Christian Rocker Seeking Constitution Party Presidential Nomination

I recently interviewed Dale Thompson, candidate for President of the United States of America in 2008. His website can be found here.


TPW: Please tell us a little bit about your personal background: hometown, family, education, occupation.

Dale: I was born and raised outside of a town called Shepherdsville in Kentucky . I graduated from Bullitt Central in 1980. I have lived basically in the same spot for my entire life. I have been married for 21 years, I have 3 sons. Their ages are 20, 15, and 10 the oldest Alex is serving in the United States Air Force. At this time I work in the construction field as a buyer for my dads plumbing and electrical contracting business.


TPW: What is your current church/religious affiliation?

Dale: I have no home church as one might call it. I fellowship at many different churches and denominations. I have been a song leader, a teacher etc in several different churches in my life including both Charismatic, Church of God, Assembly of God and Methodist churches.


TPW: How would you describe your music? Is it evangelical? Praise music?

Dale: I was called into unconventional Christian music. I am one of the founders of Christian Hard Rock. It is very evangelical. We have ministered to and have brought Christ in us to countless thousands of people around the world.


TPW: About your political background: When and how you first got politically active? What offices you have run for and/or held? Your past and present party affiliations?

Dale: In my band Bride I started speaking from stage when Clinton ran for President. I warned people that something was not right with this man. From there my convictions for the truth in government grew. I begin doing a lot of channel suffering on the radio until I found conservative talk radio. Then I found many Web Sites with the same format and from there my hunger and thirst grew to educate myself on facts and not on propaganda.


TPW: Why are you running for President of the United States ? Why not run for a local or state office instead? Do you see this as an opportunity to promote your band?

Dale: I am running for President because I have been called of God to step forward in this hour of crisis for our country. I see no one else with the ability to lead a country in Biblical truths that hold the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence close to their heart. I see career politicians, lifers who are ambitious for power. I do not like the direction that many of these candidates are proposing that we take our country. We do not need a professional in the White House we need a common man, who can identify with the needs of the people. Believe me when I say that I am in prayer and meditation over this. I have always been used by God in special ways. I used to pray every night that He would use me as an instrument of peace and that He would send me where I was most needed. At this moment I can think of no needier place than the White House. No matter how I am lead to pursue this know that I am listening to one voice.


TPW: Who did you vote for President of the United States in 2004 and why?

Dale: George W. Bush - John Kerry proved to be a liar during the primaries and I found him to be the wrong person to represent the greatest nation on God’s green earth.


TPW: Do you pledge to act to defend and promote the inviolable right to life of innocent human beings, from the moment of conception to natural death—without exception, including the cases of rape and incest?

Dale: Absolutely. Our Constitution can only be interpreted as the right to life. The signers of the Declaration of Independence deemed it a “self evident truth” that all men are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


TPW: Are you familiar with the Constitution Party? Are you seeking their nomination?

Dale: Yes I am very familiar and I would be honored to get their nomination.


TPW: Are you aware that the Constitution Party voted to allow a state party to remain affiliated that knowingly elected leaders and endorsed candidates that would allow abortion in the cases of rape and incest? What is your reaction to that?

Dale: I was not aware of that however I am my own man. I have my own convictions. I am led by the inner light of Christ and He alone challenges me, directs me, guides me and leads me. I am not swayed by surveys, opinion polls, church doctrines, theology or ideologies or any political party if it contradicts my own convictions. Abortion is murder, it is wrong to take a life. I do not use the word fetus to demean that life; I say baby or child to describe that life within a mother’s womb.


TPW: What is your view of the so-called “life of the mother” exception for abortion?

Dale: This and cases of rape are two of the rarest reasons for abortion. A doctor takes a vow to save lives. That is what he has promised to do. To do anything other than work within his power to save a life is a breach of his vow and criminal.


TPW: Are you familiar with the American Heritage Party? What do you think of them?

Dale: No, I am not.


TPW: Are you familiar with the America First Party? What do you think of them?

Dale: No I am not. I have only become familiar with the Constitution Party in recent months at the urging of Bride fans who thought I should look into them.


TPW: From your website it looks like you support the “war on terror” that many alternative parties, including the Constitution Party, oppose. What would your policy be toward Iraq and Iran if you were elected President?

Dale: Diplomacy, sit down talks. We have fought the war in a despicable fashion without designing keys to victory or an exit strategy. We adhered to the rules of engagement in such a way that our solders were not able to fight to the best of the U.S. ability. We allowed political correctness to dictate the war and a liberal biased media to define it to the American public. I want to lead our troops to victory whenever engaged but Iraq was not a fight we had to take on.


TPW: A picture of Republican Abraham Lincoln, who some in the Constitution Party and other alternative parties consider a war criminal, is prominently displayed on your website. Why do you admire Abraham Lincoln? Should we expect that you would try and govern like him if elected?

Dale: Abe Lincoln had some of the most profound quotes in the history of our nation. He gave his life following his heart. No matter what opinion one might have of the man, history has had its say. History unfortunately is being rewritten daily by men of power and money in order to dictate the attitudes and policies of this nation. The American public need to wake up that we are changing and the change is not for the good. It will be our demise.


TPW: If people like your answers how can people help your campaign?

Dale: Pray, contact me at [email protected] if you want to oppose me, don’t write me hate mail it won’t be read by me or answered. I haven’t time for personal one on one debate. Our time is short. Our mission is clear. Bring awareness to the American heart that it would awake from its slumber and return to the God fearing nation that we have in the past so proudly proclaimed.

49 Responses to “Christian Rocker Seeking Constitution Party Presidential Nomination”

  1. Trent Hill Says:

    I probably wouldnt support this guy for President. He doesnt have any idea who the AHP is, or the America First Party is. He doesnt seem to really do his own research, but rather has just followed the conservative “trend” amonst Religious Right fans and fellows. Of course, i’ll give anyone a fair shake.
    To me, he would have to prove the following
    -He is running for President of the United States. Not bolstering the popularity or name recognition of his band.
    -He is not one of the Religious Zealot types that we JUST got rid of.
    -He has a profound knowledge on ALL the issues (not just Iraq and Abortion).
    -He has networking and fundraising skills.
    -He wants to build the party to be a permanent force, rather than running for President and leaving.

    I would,however, probably support him for Kentucky Governor. Although I honestly think the best option would be to run for a state house seat or sumthin. Something small and winnable. No offense to this guy, he seems nice enough, and is obviously very passionate. But I think he has alot of studying to do, more than can be done before the CP Convention.

  2. Starr Matthews Says:

    I respect Mr. Hill’s responce to Mr. Thompson’s running for President in 2008. However, I feel I must say that I in no way felt that Mr. Thompson was “bolstering the popularity or name recognition of his band.”
    He simply was answering questions honestly in which his interest and support came from.

    As far as your comment’s on Mr. Thompson’s conservative “trend” I must remind you that this country was founded on Christian morals and values. That which many have not just forgotten, but try to push out those reminders of Whom truly keeps this country the most powerful.

    Yes, I agree that Mr. Thompson needs more research however, knowing where his identity lyes and with in Whom it lyes; I believe that all things are possible with God.

    I have heard Mr. Thompson’s vision for this country first hand.
    Mr. Thompson’s passion for this country and it’s people is a rare find. Unfortunitly, many political parties have scamperd off in another direction that has not been successful to this country. I believe if nothing else, Mr. Thompson’s voice is that of the people in which those who’s name’s do end up on a ballat should listen to.

    I for one applaude Mr. Thompson’s efforts and believe that he can make the changes this country has long awaited. Whether he becomes a Governor, or state house seat first, I believe that this will be a stepping stone in the direction God has called him.

  3. undercover_anarchist Says:

    This guy is a serious lightweight. Hardly worth covering, even by a blog that covers this stuff exclusively.

  4. MLB Says:

    From Thompson’s website:
    “Dale never truly had political ambitions until this past year when the events of the world began to unfold rapidly and he became very concerned…”

    I know he voted for his hero Bush, but has this guy been living under a rock, or what?

  5. MLB Says:

    “This guy is a serious lightweight. Hardly worth covering, even by a blog that covers this stuff exclusively.”

    Isn’t that the truth.

  6. Trent Hill Says:

    “I respect Mr. Hill’s responce to Mr. Thompson’s running for President in 2008. However, I feel I must say that I in no way felt that Mr. Thompson was “bolstering the popularity or name recognition of his band.”
    He simply was answering questions honestly in which his interest and support came from.

    As far as your comment’s on Mr. Thompson’s conservative “trend” I must remind you that this country was founded on Christian morals and values. That which many have not just forgotten, but try to push out those reminders of Whom truly keeps this country the most powerful.”

    I didnt say that I felt Thompson was bolstering the name recognition of his band. I just said he needed to be able to show he wasnt.
    I didnt say the “trend” was a bad one. But he needs to understand where it came from and where its going. Being a typical fundamentalist Religious Right politician just isnt good enough. Like I said, i’d give him a fair shake…I mean I havent met him yet, heard him yet, heard his stance on alot of issues yet. But he doesnt seem to have networking/funraising abilities, nor does he seem to be overly knowledgeable on the Constitution/Political system.

  7. Chad Says:

    It would be good to have this country given back to the people. He is a normal guy with sincere convictions. I need to hear more and would like to see him involved in debates, not only to hear his answers, but also to see how he handles himself with the likes of some of the other top canidates. With that said, I hope he has a chance to at least be heard by the masses.

  8. Kim Says:

    I find it refreshing to see “one of us” finally taking a stand instead of being one of the masses who spend their days sitting on our couches with family and friends, shaking our heads, and spouting that our government is running us to the ground and still do nothing.
    Here is our chance to back someone who truly is for US. Isn’t everyone ready to make a change? Light wieght or not, I think hes the best shot we have folks. We can sit here and debate that he needs to know more about this, and more about that…and he IS learning. We’re lucky he wants to take up for the people. Sadly, I don’t see any other parties/persons doing that.

  9. Starr Matthews Says:

    “We can sit here and debate that he needs to know more about this, and more about that…and he IS learning.”

    Yes, in deed he is!! One thing about Dale Thompson is that he is humble enough to take constructive criticism, learns from it, and he is also honest enough to fulfill it.

  10. Dale Thompson Says:

    I appreciate that everyone hear has an opinion. I am also impressed that I have raised some discussions. At this early stage my convictions lean more toward convincing people that career politicians are destroying this country. Professionals in Washington that are making fortunes and adding to their wealth from the sweat of the working person disgusts me.
    I watch the news reports, I listen to talk radio and it is all a bunch of chatter. Everybody is talking but nothing is getting done. It never does. 2008 we’ll elect another President. He will take office and if it is a Republican he’ll take a beating by the liberal media, if it is a Democrat they will raise taxes, put us in a recession and the Rush Limbaugh will have a field day.

    2 Timothy 3:7 makes a statement that is very true about this generation “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

    All of you that think you know, you don’t know, because you are just repeating what always happens around election time. It is ground hogs day with the same theme but this time different players. The Bible also has a verse that fits you,
    St. Matt 13:11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

    This is a very self absorbed egotistical generation of scholars and professional politicians. And our country in general will follow them like the Children of Israel through the desert to only die as a result of their complaining and lack of faith in God to deliver them unless someone rises from the shadows and takes hold and rides out the storm. Am I the man to do this? If you look at my political background the answer is no. But I will say this… I look at all of the others running for this office and I can say without doubt that I certainly will lead with more conviction than any of the others. I cannot see one candidate that will do anything any different than our last three Presidents have done. So do you want the United States to stay on its present course? Or will you step up and force the powers that be to make the changes that will make us a God fearing nation again? It is a question of live or die, and it is as simple as that.

    Thank you

  11. Bren Drysdale Says:

    I think Dale Thompson is exactly what the United States of America needs. We need someone with strong morals, integrity, and a love for our nation as well as for our people.

    Our country is falling apart. Morals, values, everything we once stood for is diminishing. I’ve witnessed it happening throughout my life and it’s getting worse rather than better. I’m ready for a change. Enough is enough.

    Learn more about Dale and what he plans to do for you and for our country before making your judgement. He really has a lot to offer and I believe in him 100%.

  12. Twoxcell Says:

    Here is simply a man with strong convictions that could truly make a difference in the political arena. Very concise and to the point, Mr. Thompson is truly what this nation needs to bring us back to what our founding fathers have fought so hard to preserve. I have had the opportunity to hear Mr. Thompson speak on one occation, and He is very charismatic and converses with incredible passion.

  13. matt Says:

    Have you heard of Ron Paul? If not, some time spent researching his voting record and principles might prove valuable. He shares most (perhaps all) of your convictions and has been defending them in washington for decades. He is already running for president. He is a sitting congressman.

    As an outsider in politics, the burden of proof that lies upon you as you present yourself before the public is two-fold: first, you must explain your beliefs, plans, and qualifications, and second, you must show that these are superior to those of everyone else (i.e. those with more experience) who are seeking the office from inside the system.

  14. matt Says:

    Also, what is the point of enforcing the characteristics of a ‘god-fearing nation’ from the White House?

    As a Christian, the state isn’t my point of interface with God. We interact personally, and I intend to resist any governmental intrusion into our relationship.

  15. Jonathan Says:

    I am working hard behind the scenes to put a cherry bom* under Mr. Thompson’s campaign. I have asked him questions in an interview about issues that most people don’t even think about and he not only responded, it was sincere and filled with enough detail to show he has a dream. This dream lies in giving the power of sovreignty back to the Constitution and the people. The Constitution has been perverted and Mr. Thompson is working with sweat, blood and tears to set a plan to clean the mess up. He will no doubt have my vote, and the votes of every red-blooded American with a heart for the people and this great nation that built it’s global influence through trade, diplomacy and tears; the tears of the men on the battlefield standing between their families and devestation; the tears of the mothers as they stand with fear and pride for their sons and daughters; the tears of the leaders that were faced with horrifying decisions and then ridiculed by their colleagues. This nation was raised up, up from the agricultural colonies to what we see today: a nation of freedom, a nation of security and a nation of pride.

  16. MLB Says:

    “At this early stage my convictions lean more toward convincing people that career politicians are destroying this country. Professionals in Washington that are making fortunes and adding to their wealth from the sweat of the working person disgusts me.”—- Dale Thompson

    If this is truly the case and you really want to represent ordinary working Americans, why did you support the ultimate son of privilege, George W. Bush—- one of the biggest beneficiary’s of influence and cronyism in the annals of American politics—- in the critically important presidential election of 2004?

    Perhaps you could also explain to readers of TPW why you voted to re-elect a man who had fleeced the hard-working taxpayers of Arlington, Texas, out of hundreds of millions of dollars as an owner of the Texas Rangers and whose fiscal policies have virtually bankrupted the country while bogging us down in a foreign policy disaster of epic proportions, especially since the American electorate had several third-party alternatives for those unhappy with the general direction of the country in that election. Those included the Constitution Party’s Michael Peroutka, Libertarian Michael Badnarik and consumer advocate Ralph Nader, among others. All three of them were on the ballot in your home state of Kentucky in 2004.

    Calling John Kerry a “liar” is hardly a reason for re-electing Dubya in 2004, especially considering Bush’s monumental propensity for deception.

    It may be true, as you say, that “career politicians are destroying this country,” but a bigger threat is an ill-informed voter who doesn’t realize that he or she is part of the problem.

  17. Trent Hill Says:


    I do think the guy deserves some slack. He has realized voting Bush in ‘04 was an error. He has only recently discovered Third Party politics (or so it seems). At least he is learning right?

    Dale Thompson,

    Do not take my opinion as an attack, but rather as my honest assertion on the events in the Constitution Party. I’m going to message you privately to discuss further my thoughts on the subject.

  18. MLB Says:


    Where did he say that voting for Bush in 2004 was a mistake? Not that it would make any difference. The fact that he supported Bush that year still demonstrates extremely poor judgment.

  19. MLB Says:

    My earlier post should have read “beneficiaries,” not “beneficiary’s.”

  20. Dale Thompson Says:

    I will not continue in this forum because it appears that some of you have decided to add to my words and others have opted to not read what I have written. This is the problem with radical politics, the loonies come out of the wood work to burn and crucify any and all.
    I RECENTLY was introduced to 3rd party politics. When I did my homework I stepped away from the mainstream, this is why I voted for President Bush.
    So, now that we have cleared that up for anyone who reads every other line, I will not be returning here. There is more pressing issues and important places I need to spend my time.

    Thank you again, do the right thing!

    I am not one of them I AM ONE OF YOU!

    Dale Thompson

  21. Cody Quirk Says:

    Does this fellow have any college degrees or experience in the Military? Does he have any experience in politics, Period?

    UA is right, he is a major lightweight, better off running for a local office.

  22. Don Swartzentruber Says:

    Imagine a presidential candidate that has
    -No Ivy League education
    -No elitist social networking
    -No massive campaign fund
    -No political background
    -Limited knowledge about daily life on Capital hill

    If elected this idea alone would keep the American political analysis spinning long after Thompson served his term. Many politicians have claimed to be one of the people…Thompson is not using it as a slogan.

    I helped bring back Bush for the second time…ops.
    I’m ready to see more diplomacy and less killing….as we all are.
    I think Mr. Thompson is an honest and sincere man.
    I’d buy front row seats to see Dale debate Hillary Clinton.
    Then close out the evening with some rock music from Bride.

    Have a good day folks,
    -Don Swartzentruber

  23. Matthew Moseley Says:

    I am proud to be on the Dale Thompson for President team.
    I expected all this chatter, it’s common trash talk that happens to everyone who steps out of political obscurity to make a difference in the world around them. You can search the databases and see that the same was said about me when I ran for the Texas Legislature last year.
    Since he announced his intent to run, I have been supporting Dale, discussing the issues, and getting him up to speed on the things he needs help with. Some of you might see a “lightweight” but he has a growing team of heavyweights behind him who believe he is the best hope for this country to get back to our Constitutional roots. I don’t expect Dale to be perfect, have a perfect past (even as far as politicians go), or have all the answers. The sign of a concerned politician is one who can admit he is wrong or doesn’t have all the answers and works to correct it. Anyone who tells you that they have all the answers usually means they have an agenda that they will stick to even if it is bad for the rest of us. I have been following the other candidates, and the chatter is all the same. I like Ron Paul, but he won’t get the Republicans to back him.
    Dale Thompson is the only candidate seeking God’s direction for America, and that is our best hope. If it were for that reason alone, I would support him with everything I have, but I know there is more to this man and his campaign to make our country better. For that reason, I am honored to be on the team and proud to be ready to cast my vote for Dale Thompson. A vote for Dale Thompson is a vote for a better America.

  24. SovereignMN Says:

    If Mr. Thompson really wanted to make a difference I think he’d use his influence and following to promote and build the CP, particularly the CP of KY. It’s great that he’s interested in joining the CP but what the party really needs is a strong foundation rather than a political novice making a stab as the top candidate.

  25. Trent Hill Says:

    SovereignMN has the right idea.
    Dale, we all appreciate that you want to help the country. We all do. And it is a truely noble act. That being said,there are better ways for you to do that. Losing the Constitution Party’s nomination race is not one of them. Get on board in Kentucky and help them grow, run for local/state office in ‘07. After that,we can talk again.

  26. matt Says:

    What you’re getting on this message board isn’t hatred or unfounded criticism. Rather, we are asking questions and expecting answers. Why on earth would we support someone who doesn’t answer our questions? Many of us here are Christians, but that doesn’t mean that you can automatically expect our support. Why would it? Much of the presidential field professes Christianity, and I can’t determine the state of anyone’s heart.

    You have no grievance against anyone on this board unless you are offended by questions. If you’re offended by questions, then you have no business here in any case. We’re a thick-skinned bunch.

  27. Truth Guardian Says:

    Dale is right about one thing. In third party politics, the loonies do indeed come out of the woodwork. The interesting thing is that he doesn’t seem to realize that, in this case, he’s the loony for thinking that, with no experience and no qualifications, he is even marginally qualified to seek the presidency.

  28. Cutty Sark Says:

    I wouldn’t vote for the guy, since I don’t agree with most of his views (at least that I have seen so far, I haven’t heard of him anywhere else), but he sounds sincere and willing to learn and is not a bullshitter or professional politician, so I have to give him some credit. He seems willing to learn as well to present his views.

    He probably would have a much better shot at local office, but I don’t think that’s what he is after. He wants a big stage to talk about his ideas about national and international politics.

    There are enough phonies, insiders, small time scammers and professional bullshit artists already running for office, and ignoramuses who think they already know everything, so I welcome anyone who is a real person running on the passion of their views to the race, and so far Mr. Thompson sounds like that is what he is.

    And I don’t care who he voted for in 2004, people are capable of growing and changing.

  29. Eric Dondero Says:

    As a Libertarian I gotta say, this guy seems real impressive. He could attract a lot of support for the otherwise moribund Constitution Party. He’d probably attract a lot of Libertarian support, as well.

    I wish the Libertarian Party would take a cue from this and nominate a Rock ‘n Roller or other Celebrity type.

    Eric Dondero, CEO

  30. Trent Hill Says:

    Dondero. Shut up.
    You were gone for so long, as we all got along quite well without you in attendance.

    As for nominating celebrity types. Very few “celebrity types” have the ability to be a GOOD politician. Reagan being one of them. If you say Swarzeneggar, I will clean your clock.

  31. Eric Dondero Says:

    Tent Hill: Just shut-up. You’ve been hanging out here so long that your opinions have become stale, outdated, sounding like yesterday’s garbage truck passing by complete with the barking dogs in tow.

    As for nominting Nobody non-Celebrity types for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President; be my guest. That just means more Libertaians who will bolt the LP and support the GOP Nominee as they did in 2004 with Badnarik.

    Sheesh, do you idiot Libertarian Party people every learn?

  32. matt Says:

    If the LP nominates a fool for president, I’ll vote for the CP guy, or perhaps I’ll even have the chance to vote for Ron Paul. I’d rather not vote at all than vote for some stuffed suit with little to reccomend him other than some silly 15 minutes of fame.

    Libertarian people believe libertarian things. For this reason, they nominate libertarians as candidates within the Libertarian Party. If you want to stop being a Republican and start your very own “Celebrity Party”, you are welcome to do so.

  33. matt Says:

    Wait, that sounded bad. I’m not neccessarily saying that Dale is a stuffed suit with nothing to reccomend him. I’m speaking generally.

    I await more from Dale.

    The internet often makes us (me) appear to be bigger jerks than we actually are.

  34. Trent Hill Says:


    I am not a Libertarian. Im a CPer, although supportive of the LP.

    My opinion IS an old one, and one which does not have much FLARE to it. However, it is one that Madison and Jefferson found very plausible. So,you are welcome to call me trash. I suppose the stench of truth doesn’t help you Republican lapdogs does it?

  35. undercover_anarchist Says:

    Dondero also thinks this young “rock ‘n roll type” is very handsome, and we all know how important that is. Oh, and well hung, too. Dondipshit wants to Swing a three-way with his wife and the rocker, no doubt. How does the CP feel about “Swinger’s Rights”? If you change your position on this topic, I’m fairly confident that you can attract one Mr. Derick Onedildo to your party - and you know how great he has been for the LP. Just ask him!

  36. Truth Guardian Says:

    With all due respect to Dale, after researching his band (which I had never heard of before the TPW interview, incidentally) I really don’t think he falls into the “celebrity” category.

  37. Eric Donfascist Says:

    If I say he’s a celebrity, that means he’s a celebrity! I think libertarians in this election will have to choose between three very serious, very libertarian candidates: Rudy Giuliani, John Taylor Bowles and Dale Thompson. That is of course unless Wayne Root runs, in which case all bets are off.

    Where does Bowles stand on Swingers rights and Islam? I think with the right Celebrity candidate, especially one who is a wealthy Republican who is into sports and Swinging, the National Socialist Movement could be very successful.

    I like the spiffy uniforms. Maybe we’ll see about buying them for the Giuliani Youth Brigade. I think Rudy would approve. The China Daily has called Bowles a Libertarian, and I’m thinking of starting a Libertarians for Bowles group.

    I’m a little concerned that Thompson wants to negotiate with the Islamo-fascists. I think Fascism should be non-negotiable, and a Rocker should be more macho because negotiation is for wimps and pussies.

  38. Eric Donfascist Says:

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I also voted for Bush in 2004 and would vote for him again in 2008, if we didn’t have even better candidates like John Bowles, Wayne Root and Rudy Giuliani this time.

    I think we should nuke the whole middle east and anybody with a name like Diallo deserves to be raped by the brave Heroes of the NYPD with a plunger handle just for having an Unamerican name like that.

    I like how Rudy Giuliani cleaned up the prostitution and pornography in Times Square and many other parts of New York, which many Mainstream Libertarians were very happy about.

    If Dale Thompson will agree to let me lick his cum out of my wife while he watches I may have to vote for him, because I like his Hard Rocking music. I think he’s almost like a mainstream Libertarian except that he is more Constitutional. Does his band cover any Ted Nugent? Cat Scratch Fever totally rocks!

  39. matt Says:

    I’ve heard of the band, and I’m no christian rock completist, so they have some name recognition in Christian circles.

  40. Truth Guardian Says:

    Matt says: “I’ve heard of the band, and I’m no christian rock completist, so they have some name recognition in Christian circles.”

    Thank you, Matt. I stand corrected insofar as no one having heard of his band. Just out of curiosity, had you ever heard Dale’s name, or had you heard only the band’s name?

  41. matt Says:

    I’d read his name in a magazine article. While it hadn’t been on the tip of my tongue a la JohnPaulGeorgeRingo, it was, I think, in there somewhere. I’m sure a couple of my friends have heard of him.

  42. Chris Campbell Says:

    He likes Lincoln and has-apparently-no problems with the undeclared, illegal and immoral “war” in Iraq, et al. Also exceptions to abortion?

    No thanks, lets hope he isn’t a blip in ‘08. Me thinks I smell a GOP infiltrator. I wish I could pull up Google, as there is a so-called Christian rock group that actually made a “I love Bush” video”, hmm…Wish I had saved some of his emails to me. But…I’ll stick to those that have a real and deep commitment. A funny quote from him:

    “No matter what opinion one might have of the man, history has had its say. History unfortunately is being rewritten daily by men of power and money in order to dictate the attitudes and policies of this nation.”

    Me thinks part of the “reconstruction” of the South was re-education-read brainwashing- of the entire nation to Father Abraham. He was a war criminal, unconstitutional and one of the worst dictators in the Western hemisphere.

    The re-write is due to real research, not the GOP at the time, blocking out all opinions contrary to Martyr Lincoln.

  43. Chris Campbell Says:

    Dale states: “I RECENTLY was introduced to 3rd party politics. When I did my homework I stepped away from the mainstream, this is why I voted for President Bush.”

    sooo…..stepping away from the mainsteream is voting for GW?? um, yup that makes sense to me.

    Sorry Dale is walking away so quick, would not hold up well in any debate, no?

  44. Chris Campbell Says:

    Just looked at his site. Support the troops? How can one support someone that is violating his oath-to God- and the Constitution?

    How is putting them in harms way, where the soldier can be killed, maimed, disfigured and breath in DU “support”.

    IF anybody-say Cody Quirk-has time to wqeed through his site, would appreciate it.

    Looks like he is flat against the CP platform and common sense here-also rather Neo-Connie and gullible:

    Also, check is NeoCon fear mongering add at bottom L side-the one with Brigitte Gabriel.

    Finally, his news links include Neo Con WND-a site whose publisher Joseph Farah told me persoanlly he would not support the CP or Peroutka as we are anti-Smeites (thought Christ and his APostales were Jews, huh). Also he has GO papologist Drudge listed. A coup de grace, NEWSMAX

    No he IS one of them, not one of us (CP).

    Dale, try running for the GOP offices, we don’t need ya

  45. Chris Campbell Says:

    Eric Donfascist-your language and ideas speak for itself. Not surprising you love Gw Bush

  46. Chris Campbell Says:

    Eric Dondero likes him-gee, there is a surprise-a Libertarian In Name Only Bush lover supporting a CPINO Bush lover.

    Be truthful fellow, just call yourself what you are, Republicans.

  47. matt Says:


    It’s the first time I’ve heard that one. Hopefully the last as well, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

  48. William Sell Says:

    Seems we’re ALL missing the most salient points here, and that’s that there are salient questions that demand objective examination. That requires we get over all the old methods, tricks and distractions that have thus far precluded any degree of reason being employed in our system of selecting/electing those we entrust to run things. Rather, we’ve been trained to dutifully respond with the apropriate indignation to those guilty of misjudging “polls”, “minoretee du jour”, or simply the comfort zone of being….nice. Anyone not half asleep can discern the folly of our ridiculous duopoly. ever heard o’ Mutt & Jeff ? How many times do we need burn to learn ? Voting for either is the only truly wasted vote, and to some degree a vote for both. Consider—- those among us that do not vote—united—alone—could elect anyone they choose. These…people, in these parties are not our friends. I dare each of you to know who these people are, and who they surround themselves with, where does their money come from. I challenge you to go so far as to accept fact however disagreeable it may be to our contemperary “enlightened” attitudes. Citizens need be aware that the debate is shaped and controlled by a media with an agenda not synonymous with that of the electorate. Basic game theory indicates as much. Please-think and debate diligently about matters of state, and don’t tolerate the SOS . The standard fare of jerks could be broken, with it the end of private money, “grease” deciding your politics, if we could simply wake up to the realities of the system. Each and every elected offcial MUST be dis-elected. Only third party votes should be made. Anything else, for any reason, is simply an endorsement of the current rapid and deliberate destruction of the Republic.

  49. Israel Says:

    Really, these replies make me wonder why we even have democracy.

    I do think Dale is a little too conservative, however, he is sincere and honest unlike, well, everyone else. To say the least, the best spot to pick would be running for a state/local office. I highly doubt you will get the pick of the Constitution Party, infact, I believe Jerome Corsi would probably take it. Run as an Independent, maybe?

    I have heard Dale’s band, saw them in concert once, and my dad is a huge fan of them. ( wikipedia) Good band, a classic and pioneer in the Christian music scene. They already have a name for themselves, so running for president really wont do much in making their band more popular.

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