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Paul to Attend Debate reports...

Ron Paul has accepted an invitation to participate in the first national presidential debate in New Hampshire on Wednesday, April 4. It will be hosted by Wolf Blitzer and will be carried on CNN TV, radio, and from 7-9 p.m. EST.

40 Responses to “Paul to Attend Debate”

  1. George Phillies Says:

    The April 4 is the Republican debate. April 5 is the Democratic debate. On April 9, there will be a live televised Libertarian debate.

  2. Jason Gatties Says:

    Where will the LP debate be televised?

  3. George Phillies Says:

    At last report the channels in question are being resolved.

  4. Trent Hill Says:


    Are these channels going to be national ones? Like ABC or CBS? Or sometihng like New Hampshire PBS?

  5. George Phillies Says:


    I will let you know when I find out.


  6. Robert Milnes Says:

    Let’s do all we can to make it competitive to the dem & rep debates. I will try to attend. And I like Eric Sundwall’s idea of conducting straw polls next year corresponding to the dem & rep straw poll/primaries. Iowa, NH, NV, SC. etc. Their nominations will probably be determined shortly thereafter.

  7. Anthony Distler Says:

    Do we know who all the invitees are?

  8. Sean Scallon Says:

    These debates will be crucial to Paul’s chances because the only who be paying attention are GOP activists and Paul has a chance to standout to them with hos contrarian stands. Hopefullyt they will make for great television.

  9. Timothy West Says:

    The LP needs to leverage the net and have a concurrent video net broadcast of the major POTUS debates simulcast during the debates and then saved for on demand viewing.

    This would be costly but it’s the only way around the gatekeepers. With some money for adverts on the toob, it would be very effective.

  10. Joey Dauben Says:

    Someone better YouTube that debate with Ron Paul.

    And while you’re at it, having a few hard-core Paul activists inside and out wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just hope that Paul has yard signs. Everywhere the other candidates go, there’s always yard signs.

  11. Robert Milnes Says:

    You all are tripping if you think RP will get the gop nomination.

  12. Trent Hill Says:

    And you were tripping if you thought you were going to get the LP nomination.

    However, if you had read the archive, you’d know we are all very realistic about his chances. We simply want him to do as well as possible.

  13. Darcy G. Richardson Says:

    So, they’re saving the best for last by sending in the clowns first and then having the Democratic debate the next night followed by the Libertarians on April 9th. Good luck to George Phillies, Steve Kubby and the other LP candidates—- it should be interesting.

  14. Chris Hickman Says:

    Hey fellow libertarians - any Scammer of Truth/Liberty Hoax updates?

  15. Robert Milnes Says:

    Trent, that’s nice. I’ve been reading the RP buzz. If you had read my website you’d know there is a strategy that could result in the lib. nominee closely winning. No need to twiddle with the repugs. Now, I’ve been thinking that maybe it would be better to have the NH lib. debate before the reps & dems. Because after they debate they will pack up their tents & cotton candy & NH will be empty for the libs.

  16. matt Says:

    If you were campaigning for a candidacy other than the presidential one, you could be making a profound difference. As a Presidential candidate you’re up against this:

    Kubby has a huge built-in fan following and people in place.

    Phillies has the internet wrapped up and a plan to use youtube to get even bigger
    Ron Paul is a member of Congress with a national following.

    Ralph Nader, Pat Buchanan, Cathy Sheehan, and Roy Moore could each garner a half million votes without campaigning, just on their name power alone.

    You are a guy who has a website and comes on this message board.

    If you decided to run for state legislature you could make a difference. If you supported one of the other candidates you could make a difference, if you worked on a ballot initiative you could make a difference. By trying to do too much you will accomplish nothing. Which is a shame, because you care about the issues and are capable of accomplishing a lot.

  17. disinter Says:

    Ron Paul wins straw poll, Pajamas Media cries foul

  18. disinter Says:

    MSNBC/Politico.Com Announce GOP Debate at Reagan Library

    Anyone know if Ron Paul is invited?

    Other debates:

    • April 4-5, CNN, the New Hampshire Union Leader and WMUR-TV will host two debates in New Hampshire, one for Democratic candidates and one for Republican candidates.
    • April 26, MSNBC will broadcast a debate between Democratic candidates in South Carolina.
    • Sept. 6 and Jan. 22, 2008, Fox News will broadcast debates between the Republican candidates in New Hampshire.
  19. Trent Hill Says:


    There is almost no way the Libertarian nominee could win this election. Sorry. Your formula you concocted on some obscure website doesn’t make a bit of a difference. The fact is, it is early yet, and I suppose…with alot of luck and some SERIOUS shifting of cash/opinions in the next year…that it could happen. But prolly not.

    Ron Paul is a great candidate, but he won’t win. The Rockefeller Republicans are in control.

  20. Robert Milnes Says:

    Matt, thank you, I think. For figuring out I care about the issues and am capable of accomplishing a lot. I also understand the issues so I really didn’t need the reality check. It’s not over till it’s over. My new slogan is “We are in it to win”. The we being the greens and libertarians working together.

  21. Robert Milnes Says:

    Trent, yes, I concocted a formula & did the math. First read “The Libertarian Vote”. (if you haven’t read it, type it in your yahoo or google search) About 13%. Due to consistent polling by Gallup at 20%, I rounded it off at 15%. Then I guestimate the liberal/left vote at 3x the libs= 45%. Yes, the maximum, ideal progressive vote is a majority! 60%. But it is split between the left & right-greens & libs. The libs have the most ballot access-near 100%. So if the greens endorsed the lib ticket & “unsplit” the progressive vote, it is a matter of how much of the 60% it can get. In a 3 way race it would need a minimum of 34%. We are in it to win.

  22. matt Says:

    I hope I didn’t sound condescending or smug. I apologize if I did.

    If you can work together with greens on a local/state level, maybe you can be an elected official by 2008. That’s possible. What’s impossible is uniting 2 of the largest 3rd parties behind someone with no electoral experience.

    Also, you have facial hair. I enjoy growing my beard out from time to time, but it’s been a long time since the American people have elected a bearded president.

  23. Brandon H. Says:

    According to, Ron Paul has been invited to the MSNBC debate:

  24. Robert Milnes Says:

    Matt, I have suggested “more electable” Rich Whitney/Karen Kwiatkowski and Carl Milsted/female green hybrid tickets. Whitney has a short grey beard, as I have recently lowered my trimmer setting. Milsted, who I believe is a genius, is clean cut in just about every way.

  25. matt Says:

    I hope there’s some traction w/ the green hybrid thing. On the off chance that Ron Paul gets the GOP nod, it’ll make the green/lib hybrid look especially good. I wish both you and the idea the best, in whatever form things take.

    By the way, I hate to knock beards, I thoroughly enjoyed mine back when it was extant. It sucks that the populace is so closed-minded towards those of us who skew hirstute.

  26. Trent Hill Says:


    Your numbers are both miscalculated and over-hopeful.

  27. Karla R Felter Says:

    I will be watching. I know that other constitution believing americans will be rooting for Ron Paul too! God Bless you Congressman RON PAUL!

  28. Robert Milnes Says:

    Trent, It is possible that some liberal/left votes were counted twice i.e they voted libertarian in the libertarian vote study but actually are leftist & have overlapping and/or confused identy. Logically, if a viable progressive candidate were present in a three way race, it could split 50-50 with the dems & reps splitting the non-progressive vote. 50-25-25. But since the progressive would be starting low in the polls, 5-10% at best, it would be an uphill struggle from there. More voters, seeing that the progressive is viable, would then gradually shift support.

  29. Chuck Brothers Says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Phillies, I’m urging him to withdraw his name and to put his support behind Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2008.

  30. Robert Milnes Says:

    Chuck, who are you? Why single out Phillies? I’ve called for Kubby to withdraw long ago because of the mandatory medical marijuanna issue. No, Ron Paul is off the mark, not Phillies. He’s going for the gop nomination which he almost certainly will not get. Then what, he becomes a johnny come lately & goes for the lp nomination & we are all suposed to fall in line? No. Then what, he allies with the CP? No. That’s the wrong party. We should ally with the Greens. No, let RP go his way with the gop.

  31. George Phillies Says:

    I am a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination, both nationally and in New Hampshire (which has an independent nomination process).

    Ron Paul is a candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination.

    We are not running against each other. Furthermore, our nominating convention is far earlier than theirs.

    I wish Paul well. I think his position is much stronger than generally believed, because against Giuliani, Romney, or McCain, at each key point he is a conservative and they are neocons . However, Paul is not running for the Libertarian nomination, so it does not make sense in English to say that I withdraw in favor.

    Also, I am not about to withdraw in favor of an anti-abortion candidate.

  32. Carl Says:

    Robert: while I am flattered by your support, I am in no way pursuing the nomination of any party for the presidency. I am not qualified for the office, as I have never held public office, nor have I held a high executive position outside the Libertarian movement. I also have neither the time nor finances for such an endeavor. And even if I had these things, it is doubtful that I could get the nomination of either party. I have ruffled way too many feathers within the LP in the course of trying to turn it into an actual political party. Finally, I have been informed by L. Neil Smith and others that I am, in fact, an idiot.

    My support is behind Ron Paul this go around, barring entry by Gary Johnson into the race.

  33. Robert Milnes Says:

    Carl, suite yourself. I would be more impressed if you endorsed me though. By the way, what are you going to do with the LRC, nothing?

  34. Carl Says:

    The LRC is working on alternative platform formats. See the first page.

    It has also adopted Range Voting internally, and I am pitching Range Voting at all opportunities. With Range Voting, the voters can intelligently choose between more than three candidates. Without it, gamesmanship dominates.

  35. Andy Says:

    “Also, I am not about to withdraw in favor of an anti-abortion candidate.”

    I don’t see how Ron Paul’s abortion stance has much relavence since he’s running for a federal office and since he’s said that it should be left for the states to decide.

  36. Chuck Brothers Says:

    Robert, I’m not singling out Mr. Phillies. I’ve written to the LP, the CP, and a host of other minor political parties. Ron Paul is not off the mark. The standard is the US Constitution and Dr. Paul is consistenly right on the mark. Ron Paul is running with the GOP simply because of ballot access laws. True conservatives finally have a chance to step up to the plate to rid the Republic of the socialist status quo. Robert, I’m not sure of your political leanings but, like it or not, if you consider yourself a libertarian, more than likely, you are more conservative than you care to admit. If a person describes himself as “libertarian” because he believes in an enduring moral order, the Constitution of the United States, free enterprise, and old American ways of life why, actually he is a conservative with imperfect understanding of the general terms of politics.

  37. Robert Milnes Says:

    Carl, range voting is nice, but it doesn’t apply in presidential politics. Like it or not, in the USA this is the reality. The progressive alliance strategy is specificly tailored for it. And, by my math, if done correctly, could lead to a very close victory. Why don’t you throw the LRC behind that?

  38. Robert Milnes Says:

    Andy, c’mon. Phillies is right. The progressive position is pro choice. Saying it is up to the states is cute but it is ALREADY up to the states. Roe just provides a guideline of privacy rights the states cannot cross. Unless you are codespeak for overturning Roe, which I wouldn’t put past RP.

  39. Robert Milnes Says:

    Chuck, very well,your reply says pretty well in so many words who you are. You singled out Phillies in this instance. If that wasn’t your intention, but rather call on all the lib. candidates to withdraw in favor of RP, then just say that. There are presently 11 I believe. Ha! I’ve been thinking about saying it. But in favor of ME! Or some other “more electable” candidate who pursues the progressive alliance strategy. True, there is a lot of overlapping and consequent confusion of political identity at the political extremes. All the more reason to ally rather than argue while the enemy of my (our) enemy, the socialist or fascist status quo, racks up another overwhelming electoral victory.

  40. Chuck Brothers Says:

    Robert, you are absolutely right about the socialist or fascist status quo. That is all the more reason to back Dr. Paul. It is a matter of principle over party - of which I do not belong to any. Ron Paul gives true conservatives a chance to finally step up to the plate and rid our Republic of that status quo.

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