William Potter announces reelection bid

Allow me to be the first Jeffersonian out of the gate and to announce my candidacy for 2008. I hereby announce that I will be seeking re-election to Fyffe City Council in the upcoming election. I thank everyone for their encouragement to seek a second term and promise to do my utmost best in this campaign as well as in my position.

I hope to see many more JRP members join me in local races in their own hometowns within the next 12 months.

William Potter
Jefferson Republican Party, Alabama

Source: http://jeffersonrepublican.blogspot.com

7 Responses to “William Potter announces reelection bid”

  1. Chris Campbell Says:

    A guy running ofr office as a Republican-brave and hopeful guy

  2. matt Says:

    Just as long as he sticks it to the man properly!

  3. John Howard Says:

    Chris Campbell wrote:
    “A guy running ofr office as a Republican-brave and hopeful guy”.

    Potter is a Jefferson Republican and not a member of the G.O.P.

  4. General Lee Says:

    Fyffe is a lovely town.

  5. Tim Carver Says:

    From what I can tell by looking at the JRP sites they are more like Pro Border Control/Pro Life Libertarians than they are like Republicans.
    I wonder why they chose that name?

  6. Cody Quirk Says:

    Good luck Will.

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