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Thank you, internets.

For all you fellow third-party aficionados out there, a happy happy piece of satire from the November elections.

10 Responses to “Thank you, internets.”

  1. Timothy West Says:

    How principled are they?

  2. Gary Odom Says:


  3. Carl Says:

    So, are these a spin-off of the Libertarian National Socialist Green Party (

  4. John Brown Says:

    How principled are they?

    Not badly except the nationalist cross burning stuff. The rest seems OK.

    Stuart has this other clip up on his site which kicks a lot of ass.

  5. Gary Odom Says:

    This isn’t to be taken seriously, it’s a spoof for crying out loud! The nonsensical burning hemp cross is just a good laugh at the various and sometimes nutty 3rd and fringe parties.

  6. txcoast77 Says:

    Pffft. That’s nothing. The real answers lie with my Very Special People Party. Because some people…are VERY special.

  7. Timothy West Says:

    they gots to be principled hemp cross burners.

  8. Stuart Richards Says:

    Yeah, Tim’s joking too.

    My favorite part is the “The Green Libertarian Nazi Hemp Party is not affiliated with the Green Libertarian Nazi Hemp Reform Party.” Third parties split WAY too much.

  9. Austin Cassidy Says:

    Haha, yeah that was my favorite part as well. :)

    Next up we’ll have the AMERICAN Green Libertarian Nazi Hemp Reform Party.

  10. Trent Hill Says:

    This message is brought to you by The American Green Libertarian Nazi Hemp Reform Party of Hawaii in cooperation with The Green Libertarian Nazi Hemp Party.

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