Sime Nominated for VA Senate

Arin Sime is now officially the Libertarian nominee for Virginia State Senate, District 24…

Libertarian Party members nominated Arin Sime as the party’s choice to run against Republican incumbent Emmett Hanger for the state’s 24th District Senate seat this November.

The Libertarian Party convention was held in Waynesboro on Saturday.

Sime, a Crozet businessman, said his campaign will focus on issues including lower taxes, property rights, school choice and Second Amendment rights.

For more information, visit Sime’s Web site and campaign blog at

11 Responses to “Sime Nominated for VA Senate”

  1. disinter Says:

    Sime’s oppenent has little local support

  2. Mike Gillis Says:

    Now that’s an early nomination!

    Hope he makes the best of his extra time and pulls off a third party win. Best of luck to the Libertarians!

  3. Jason Gatties Says:

    Well its not all that early. That election is this November.

  4. disinter Says:

    Arin Sime’s website:

    Folks, this is a two-way race and Arin has been running a professional campaign a full year and 1/2 before his election. He CAN WIN this thing. Please support him if you wish to see a Libertarian elected to office in 2007.

  5. Marc Montoni Says:

    It’s a two-way race so far. Cross your fingers that it stays that way.

    Arin is definitely working hard. He actually started campaigning early LAST year for this seat. He’s raised $22,000 already.

    Incidentally, Arin’s company,, is experienced at serving Libertarian candidates for online donation processing. Check it out. No, I am not employed by them.

    Read more about Arin and other Virginia candidates on

  6. Joey Dauben Says:

    This sounds like the same crap Hacker used.

    They were out of the chute a year before, had substantial cash raised, and didn’t do crap.

    And what makes you think that blog is credible, disinter? Kinda reminds me of a libertarian blog people on this site have been griping about for a while now…

    As far as I’m concerned, Libertarians have lost all credibility on the national level.

  7. disinter Says:

    Joey, if you pull your head out of your ass long enough to get a grasp of reality, you might become aware of the fact that Sime is not running on the “national level”.

  8. Joey Dauben Says:

    Still, you’re making an appeal to a national audience.

  9. Eric Dondero Says:

    A bit off-topic. Sorry Austin, but this is big.

    There’s a brand new Libertarian Party Presidential candidate who has just declared. He’s a multi-millionaire software company CEO from Portland, Oregon. The guy looks serious, and he has some serious LP support.

    Full story at

  10. hburgnews » “a very, very positive campaign” Says:

    [...] In related news, Arin Sime recently got the official Libertarian endorsement to run against Hanger (or Sayre, in the unlikely case he gets the nomination). [...]

  11. General Lee Says:

    Sounds like the sort of thing Libertarians should spend more time doing.

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