California Green Councilman Resigns Seat

Green Party representative Karl Warkomski has resigned from his seat on the city council of Aliso Viejo, California. He is relocating to North Carolina to accept a new job. Warkomski served as the city’s mayor in 2005.

From the Orange County Register...

The city’s Green Party councilman announced Wednesday night that he will resign from the City Council and accept a job in North Carolina.

“Today is my last council meeting,” said Councilman Karl Warkomski at the end of the council meeting.

The announcement came as a shock, council members said.

Warkomski said he informed City Manager Mark Pulone about his resignation Monday. On Saturday, Warkomski said, he will leave for North Carolina.

“You really shocked me,” Councilman Greg Ficke said.

His reason for departure involves a job offer in North Carolina. He said he was unable to provide further details because he signed a confidentiality agreement with his new employer.

Warkomski was narrowly elected to the first City Council in 2001, when the city was inaugurated. As the lowest vote-getter of the five winning candidates, he won the position with an 11-vote margin.

The only Green Party member in an otherwise all-Republican council, Warkomski espoused environmental issues, especially on the city’s development projects. He also supported projects that pushed residents out of their vehicles and encouraged walking, such as the city’s trails program.

One of his last initiatives was his attempt to bring a farmers market to Aliso Viejo.

“You provided an insight on the environmental aspects of running the city,” Ficke said to Warkomski during the meeting.

“I remember when you didn’t have gray hair,” Warkomski responded.

Warkomski served as the city’s mayor in 2005 and is believed to be the first Green Party mayor in Orange County.

“You will be impossible to replace,” Mayor Pro Tem Carmen Cave said.

The City Council decided to hold a special meeting Tuesday to decide how to fill the vacancy. The council has the opportunity to appoint someone to fill the vacancy within 30 days or call for a special election, said Scott Smith, attorney for the city.

“(Warkomski) brought a new perspective not just to Aliso Viejo, but Orange County,” said Mayor Cynthia Adams. “It’s really not about being Democrat, Republican or Green. It’s about who’s going to service this community.”

Warkomski said his sudden resignation was due to the fact that he did not know about his new employment until Friday. He gave notice to his current employer Wednesday, shortly before the council meeting, he said.

“It’s a new chapter in my life that needs to be written, and there are absolutely no bad feelings,” Warkomski said. “I’m just excited to go.”

3 Responses to “California Green Councilman Resigns Seat”

  1. Otto Kerner Says:

    I guess it’s bad news any time a third party activist moves from one town to another. What you want is people rooted and known in their communities. The fact that this guy was an elected official just makes it worse.

    I sometimes wonder if parties like the GP would be in a position to offer guys like this some cash in order to stay put. How legal is that?

  2. matt Says:

    If another green runs for the seat, it would be nice of Warmoski to stump for him

  3. Chris Campbell Says:

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