Connecticut Moves to Expand Fusion

A bill that would loosen up the laws relating to fusion is being considered in the Connecticut legislature. This could potentially create a viable Working Families Party in Connecticut.

The full story, from Ballot Access News...

Connecticut H7260, introduced by the Government Administration & Elections Committee itself, would expand the use of fusion. Existing law permits qualified major and minor parties to use fusion. However, existing law does not permit unqualified parties to use it. This bill would extend fusion to parties that are unqualified for that particular office, but which are already qualified for other offices.

In Connecticut, minor parties are qualified for some offices but not others. Specifically, a minor party in Connecticut is ballot-qualified if it polled 1% for that same office in the last election. Therefore, the typical minor party in Connecticut is qualified in a piecemeal fashion. This bill appears to be introduced at the request of the Working Families Party, which wants to use fusion. If the bill passes, it can engage in fusion (usually the party prefers to jointly nominate candidates who are also Democratic nominees) for any office in the state, not just the offices in which it polled 1% in the last election.

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