Ron Paul’s New Website…

Below is the new web address for the Ron Paul Presidential Exploratory Committee. It’s still pretty basic right now…

BTW, I found this link posted over on the new Liberty Loop site that we launched last week. Yep, I had to squeeze a plug in there somewhere… ;-)

9 Responses to “Ron Paul’s New Website…”

  1. Eric Dondero Says:

    It looks like just a fundraising gig.

  2. Alex Hammer Says:

    I think Libery Loop is a great idea, gets your readers involved and see what is more and less popular.

  3. Joey Dauben Says:

    I still miss Hammer of Truth though.

    If someone has a few research skills handy in the FEC department, could you guys post the donations from Paul’s congressional campaigns like you guys did the Badnarik campaign?

  4. matt Says:

    I still miss Hammer of Truth though.
    True that. Has anyone heard anything?

  5. George Phillies Says: while still in beta gives you many of the same options that HoT did, plus it allows you to post your own articles.

    It will also have the same features that DailyKos does to deal with trolls.

  6. Andy Says:

    Ron Paul Fears ‘Gulf Of Tonkin’ Incident To Provoke War With Iran

  7. Derrick Says:


    A good page design could do a lot for It’s not just about making it pretty. Grouping of page elements and strategic use of color, bolding, margins, various heading sizes, etc. can make a site intuitive and effective.

    Not sure what CMS the site is running - it looks like Drupal? There are some pretty slick free themes available for that package. Also, keep me in mind if you need hired professional help :-)

  8. George Phillies Says:


    The plan was to have something that was not obviously a DailyKos clone.
    I thinkit was succesful.

    There are some obvious bits that may get changed again.

  9. Devin Ray Freeman Says:

    Who can beat Hillary? Ron can, Ron can.
    Who can beat Barrack? Ron can, Ron can.
    Who can beat John E.? Ron can, Ron can. . . . . .
    The mouth’s where the money is, as the saying goes.
    Tightwad though I am, I just committed to the post a modest contribution.

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