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Phillies Bumpersticker and More

I just recieved a bumpersticker, fundraising letter, and a volunteer/contribution card from the Phillies for President campaign.

Overall I must say that I’m quite impressed. For a pre-nomination campaign, it’s nice that these materials are available at all. And that they’re of relatively high quality is even better.

22 Responses to “Phillies Bumpersticker and More”

  1. Matt Sterba Says:

    Is the LP a waste of time?
    (Especially with Ron Paul running in ‘08)

    I’m Just asking!

    Here’s A Good Article…

  2. Doug Craig Says:


    Ron Paul is not getting traction in the Republican party. He will not win one primary.I hate it because that the republican are not as to small government as we would like. so if we want a small government candidate on the ballot in Nov. 2008, then we have to work with the Libertarian candidates. which I consider George the front runner.(btw I do work on the phillies team)
    George is farther along than the other campaigns.You can sign up to volunteer on my website
    Doug Craig political director Georgia

  3. Phil Sawyer Says:

    While it is possible that lightening could strike for Dr. Paul’s quest for the Republican Party Presidential Nomination in 2008, Doug Craig is pretty much on the mark overall.

    There is another factor in the equation also. For the last couple of years or so, I have been writing about how I think that the Republican Party will not win the presidential election in 2008 (nor ever again, for that matter) and that it will be a minortiy-sized political organization by 2012. If I am correct about this, then how much value can the GOP nomination really have?

    Member: CUIP; GPUS

  4. Matt Sterba Says:


    You mention that Ron Paul is not getting traction in the Republican party, but what real traction has the LP gained in this country over that past 30 years? Little to none.
    We would consider it a victory if our presidential candidate could earn 1% of the vote.

    I keep getting notices to renew my LP membership, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Wouldn’t the cause for liberty advance further if we quit fooling ourselves and bonded together to promote change within a major party. (The Republican Liberty Caucus comes to mind.)

  5. Trent Hill Says:

    The RLC is a front organization. It was formed by a group of war-mongering “libertarians”. And they would NOT be very receptive to the anarchist/minarchist movement. Nor would real libertarians ever find much support on the Republican party (witness, Ron Paul is a repeat congressman with an upstanding record, and could draw Reps/Ind/Dem/3rds. But he isnt even being considered).

    As for Phil Sawyer’s speculation about the Republican party. I dont think so. It has too much revenue backing to drop out of sight by 2012. I thnink maybe that another party could replace it in a matter of weeks, but im not sure the American Public would let that happen. Because remember, in the end, the people are the ones who make that change.

  6. Doug Craig Says:


    Just like Ron Paul you would be a lone sane voice.By being a stronger party we give the people a choice for smaller government. Without us the Republicans would move even faster to the left.In Georgia we make a differnce, we keep the big parties in check. we recieved over 100,000 votes for a couple of our candidates.This year our state house is working on bills dealing with Libertarian issues, they are working on lowering Georgia outdated blue laws and on school vouchers and getting tougher on property rights.Our progress is slow and sometimes we take a step backwards but with out us the republican would quickly become the democrats and they would become the socialist.I believe the good fight is working inside the party. This is where I belong, in a perfect would I would want it to be a libertarian one, and not one of the lesser of two evils

  7. matt Says:

    Is the LP a waste of time?
    (Especially with Ron Paul running in ‘08)

    Maybe the LP presidential campaign will be a waste of time, but it’s certainly worth trying to snatch away a few legislative seats, isn’t it? Also, whether or not the LP presidential campaign is a waste of time or not depends on what happens to Dr. Paul. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

  8. Phil Sawyer Says:

    When Trent Hill wrote that the Republican Liberty Caucus is a “front organization,” he probably was not exaggerating. It certainly appears, from messages in this little chat room, that the RLC favors the neo-fascists (woops, I meant “neo-conservatives on the way to becoming neo-fascists,” if the Democratic Party Controlled Congress does not put a stop to them). If that is not the case, I think that more RLC people need to write to us and let us know more about the situation. If the RLC is not a “front organization,” but a serious caucus group, it could make a difference (unlike DSA and PDA in the Borg-Democratic Party). The reason that I say that is because the Republican Party does not have much more time as a major-sized political organization. So just about everything done related to the GOP - whether it is inside or outside the Party - will make dramatic waves; i.e., will actually make a difference.

    Regarding the dire straits that the Republican Party finds itself in, it is mostly a case of the Party having already fulfilled the role that history has held for it (from the Imperialistic War against the people of the Confederate States of America that began in 1861 to the present day Imperialistic Wars against the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq - roles that the GOP played with true gusto and disregard for the misery of human beings that it caused). The end-time is at hand for the Republican Party: The epoch of capitalism, monopoly capitalism, and imperialism is coming to an end and the epoch of socialism and communism is starting to really become organized. The Democratic Party is on the way out, also. The Democrats have a little more time, though, because they were lucky enough not to have something like the Bush-Cheney Administration sabotage the Party and the Country from within.

    People need to forget about the two major parties and focus on what is truly important: “third party” and independnt campaigns.

  9. Cutty Sark Says:

    The era of socialism and communism has come and gone.

  10. Phil Sawyer Says:

    Only in your bourgeois, capitalistic dreams, “Cutty Sark.” Besides, I wrote “epoch,” not “era” - there is a hugely significant difference.

  11. khatores Says:

    “For the last couple of years or so, I have been writing about how I think that the Republican Party will not win the presidential election in 2008 (nor ever again, for that matter) and that it will be a minortiy-sized political organization by 2012. If I am correct about this, then how much value can the GOP nomination really have?”

    Phil, while it would be great to have a new alternative to the GOP, realistically I seriously doubt that the Republican Party is going significantly downhill in terms of power anytime soon. It’s possible they might lose more seats in Congress, but not that many - and, they may well keep the Executive branch in 2008.

  12. Tom Bryant Says:

    The RLC’s PAC raised less than $2000 in a two-year period (all coming from one donor). The RLC has, at least report, 1600 members nationwide (they keep this figure very guarded though). The RLC receives about 1% of the media coverage that the LP receives (and the LP receives next to nothing).

    The RLC has a few very loud outspoken members that make it seem much stronger than it really is. You will find Eric Dondero claiming that the RLC elected Ron Paul to Congress, but when you dig into the finances, you’ll find that the RLC contirbuted less than 1% of Ron Paul’s total finances.

    My point is not to bash the RLC. The RLC’s failures are the same failures that the LP and other libertarian organizations suffer from.

    The RLC could succeed. The LP could succeed. A stronger Cato could succeed. The Advocates for Self-Government could succeed. There is no “one way” to make the government smaller.

    The problem is that the libertarian movement does not have the resouces (money and volunteers) to make any progress, regardless of what direction the movement takes.

    Libertarians talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. That is why our movement fails time and time again.

    Start small. Before replying to this thread, which will accomplish absolutely nothing, why don’t you write a quick letter to your local newspaper on a libertarian issue?

  13. Cutty Sark Says:

    My bourgeois capitalistic dream? LOL @ Phil

    LOL how little you know in your doctrinaire commie bullshit fantasy world.

    I’m pretty fuckin’ far from being a bourgeois, I come from a third world gutter, so fuck you, puto.

  14. Cutty Sark Says:

    Oh by the way, “Phil Sawyer” Cutty Sark is my real name.

    My parents were drunk as fuck, and those are my first and middle names.

    Needless to say growing up picking through garbage for the necessities of life sucks ass, and finding a full bottle of foreign whiskey is the type of serendipitous occassion that calls for a celebration, out of which might come out a child named for this gift of ambrosia from the foreign Gods.

  15. Phil Sawyer Says:

    Thank you for the information, Tom. Before getting involved with this little chat room, I had not even heard of the Republican Liberty Caucus (or if I did, I simply forgot). So, naturally, I was rather curious about what it is all about. I had heard about the Republican Leadership Council, by the way.

    Regarding your advice that I write to a local newspaper about the libertarian issue, please do not mind if I take a pass. I am not, have never been, and plan on never being a member of the Libertarian Party. In addition, it is extremely rare for me to write to “letters to the editor” anymore. If I was going to do that, it would not be about the libertarian issue. Good luck with your endeavors, though!

  16. Carl Says:

    Being irrelevant in the presidential race is not the same as being irrelevant overall. THe LP has won state legislative seats in the past—especially in the good old days of the Crane machine, when some Libertarians were referring to themselves as low tax liberals. Could happen again, but this is not guaranteed.

    Actually, a Ron Paul candidacy could make the LP candidate more relevant than usual, assuming Paul loses and a neocon wins.

    BTW, those who think the Republican Party is going to disappear are fantasizing. Should they get spanked in the polls, they’ll fire their current set of gurus, hire another and reposition. This is what the Democrats did to regain their legislative majorities. (Under Dean, the Dems dropped their insistence on grabbing guns and killing babies as litmus tests as to what constitutes a Democrat. This allowed them to regain some power in the South and West.)

  17. Mr. Estes, John Alexander II (LP).org Says:

    This (LP) for Presidant is “one” who’s disconnected from “the’Real issue’s w/o or beliving other’s in the 3d parties are NOT Serious/serious!! Sound’s like?? an educator? Just like another Canidate being Consertive/con-sertive
    in the New’s-Paper’s! Not to bright?, seem’s to be responding some 1, else!
    they man (not) really Know!? from a positiom of???? Joe (I) of Ct., H. Cilnton…. ect. can’t openly have Con temp ory Dialoge w/any 1, else of a differant approch I’m in f/Pres.08, even as a Write-In? Or other step’s that are not polished/glossy’s of the OLD 2 party Sys’s approch. Same Old..
    differnat Package… Where’s “the Body Man” (I) MN.

  18. John Brown Says:

    Mr. Estes,

    What language is that? It sounds almost like English, but I can’t understand a fucking thing you said.

  19. Mike N. Says:

    Brown - it is probably a government employee… be nice to the mentally challenged.

  20. matt Says:

    I smell a rat. I think it’s someone making fun of us by pretending to be illiterate.

  21. Trent Hill Says:

    No matt. He’s just…ya know…..different.

  22. matt Says:

    Speaking of different, when will George Phillies get a different publicity photo? Hopefully soon.

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