy weatherman:

“As the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the departure of the Mormons from the CP for the GOP be.

The resulting vacuum created by the rapidly departing spiritual heirs of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young will finally create Ross Perot’s “giant sucking sound” that so many in the Reform party are hunkered down in their bunkers waiting for.”

Wow. Such intelligence, such comprehension. Even Marvin “Pro-Life” Richardson’s fable about Joseph Smith and the current President of the LDS Church as being seen as infallible by the flock seems more believable.

LDS in the CP, are not amused my Mitt, however, especially by his changing stances on social issues and his GOP neocon ideology.

“I, as an individual and as the Chairman of the Independent American Party of Nevada which is a Constitution party affiliate will not support Mitt Romney for any elected position from dog catcher to President. Mitt Romney has and continues to violate the teachings of the Founding Fathers of this country and/or of the later-day Prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He treats the Constitution of the United States like a non-binding resolution.”

...It seems that Christopher Hansen does not fit the role of The American View’s ‘Constitutionalist Mormon’.

“...Some people believe that just because a man claims to be of your faith (like Bush and Clinton claim to be a Christians) that members should support them. But we are warned against wolves in sheep’s clothing…

Because John Kerry is a Catholic, did American Catholics overwhelmingly back Kerry? Because our current President is a Methodist, did the Methodists back Bush entirely? Better yet, did the Baptists back Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton in the previous elections? And in office, do these men uphold their faith?
Is Romney going to be any different even?
It’s unfortunate how some third-parties, especially the ones that try to focus on a single issue, or ethnic group, or even a single religious preference fail to win on such a strategy. Indeed some in the Constitution Party are still wondering why there is a lack of support and votes from the Religious Right.

The average American voter doesn’t really care about voting for a party or candidate that appeals to only a miniature segment of his/her life or a single petty issue, rather he/she votes for a party or candidate that would either improve the voter’s condition or maintain anything that the voter sees as virtuous or being content with.
And the same could be said about the average LDS principled conservative, who principally votes for the candidate that LDS sees as fit for preserving, or restoring, the Constitution or undoing the bureaucracy that clogs the arteries of the American Government and still maintain the moral values that serves as the fabric of American Society.

Mitt Romney is anything but constitutionalist material. And LDS Constitutionalists have the decency and integrity to not vote for what the media portrays as “The Mormon Candidate”. They are not desperate to elect their own kind to office, especially when Mitt favors curtailing Second Amendment rights.

In my humble opinion Romney has
back and forth between the issues so much that he has next to no
left, but again that is his problem and not mine.

As beauty being only skin deep, and the deception of outward appearances; Latter-Day Saints exercise their conscience wisely in constitutionalist politics, and don’t let their personal prejudices get the better of their character, nor vote for the top-gun candidate at the nearest chance. Perhaps the members of The American View should think and study before they judge.

19 Responses to “Let’s Get A Little Practical Redeux: Discerning a Man’s Faith and His Politics”

  1. Joe Says:


    In your reading of the TAV forum, don’t overlook this post:

  2. Trent Hill Says:


    That poster said
    “IF I was a member of the CP.”

  3. Cody Quirk Says:

    Well, they do have black people that are KKK sympathizers and hate there own race.

  4. Cody Quirk Says:

    Then again this guy doesn’t even know about the anti-Mormon undercurrent against Nevada or LDS CP’ers.

  5. Cody Quirk Says:

    Hey Joe, why don’t you introduce your “LDSPatriot” friend to Scott Whiteman? I’m sure they’ll get along just fine:D

  6. Trent Hill Says:

    Scott Whiteman, Cal Zastrow, Angela Wittman, Peroutka, and LDS Patriot can set up a “Anti-Mormon” Party.

  7. Brandon H. Says:

    That’s Anti-Mormon, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Woman-In-Office Party.

  8. Cody Quirk Says:

    Oh! Speaking if this guy Joe brought up to me…

    Mr. LDSpatriot also posted this:


  9. Trent Hill Says:

    HAH! Thanks Brandon,that’s my bad. Then Cal Zastrow and Peroutka would split and form the “New Reformed Anti-Mormon, Anti-catholic, Anti-woman-in-office-party”

  10. Cody Quirk Says:

    Actually its called the Christian Liberty Party


    But there’s the American Heritage Party too

  11. Cutty Sark Says:

    Are you sure it’s not the People’s Liberation Front of Judaea?


  12. Cody Quirk Says:

    Are you sure it’s not the People’s Liberation Front of Judaea?

    =Heh heh heh! Well their IQ is the same, just about. Hmmmm, actually the PLFJ might have more intellegent and better experienced leaders.

  13. Sean Scallon Says:

    Which all goes to show a lot of what roiling the CP has a lot to do with Mormonism doesn’t it? Why even bring up Mitt Romney in the first place? Why would they think the CP would even dream of endrosing someone who doesn’t even sound like a serious Mormon to begin with?

    Do I think Mormonism is kooky myself? Sure. But I’m not going to start a political party based on anti-Mormonism. If that John Lofton and Mike Peroutka want to do with their free time by all means go right ahead in oblivion. Islamist blew the World Trade Center and apparently to them the real snake lies coiled in Salt Lake City. Sheesh!

  14. SovereignMN Says:

    I’m a staunch Baptist and believe Mormanism to be un-Christian. However, just at the Christians who founded this nation could see to align themselves with diests for the goal of freedom and liberty, I can also put aside my religious differences with Mormans on the political front.

    We’re all in a foxhole defending what little liberty we have left against an overwhelming populous enemy. Just because I don’t necessarily agree with what Nevada is doing in the foxhole next to me doesn’t mean I should start shooting at them too.

  15. John Chance Says:

    There is NO division in the Catholic Church. We dont act like mormons or Protestants-”lets read the Bible, decide for ourselves (Gnosticism) what is true” IF not one aggres, then we will elave (sort explains the problems with the CP fringe wing)

    The Church HAS decided on these issues, whether 1% or 99% disagree. It is what it is period.

    Anyone not in agreement, is outside the church and possibly, excommunicated.

  16. Trent Hill Says:

    John Chance…there are LOTS of catholics who are exceptionists. You are gullible.

  17. Cody Quirk Says:

    There are lots of Catholics that also divorce too.

    But I’m not going to bash Catholics and say they’ll all support Giuliani.

  18. Sean Scallon Says:

    It will be interesting to see the Church’s reaction to Guliani if he’s the GOP nominee. If they don’t skewer him like they did John Kerry, they deserve damnation.

  19. John Chance Says:


    I am neither gullible nor illiterate-as I see you are. You did not bother to read what I wrote.

    ANy Catholic that takes exceptions and acts on them in thuoght, word or deed is excommunicated. Period, end of story. You step outside the church, you are out. Period. End of story. No middle ground on moral issues at all.

    You think this is now clear enough to you?

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